Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A few weeks worth of memories...

My superheroes.
  My sister in law Lacy had a birthday and we had the sign out so we snapped a sweet (and sassy Creighton) picture of them and sent it to her via email....Happy Birthday Aunt Lacy and Uncle Clay's is coming up this week!

 my kids are PKs and so they sometimes get to spend lots of time here :) they're just random pics...but had to add them too....since this is all very random
 my kids were not going anywhere but just wanted to dress up with accessories! LOVE THIS STAGE
 This little peanut is ADDICTED to the ipad. She thinks it's hers and that she should be able to watch Tangled AT ALL TIMES. We have lots of temper tantrums because of it, but it is nice when we need to accomplish something because she will just watch it so quietly you almost forget she's there!
 Creighton wanted curly hair for picture day! :) I hope by the time she had the pictures taken that she still looked somewhat presentable.  She looked so big and grown up!
 Love my girls!
 My handsome man picked out his own picture day outfit!
 All my babies!  They are getting WAY too big for my liking!
 We had Grandparent's Day at the MDO program at New Beginnings.  Nonna got to join us and Charleigh sang her ABCs and sat through one other song.  :)  SHe was really tired as this performance is during her usual naptime.
 Creighton has made a sweet friend Lillian in her PreK class.  Yesterday we had Lillian over for a playdate and they had lots of fun.  This is at their jog-a-thon!
 Creighton with the other PreK ers
 Rae made it 14 laps!
 Jackson's K class did it later in the day. Jeff and Creighton went to support him.
  Jackson had a big day that day at school. He crunched into a cheese ball and LOST HIS FIRST TOOTH. He didn't seem overly anxious to tell Jeff, in fact, Jeff just noticed and then he showed him.  Nonchalantly he said he lost it at lunch! I thought for sure he'd be crazy about it...  But later that night he was playing with it (after I told him not to) and he lost his tooth (technically again :)) but oh well.  Not having the tooth fairy issues was nice.  He never even mentioned it (although he was VERY sad he lost his tooth and couldn't find it).
 THis is Jackson and his class at the Jog a Thon. (well part of them).  Sam is his best bud on the right side of the picture. Max and Sam are on either side of Jax and they are both super tall boys! I think they have lots of fun!

 Jeff and half of Oklahoma ran in the Warrior Dash Tulsa 2011.  Jeff of course loves any opportunity to paint his face and don a kilt :) My manly man looking so "manly" in his skirt kilt!
 Elmo and his 3 Ladies came to our house and Elmo and Jeff left together to go be in the madness. We came later to watch them cross the finish line.

 Starting off...
 We were entertaining the kiddos while waiting.  There was a huge crowd! Early in the day Debbie and Jessica had also run the Warrior Dash and had already finished. They stayed around to watch Jeff. When you race you get a Viking Helmet hat. Rae wore Gramma Debbies.
 Jackson thought Aunt JEssica's was TOOO SWEATY. :)
Matt's kids were there too, since he was racing! My kids love hanging out with them.  THis picture cracks me up.  Look closely at what Jackson is holding onto. :/
 There is Pastor Phil finishing... (jumping over fire!)
 Matt finished WAY ahead of everyone else from our group.  Matt, Phil, Mike
 This is Jeff finishing...yea! I was worried he'd broken something.  But he finished in less than an hour!
 His shorts weren't making the cut so they finished the race in his hands.... My word they are all so mess it's disgusting!!!!!
 Charleigh with Grandma Debbie! :) Love that full face grin

Happy Warrior Dashing all... and no, I don't think I will be doing that next year...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

And so it begins....

The kids came home from Enid and two of our Bartlesville friends came over.  So we picked up the football and showed the big kids a little snipet.
 It was just fun to watch.
 Love my family!
 She's a world class cheerleader! (seriously she is an amazing encourager!!!!)
After we put the kids down we all played on the patio a game of Settlers. I love this new game!!! It's awesome. We love the Doe boys!!! So fun to have them both at the same time. 
We love love love fall weather so we can be outside more.  Bring it on!

Sweet girls!

Our sweet friend Miss Christie made these cute cute outfits for my two girls and Jeff's coworker Matt's little girl Mati.  They are sweet friends (and Mati has two older brothers around Jackson's age and I adore that they love to hang out!)
 Anyway, Christie brought the girls outfits over one night (*after baths and pj time...if you wondered why my girls have their's OVER their jammies) and they all took a picture together. So sweet. Love those smiles!
 They all wore them on Sunday to church (and she also made bows too!) and they all looked adorable.
Love my crazy girls.  Thanks Miss Christie for such thoughtful and cute cute outfits! You rock.

