Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Okay, so I must preface this post with: I haven't yet killed my kids, and I am sure that it is only by the grace of God, or their guardian angels are working extra hard or I am afraid of jail time.

Last night, one of my kids (I think Creighton) threw my cell phone in the toilet. By the time I realized it was there, it has been at least 20 minutes and now is deader than dead. Jackson seemed to begin at this point his new found state of CHILD DEVIL...thoughts of Denis the Menace or Problem Child don't even come close to his state of being at the present time.

He did several things last night that were a little bit crazy, but not completely off kilter. At the moment I am so discouraged as a mom, I can't even remember them...however, today, I remember...boy do I remember.

He was a little pill this morning at church and very defiant. He has learned the terrible question words "what?" "why?" and "where?" and constantly says them, unless of course he just replies incessantly "huh?" to everything I say, whether he hears me or not. We left the church and he said he wanted "pay-O" so I proceeded to Taco Bueno (because that sounded like a good plan). It was a gorgeous day and so I decided when he offered "park?" that I could oblige to that request also. So we went to Bueno, got our food, and were headed to the park. On the way to one park, he suggested we go to the park at Sonic. Creighton had fallen asleep by this point (big bummer) so I decided that Sonic would be good because I could just leave her in the car and be right there by car and be with Jackson at the same time.

Normally I just order Jackson a burrito and sometimes 2, but lately he has taken much delight in MY Mexi-Dip and Chips, so I ordered him a small chips & queso. I thought he'd be so excited and I was proud of myself for remembering (thinking it would make for a peaceful lunch). So, we get to Sonic, get out, leave Creighton sound asleep in the car (with the windows down). Sit down, pull out the food and drinks. I show Jackson that I got him queso and he is excited...he tries to take the lid off (as I was getting something else out) and spilled the ENTIRE cup all over him and the table and the floor and the bench and it was just everywhere. I was immediately mad...because not only was it everywhere, but there were no napkins, the wind was blowing now and causing more mess, and now I would end up sharing. If you have ever tried "sharing" with a two year old (strong willed child) you know that after the first dip, bite, taste, sip of whatever you are sharing, it is just pointless to try to share, but rather just easier to give it all to them (he usually back washes, gets it dirty, destroys...etc).

So, I am very upset, but trying to stay calm. He proceeds to dump then the salsa all over him too (why I didn't learn, I don't know). Then he goes to the playground (after he takes off all his socks/shoes) and gets SO sandy, which is easy to do when you are covered in salsa and queso. We played till Creighton woke up and then left quickly and came home and started lunch again. He never really ate and Creighton didn't. So I gave Creighton her beans and Jackson his burrito and chips. I start doing the dishes and turn around to see Creighton frantically rubbing her eyes, because she had gotten A LOT of beans in them. I get her cleaned up and Jackson was running around by this point (but he did eat at least). I find him after he ripped several books off the bookshelf and overturned his toy toolbox. I decide it is definitely time for ALL of us to take a nap, even though I wasn't for sure if Creighton would take too well to that. I didn't care really at that point

He wasn't happy about going down, but he did (one good thing about the day). I fed Creighton and put her in her crib SCREAMING. She eventually fell asleep. I attempted to put my phone back together to see if it would work. It didn't. I fell asleep for a little while and when I woke up to Creighton screaming again, I felt like I had a hangover (at least what I imagine a hangover to feel!). I brought her back to my room to see if she'd nurse--but really just so I could lay down some more. Not but 4 minutes later, Jackson is up, crying! So, I get back up from bed and go open his door and bring him back to my room.

Things are okay for about 10 minutes with us just being goofy and playing...then the phone rings...the house one and I am tied up for a few minutes. During this time, it had gotten quiet, so I KNEW that wasn't a good thing. I hang up immediately and realize that Jackson has COATED his legs (both of them) in toothpaste. Big mess. Big mess. Big mess! I get it cleaned up and try to figure out where else it was...and the phone rings again.

I am hosting a shower tonight so I felt I had to answer. So, I am on the phone and I get off quickly when I hear Jackson cry. I find them both in the garage COVERED from head to toe (including their clothing and their mouths) in Turtle Wax Color Cover (bright RED). It was all over the garage--little footprints all over the garage, little hand prints all over our NEW WHITE car. I freak out as soon as I realize it isn't paint (the non-toxic stuff that would have been funny instead of serious). I call poison control (whom I proceeded to talk to 6 times) and they inform me that I need to scrub them down and get them some food/drink. I scrub them down in the kitchen sink and then we take a shower. By the time I get them out of the shower Jeff had come home (I called him) and I forgot to get them food/drink. They were ridiculous trying to get them to stay out of the garage while Jeff cleaned up (isn't he great!?). While I was trying to keep them occupied and get them dressed and myself (in between phone calls with the Poison Control) Jackson climbed up on the computer out in the sun room and knocked off Jeff's glass chess set, shattering it everywhere. Really?!? Like is this all seriously happening?

