Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The website to view Creighton’s pictures is:
The pictures are listed as:  Terrie Clover – 3/27/09
Password is:  berg
She is so cute!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010



that was a message from Charleigh

I can't believe she is 5 months! Time has flown by. It's been incredible.  Well until the past week, but whatever. :) She's still incredible but she's also TEETHING like a maniac and isn't at all happy about it.  She forgot how to sleep and how to be happy go lucky! I know that girl is in there somewhere though and I am determined to get  her back.

We took her to the doc to make sure she wasn't sick or something. She has a small cold (Summer cannot get here fast enough) and she had a terrible rash. Turns out she's probably allergic to sweet potatoes! That's crazy...they are my MOST favorite veggie! But its all good, at least they aren't really IN anything, like soy or wheat or nuts or something major.  Rash is all healed up now, woo hoo! and she weighed in  at 14 pounds 2.5 ounces! Yeehaw! Growing like a weed!

She is still a delight, but we are all just a little tired around here!  She has mastered rolling over both ways now and so its a good thing we moved her to the crib...although she doesn't quite like it yet.  We'll be working on that!

No pics because other computer is still down or something...who knows.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

whew...its been awhile

Well after not having a computer (and sometimes not internet either for my iTouch) I am finally back!!!

I got caught up on all my blogs I read. I feel like SO much has gone on this month and I have a million and ten things to blog about...Hopefully now that we have a computer up and running I will be able to get on here more.

Charleigh is still in our room, although we moved her out of the bassinet and set up the crib. She is getting bigger by the moment and not a second goes by without all of us falling more in love with her! She's just too good to be true.  She had her well-baby visit this month and surpassed 12 pounds...at a whopping 13.8 pounds and is 26 inches long! She has rolls everywhere and is long, but still tiny for her age. :)

We had our termination of parental rights hearing about a month ago and it was granted so that is good news as this is now in its finalization stages. I can't wait to stand before the judge in our county and hear him declare this little girl a Berg, forever (until she marries, of course).  It's been a wild and awesome ride.  We are nearing the end of the legal side and looking so much forward to the rest of our lives together as a family. 

I signed Jackson up for public Pre-K next year and almost cried. He is just amazing and I love cuddling him up. I am so thankful that the school he will be going to is only 2 streets south of our house and we walk there all the time to go the park, so it's familiar (enough) to him. Jeff is looking forward to walking him to school each morning...awesomeness! We are working a little more intentionally on his Awana Cubbies verses this semester as he finally has showed interest in it without being prodded.  He is doing really well, but really wants the Cub E. Bear like his sweet friend Emma Kate. We'll see if he can get there by the summer. 

Creighton is never ever not singing or talking.  She is quite the actress in the making.  She's more animated than Pixar I believe.  There is never a dull moment with that kid. I just love her to pieces, even though she's so much like me it causes many bumps in our days.  Oh well. We're making it.  She is the best big sister (most of the time) to Charleigh.  She just loves her so much she forgets how fragile she is.  It's pretty awesome to see her with Charleigh...both of their eyes light up!

Jeff was in a minor major to us car accident this past month.  That was crazy. Neither of us have even been in an accident as the driver (only passenger one time) and so it was like walking a plank blindfolded for quite some time.  They totalled the car, which in the end I think will be better.  We will hopefully get the check monday and be looking for a new car.  We are very thankful we have wonderful insurance.  We are most thankful that Jeff is okay. His leg was injured but nothing major...just bruising and soreness.  His neck, thank the Lord, is doing okay.  It was emotionally rather hard on him because the 3 people in the other car were whisked away in an ambulance.  It was very sad, but we are so happy they only sustained minor injuries and will be fine.  That made it much easier to swallow.

I am doing some private lessons again and am loving that. Other than that I pretty much am loving on Charleigh and trying to keep up with Jax and Rae.  Its a blast. I am exhausted most days, but I must say that the month sans computer I have gotten a little more sleep under my belt. I am pretty sure there is a high coorelation there.

Pics to come soon!