Charleigh Loves Mickey!

This sweet princess got to spend lots of one on one (or two) time with Mom and Dad over Labor Day weekend because the big kids went to Enid and split up to be having their own one on one (or two) excursions with the two sets of Enid grandparents.
 Mom and Dad have a fascination with Cherry Berry and went EVERY DAY the bigs were gone (we had a giftcard, don't judge :))  Charleigh thought she was in heaven!
 We went to the mall on Monday and Charleigh had never been to the mall before. You would have thought the kid was in Disney World.  SO much to see, do, places to run, hide, etc. She was thrilled. We bought her her first tennis shoes and off she went to the races.

 But then she found Mickey Mouse.  Just her size.  And never put it down.
I thought I was going to have to find a way to buy it (I had no purse) because she was not convincing me it was going to be possible to leave the store without Mickey.  But eventually I distracted her enough to let me hide Mickey and we left on a new adventure to find Daddy.  Good thing she has a Grammy that already ordered it for her birthday.  

I am not sure why this girl loves Mickey so much. The big kids didn't even really know who he was till we went to Disney World this past Christmas, but Charleigh didn't even go and she definitely knows! It's precious.

She got a Dancing Mickey for Christmas (so that's maybe why) anyway, the other day I captured her dancing with him in the kitchen.This girls got some moves :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Complete Randomness

My time to sit at the computer nowadays seems limited if not nearly completely extinct.  It's sad really because I love blogging and being at the computer, but my smart phone is just accessible and I have lots of time in my car waiting or lying in my bed trying desperately to fall asleep (unfortunately usually to no avail). So here I am at 3:33 am blogging.  But good news I got LOTS of laundry done too! Ya.  Bad thing about blogging at all hours of the night, is I tend to ramble...
When they fixed up the fort, they put some fertilizer around the area to grow grass where there was no longer any.  I thought it was some cool padded stuff for the kids in case they fell or something.  Well, unfortunately it's the MESSIEST stuff on the face of the planet. As documented by Charleigh's sweet face and my lovely feet! Black is always EVERYWHERE.
 The big kids eat breakfast some times in the morning at school.  I don't know why they like to because it doesn't give them very much food. But it does ensure they are on time, that's the positive for sure. And both Jeff and I love getting this time with them! Jackson is SO sweet and such a good big brother to Creighton at school. I sincerely hope this is ALWAYS the case.
 I took this picture on Charleigh's first day of Mother's Day Out. She was SO adorable and kept trying to pose for pictures, but they kept being blurry because she kept moving.  But for record keeping sake, here's the best one :)
 She also told me she needed to go potty this morning.  I had to document that as well. It's not the first and she hasn't done it since, but hey, it's something right!?
 She and I get lots of cuddle time. She pretty much hates it when the big kids are at school. I think I must be very boring.
 Oh Jackson, I know this picture will come back to bite you one day. You know I love you and I always will.  But please let's not ever look so cute in pink again, okay?!
 We made yarn dolls.  Charleigh loved it. I think only because it was Creighton's and they love to fight with each other over the silliest of things, yes, already!?
 But I love this picture of my sweets with their hideous  yarn dolls. Thankfully with smiles like that, it's a priceless picture whether our crafts are in it or not.  Jackson named his Hammer, after MC Hammer.  Hahhaha cracks me up!
 I've gotten some really great pictures of Jeff lately with the kids. Sorry honey. But Rae looks too cute to keep it to ourselves :)
 Once a week I try to eat lunch at school with Jackson.  Rae really really likes being up there, so I try to go on a day when Charleigh is at school so I can just hang with the big kids.  This is Jackson's friend Sam and they love to play together. They are both 6 and tall and wild boys!  We've had 2 play dates so far with Sam (who also has a twin sister to play with Rae.)
 Creighton and Jackson both like for us to stay for recess....so we do.
 Thankfully it's cooling off.
 Sam and Jax rulers of the "moon" as they call it.
 I took Creighton shopping for ideas for her birthday and to find a pair of shoes. She and Charleigh both have outgrown ALL of their shoes here in the last few weeks.  Crazy.  I thought my little Miss Diva looked quite adorable in her boots and hat.  She's WAY too trendy and fashion forward for me. I don't know what to do with all that.  At one point she also had a scarf on and loved it but I didn't get a picture.
 They LOVE spending time with Daddy.
 Ash and Charleigh.  SWEET smiles I love to see.
 of course, everyone has to be in one too!