*The Poison Control people said that because she got it in her mouth it could produce chemical induced pneumonia/asthma and that we needed to monitor her all night. She is wheezing really bad and coughing, but I am hoping it isn't the worse case scenario and that she'll be fine by morning!

My very awesome husband starts cleaning up that mess, as I am trying to get ready for the shower. I decide that I needed to take them to get flu shots, because at that point I didn't care that it was going to hurt him, and was hoping it would tame the wild beast that my sweet boy had turned into. (they were giving free flu shots till 6). I left the house at 5:22 and was back home with a vaccinated kid by 5:44.

I rushed to finish getting ready and I left the house to go to my shower, with crazy madness going on because Jeff was still trying to pick up all the glass in the sun room. I lock them in the backyard so Jeff could finish and I could leave. Jeff informed me that our little Houdini took the chair over to the window and climbed in through the window to get into the sun room. Really?! He's 2!

I had a really great time at Kara's shower and was really hoping to come home and find them both in bed.

That, however, was the furthest thing from what I came home to find:

Creighton is WAILING in the living room, and I can hear her from the garage. I open the door to see my husband on the floor trying to soak up 18 eggs shattered on the floor, along with grapes, strawberries, milk, and some other kind of food/drink substance that used to reside in our refrigerator. It was everywhere...from cabinet to wall, under the refrigerator, splashed up on the cabinets, refrigerator, walls...everywhere. Jeff took a picture because he said he was too mad to respond to them, and walking to the room to get a camera was their only saving grace.

That was the first time I saw the pictures...all I can say is I am very thankful that I wasn't home for this. I feel horribly for Jeff having to clean up so many of their messes today. I just am at my wits end with him...and I am certain that I don't have all of the days' incidents recorded here. But that's not all. I put him to bed tonight and then went to feed Creighton to put her down and she went to sleep. As I am shutting her door, I hear him SCREAM out from his room and he's been "down" now for about 15 minutes (and I thought asleep since I hadn't heard a peep from there). I rush in and he is screaming more and more and acting like he is dying. I find the light and turn it on and find him over between his bed and dresser standing holding his hands and shaking them. I pick him up and realized he had tried to unplug his nightlight and must have electrocuted himself and pretty good because he was still screaming and wouldn't let me even look at them. Tears are just streaming down his face and he is still screaming!!! I was horrified and then he finally calmed down. I got him relaxed and settled down and back down to sleep.

I am just in the dumps about my mothering at the moment and don't know WHAT.IN.THE.WORLD.HAPPENED. to my little people today. But I want mine back and will happily give these two back to wherever they came from!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Pumpkin Patch Pics!

Shay's Landscaping puts on this version of the Pumpkin Patch every year I guess, but I had never heard of it, nor have I ever been to one that I can recall in all of my 27 years. They had a really nice little playground that my kids loved. They had a pony named Byron, that you'll see at the end. They had a maze of hay, but it was pretty muddy so we didn't spend too much time there. Then you rode a tractor/hayride out to the "patch" to pick out your pumpkin. It was fun. We ended up buying 3 little $.50 pumpkins only, and a pony ride (and 3 cookies).

Grammy and Pop took us to the Pumpkin Patch! We had a great time there, although we didn't end up getting a pumpkin (atleast not a big one) because most of them were not pretty.

We tried very hard to get them to sit still for a photo together, but it wasn't in their plans that day, this is one of the best ones we have of them together...isn' that sad? But there are some cute ones,...just not together...here they are.

Creighton decided all that walking was a bit tiring for her...she needed a rest...thought it was funny! Jackson wasn't in the mood for pictures that day...but I thought this one turned out nicely.This is our attempt at a family photo...:)

This is me trying to keep up with Byron the pony and hold two kids (who really didn't want to ride the pony anyway) on the pony as it was moving and occasionally trotting away faster than I could hold onto them. It wasn't worth the $3 it costed Grammy for sure...but it was funny (afterwards at least).

