Saturday, July 30, 2011

Love these faces


I don't have great pictures or many, but what I have I love. We had the opportunity to hang out with my sister Christy and her kids and then also got to go to Enid to see Jeff's sister Andrea and Reagan too. They both live far away (TX and CO respectively) and so it was a treat to be able to hang out together!
 Sarah and Charleigh! I can't believe that Sarah and Aaron are so big and adult like now. Strange....:)

 Charleigh bit 2 holes in each side of her tongue (or one big one all the way through each side  whichever way you want to look at it ) but was a trooper.
 We went to Silver Dollar City and Jackson FINALLY measured at 48" tall! I can't believe it! He's getting so big! :) He was SO excited
 The proof is in the color of the band! Finally got a yellow one!
 Jacob is tall enough to ride everything! Again, how'd everyone get so big since Christmas!?!
 Creighton had to take a picture too :)
 These silly boys! I love them. They are wild and absolutely crazy when they are together! My mom and dad took all of them and my two big kids to Arkansas to go "white water" (haha) rafting. It was a 5 mile trip and it was paddle paddle paddle the whole way because the water was so low.  The kids had fun and the adults were sore the next day :)  They had fun!  We left straight from Silver Dollar City to Enid (after having just driven from Bixby to Branson that morning) so we were wiped out after this trip.  Because we left Enid the next day to head back.
 Charleigh doesn't keep bows in her hair long... but she sure looked cute while it lasted.

 Reagan and Charleigh.

 Pop and smiley Charleigh
 Jeff's dad just opened up a Cherry Berry in Enid. We love CB...especially now!
 Jeff of course had to break the record.  31.3 ounces of CB yogurt.  CRAZY.

 Sweet Creighton!
 15 minutes and it was gone!  Don't worry, it caught up to him later that day.
 All the cousins on that side...They are all getting big!
Everyone except Grammy and Pop.  I love the fact that the kids are all lined up by age! I don't think that was planned....

This Crazy Fun Life...

Our days are random and sometimes slow. But our weeks fly by.  We had so much going on this week, I am thankful for digital age and opportunities to take quick snap shots.  Most thankful for my family and the moments we have to stop time, mostly with smiles! 
 Jackson and I built these two boat/ships and then he painted them, but I can't find that picture for some reason. I am quite impressed with the little man's abilities... He is a natural and inherited it all from his Daddy :)
 This is my wall art (vinyl) that I put up by myself. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it and the way it turned out, however, putting it up was WAY more difficult than I think it should have been. Thanks Terrie and Philip for our awesome verse! It's in the entry way, so it's the first thing you see when you come in.  I think that's awesome.
 Jeff had The Next Level groups from New Beginnings and Nikao! Fun times.  We all ate at Chick-fil-A Good to see old faces in new places :)
 This week was VBS at New Beginnings. It was a DRIVE theme and to wrap up on Sunday we are doing a pinewood derby.  Jackson lovingly refers to it as his pine cone car.  I love that!  He is SO excited about his Batman entry.  It's not quite complete but it's getting close. Pics to come. But he was excited to help Daddy every step of the way.
 Aunt Steph and Uncle Matt (with Kinsley) came in Tuesday night and so Wednesday we were all going to go to the zoo. But because it was 123 ยบ outside we decided it might not be best for every one's we opted to go to Kaleidoscope instead and everyone had a GREAT time. We were there for close to 3 hours, which is MUCH longer than we would have lasted at the Zoo in the heat. Jackson LOVES to climb the wall and really is very fast getting up.
 Charleigh with her now infamous "picture face" was cheering bubba on.  I at one point said, "I see you Bubba" and she repeated that loudly several times to the amusement of everyone!
 It's a hands on children's museum/play place and my kids loved it! The big kids did NOT want to leave, but we had to because Charleigh was SO tired she was miserable.
 I kinda had to get over my germophobia.  I think I might have had a minor heart attack watching him get into all the costumes that were EVERYWHERE and that a million and one children had donned before him.
 But they had fun!
 and loved their pizza that came with the ticket admission....can't beat that! (and Charleigh was free!)
 I wasn't great at getting pictures, and sorry Steph and Matt, but I had to let the world know you were there :O)
 My sweet Rae...we missed you, but man, it's kind of quiet when you are gone :)

 Jackson was JAMMING out to his own music... hilarious!

Dr. Charleigh 
 Kinsley and Charleigh painting! Love it. They are only 6 months a part and I hope their sweet friendship/relationship blossoms!
 Rae is such a focused artist and VERY good at it too! Uncle Clay and Aunt Lacy would be proud.

 Charleigh loved this little walker. It was so funny to watch her walking with it.  It was just her size and she was so cute!
 Creighton playing in the "store"
 Today we had a family day and it was fun!  We went to a special breakfast at The Apple Barrel in Bixby and it was good. All three kids got the Mouse Cakes.  Creighton ate half of one and then ate that entire one! She was a hungry girl and she loved that it was shaped like Mickey.

 We went straight from there to swim with our friends the Hopkins.  Charleigh and Daddy taking a break!
 I just love this girl to pieces. I love her sweet face and funny camera smile with no eyes...(although I hope she will smile normal again soon, because as cute as it is, she's SO much cuter with her eyes opened :))
 Jackson and Creighton didn't want to smile for the camera because the sun was too bright!

 My goofy Charleigh ...
Daddy gets to be home with us on "staycation" in a few days and we are all VERY excited!

One silly thing from today...Jeff and the kids were in the kitchen (and he'd just given them all a sucker) and I came walking in.  Jackson said, "mommy you need to start making some decisions, you're giving too many decisions to daddy today" Which was true, I was all mommy-ed out and definitely let Daddy take control today since he was finally home with us (it's been a long and VERY busy week for him).  Jeff said, "buddy, pretty sure you wouldn't have a sucker in your hand right now had mommy been making all the decisions..." We all laughed.  And since it was an hour past rest time start time, yes, they most definitely wouldn't have been having a sucker in their hands... But it was worth the extra 4 minutes it took them to eat them and letting Daddy be the really cool guy for awhile.  We are so blessed with such a hard working Daddy who loves us all so well and does a great job of balancing life and work.