Here is a picture I just love that I happened to snap at just the right moment! You might have to zoom in to see the absolutely adorable look of adoration on Jackson's face ...its priceless.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Postpartum Depression ACT

Ran into this post from Maria and decided I, of all people, should post about this issue of Postpartum depression, because I definitely went through this after the birth of Creighton. I haven't gone back to actually read this post of mine (even still) but I knew that I had made comment about it somewhere a while back. I am thankful that I am fine now, but I certainly was not okay at the time, and I know that there are many other women that struggle silently about this issue. Please don't suffer silently...get help!
Here is an article, that Maria also links to about what yesterday was about... I haven't read all of it, or really know everything that this is all about, but certainly anything that is going to help get rid of the negative stigma and also promote getting help with this very serious issue/disease has my support.

PSI: Blog Day for the Mothers Act

Bowling Nite

Bowling was a blast tonight! I am sad that once again I forgot my camera to have record of it for the blog....it is funny how often I think of taking pictures for the blog! But I do...and often. I meant to record a special post for my 200th post, but now I think I am 205 or something and forgot to do it....so maybe I will try for 250 or 300....I wanted to do it at 100 too and I didn't then either....

Jackson was so funny. He had the little wooden ball ramp and he probably bowled nearly 100 balls, if not more....back and forth, back and forth, and he didn't even really care how many pins, or for that matter, I don't even think he noticed the pins, he just loved putting the ball on the rack and pushing it and running to go get another one. It was so funny....he looked like he was carrying big boulders...it was a 6 pound ball...which isn't much, except that it is 1/5 of his weight...and lets just say that my 10-12 pound ball was a way smaller fraction of my weight and at times I thought it was heavy :) I think he dropped the ball on his toes at LEAST 20 times...I am not sure how it didn't hurt, but it NEVER once fazed him.

Creighton was roaming all around and so it was hard to keep in one area...she is my little miss independent and doesn't really care about what the "crowd" is doing, she just likes to explore...because of that I am exhausted!! They were constantly running in opposite directions. Jeff was a trooper, in that, lots of the parents there just let their kids run wild and at one time he had about 15 or more kids ages 1-6 in two lanes with him and he was like a babysitter, on crack...at least (although he wasn't) that's what it appeared to look like from the outside as he was trying to corral them and keep everyone from getting hurt with balls that were all way too heavy for them (and no one having a clue how to bowl).

**we were there at the bowling alley to say good-bye to a family in town (that happens to own the alley) that is leaving to go to Costa Rica to learn spanish...so there were TONS of kids there (they homeschool and have 6 kids of their own, and so do all of their friends, except us :O))

Bone Marrow Transplant Donor

This was an email I just received, and figured it couldn't hurt to put it on my blog...

HI friends.

So many of you I haven’t heard from in a long while, while others already know the details of the following situation. I’m not going to go into too many details here, so here’s the short version: My dear friend from college, Hayley, has been battling lymphoma for nearly a year and a half. She learned earlier this week that her cancer has returned just a month after a stem cell transplant. So they are now moving towards a bone marrow transplant, and she is in desperate need of a donor. They will start scouring the national registry next week to find her a donor (neither of her sisters are a match…), and so this email to you is somewhat of a plea to consider going immediately to your local blood institute to be typed & listed in the national registry. There is a cost involved (somewhere around $20). And I believe you can register online & have a kit mailed to you as well, although this costs even more. You have to be between the ages of 18-60 and NOT pregnant. So if you ARE pregnant, you couldn’t currently donate…but maybe your spouse will?? J You can go to the following website to find a local donor center :


Please, please consider getting tested & registered. The sooner you get this done, the more likely you'll be on the registry when they check for Hayley next week! And, if you're not a match for Hayley, you may be able to help save someone else’s life.

Just so you can put a face to her name…here’s Hayley with her husband, Brandy, and their sweet baby girl, Emerson.

And if being a donor is something you are not able to do at this time for any reason, simply keep them in your prayers. The grace of God is getting them through each day, and I know they appreciate every prayer sent up on their behalf.

Thanks, Casey

A Great Outing...and a little update

Today we went to the Library for story time. We have never done this, only because I have never been brave enough to do so. My friend Kara said she was going and I figured I'd venture out and join her and it'd be a good day to do it because Jeff has a long day at work today and I didn't want to be pent up in the house. So, we got all ready and we got there on time even! (that is a huge feat for me). Jackson was so excited to see Emma Kate, but they didn't come. We were really sad, but we enjoyed the story time anyway. Jackson did pretty well, but he didn't make it to the very end. The last book (they read 5 or 6, plus 3 songs) he left quietly and went to color. That was fine with me. Creighton was a bit squirmy and noisy at times, but did okay as well. They had a good time and Creighton really liked the puzzles. Jackson colored Emma a picture adn it was so sweet that he decided to give it to her. Anytime I ask him who is best friend is, he always says "Emma Tate" and it is so sweet!

I called Kara and we ended up meeting her at the park and they were so excited to see each other! They played very well today (all 4 of them), and then we went to McAlester's to eat...with the $.99 kids meals (and very delicious sweet tea and potatoes). It was nice. Jackson actually did a great job of eating his meal (we've been struggling lately with him eating well), and Creighton ate part of my potato (oh, and a little tub of butter, but that is way gross!) and I was so excited that it all went relatively smoothly!

Today it is beautiful outside! I love it...the sun is hot, the air is cold and it is next to perfect. The only thing I wish would settle down a little is the wind. It is pretty cold when that blows...but otherwise, perfect.

It is a really great day...I was in a funk yesterday for sure, but it seems that a good nights rest does my body well and my mind and my spirit and my mood!

My husband is such a keeper! He cleaned the ENTIRE house on Tuesday (he hired a babysitter to come to the house to watch the kids as he went on his little cleaning extravaganza). It was crazy...a little overboard, but much much needed overboard. He is such an amazing servant to me and our family. I love it that he likes things clean and orderly. I just need to get better and getting them there and keeping things that way...On Wednesday he wasn't feeling well and so he stayed home during the morning and finished doing some things around the house and cleaned the garage too, to finish up the crazy kick he was on. It is so nice to have things a lot more organized and picked up and clean. Way to go Jeff! I love you honey!

Creighton broke through her 4th tooth! She has her front 4 (2 bottom, 2 top) now and the top 2 are pretty noticible although the two on bottom aren't really at all. She looks so different with teeth!

Jackson is talking up a storm and becomming such a BIG helper to me (us)! He loves to help with laundry and dishes and is putting his things away after every meal now...and usually without being told...its truly wonderful! Kara says this phase doesn't last long, but I am savoring it for all its worth right now. His please and thank yous are such a delight to my heart...and yes, now at times he will say "thank you" as opposed to the "thanks" that he normally says.

Tonight we are going bowling and I am super-fired up about it! I really enjoy doing things as a family together and we've never been bowling before. I think Jackson will LOVE it and Creighton will just like the commotion and people ( I hope).

Monday, October 22, 2007


For those of you who don't know who Frank Phillips is, go here. Our town is/was Frank Phillips. Everything in Bartlesville has something to do with him it seems. Woolaroc was his retreat place away from home in Bartlesville. Today it is a museum and a place to explore and play and see TONS of animals you normally don't see...even some you don't see in a zoo...like BUFFALO...roaming freely right by our car! :)

They just put up a cool little play place where most of these other pictures are taken

I wish I could say that is Jackson and Creighton, but it is Collier, another little boy (the only two boys) that went. Jackson was surrounded by GIRLS...

Jackson and Aidan on the slide!
Creighton by the TEEPEE!

Here is a pic of ALL of us (except for Sharla) who went as we were eating lunch picnic style!
*Thanks to Sharla who is the only one that remembered to bring her camera!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Jeff preached this morning and did a fabulous job! I was so proud. He did both services and I sat through both of them. I really enjoyed them both actually. :) I will try to link up the itunes podcast of it soon. Isn't that cool?!

The kids are at school tomorrow so I will post all about the rest of this weekend then....

Thursday, October 18, 2007


He is a wildman! All boy, all the time. As sweet as honey and as tough as nails. He is my cuddlebug. He is still attached to his blanky and binky, although mostly he only has it at night/naptime. He is so ridiculously smart and is so observant. He wants to do everything himself, unless "no, Mommy do it!" He is so cute and ornery all the time. He is into everything. He loves to play hard. He loves to watch "Bob" (VeggieTales). He will be Bob the Tomato for Halloween and I am not sure who is more excited, him or me?! He can do anything. He runs so fast and hard. He LOVES to dance and "rock" out with ANY instrument but particularly the drums and guitars. He dances amazingly for a 2 year old (who is white). He loves to help me in the kitchen. He loves worships Taco Bueno, but he calls it "pay-o" and he gets bean burritos "reeetos" there (last night he ate 3). Whenever we see "pay-o" he starts running in place (trapped in his carseat of course). He gets in the car, gets in his seat, buckles it, and says "ready" all by himself now, which is great and so helpful! He still likes holding my hand most days. He LOVES to swing and could do it for hours on end without EVER wanting to get down. He loves to climb. He loves to be outside. He likes to dig and get dirty, and yet, then he'll wash his hands by himself like 20 times afterwards. He loves to go potty on the big potty by himself. He wakes up dry almost every night. He is sleeping soundly each night in his own bigboy bed without getting up (generally). He says funny things all the time...but right now I can't remember very many. He laughs a lot, and with soul! His laughter and smiles light up my world every day! He gives the best hugs and kisses. He stretches out his arms as far as they go and says "of you dis much" (i love you this much)....MAKES ME MELT! He giggles with his sister and loves to play with her. His eyes dance when he sees her. He loves juice. He likes to drink out of a big cup and does great with it. He loves going to church. When he wants me to come to where he is, he puts out his little hand and opens and closes his fist and says "ummm, Mommy, ummm" (come). He says please and "thanks" about 40% of the time without being prompted. When I correct him to say "yes, mam" instead of "yeah" he just says the mam, but it almost sounds like mom...but he's getting better. He likes his trains now a lot. He likes things that can be taken apart or put back together. He loves things that do. He is a doer. He needs to stay busy. He loves to paint. He caught his first bug in his bug box the other day and then we let it go (it was a cricket) and then we found another one and in the process of getting it in the box, he killed it (squished it) and he was sad. Then we found a spider and it is still in the box, and I hope it dies too. He is the joy of my heart. He is learning so much and picking up on so much. He is talking a lot a lot a lot more and will attempt to say just about anything. He is counting and can repeat the ABC's (when he wants to only). He is growing up and it makes me sad but I LOVE IT! He is wonderful. He is such a blessing. He'll always be my baby though :) I wouldn't want to be Mommy to anyone else on this earth (I am Mama to Creighton).

Smiles with TEETH

Well, Creighton has (FINALLY) three tiny teeth that I would now consider mostly official teeth. They are noticable in her pictures, especially the one on the right top! She looks so different with teeth. Her sweet toothless grin will be cherished forever in my memory...on to bigger BIG GIRL things now...(hopefully one of those will be sleeping!)
I was trying to take specific pictures of her teeth close up, but on this one she just has a really awesome smile...it was random, but I love it! It looks 'model'-y or something...not that I want my child to ever be a model---this day and age it is too compromising to modesty!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Update, Ladies Night Out, Christmas Early

Thanks to all of you who posted comments/emailed me about my "talk" this morning. It went really really well. I was very nervous before and even after, but during, the Lord calmed my heart and I was really okay and I felt encouraged by His voice that came out and the testimony that he allowed me to share. I was vulnerable and open and honest and that proved to be worth it. The Lord is good! Thanks!!!

We had ladies night out today and it was amazing! We just had such a great time. We had 8 there and 6 of us stayed till closing...it was a fabulous time and it was so refreshing and great!!!! I just love it. I wish I could do it more often...but then it probably wouldn't be so great. I look forward to it constantly!

My mom bought Jeff and I a new bed set for Christmas and gave it to us early. I am very excited! I put it all together yesterday and we slept in our new sheets/spread last night and I love it. I think it looks great. Jeff thinks it looks "too grown up"...I keep reminding him we are on our 5th year of marriage and we have two kids! We are old! :) Its like a dull turquoise and brown (dark dark chocolate!)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Seeking Him

I have been meaning/wanting to write about the bible study that I have been in and just haven't done it. However, I was asked to speak tomorrow in front of all of the ladies at Tuesday Morning Bible Study--to give a brief devotion/explanation of our study and what the Lord has shown me...so here is what I plan to say...or atleast what I wrote tonight. (I am SO nervous) * If you don't get this from the "speech" below, I HIGHLY recommend this book even if you don't have a group to do it together with. It is awesome...

The women’s bible study that we have been doing for the past 8 weeks is called Seeking Him: Experiencing the Joy of Personal Revival (by Nancy Leigh DeMoss). When I signed up for fall bible study late this summer, I didn’t care what it was, what it was going to be about, who wrote it, or anything except that there was going to be childcare, and for 2 hours every week I could have adult conversation and not have to worry about my two babies. That was my attitude towards just about anything: I would “serve” anywhere or “be taught” just about anything as long as it meant I would be childfree for a few hours.

No, really I was in a pit. A valley. Darkness. Far from God. Far from everything I “knew” in my head was right. The scary part is that I still don’t know when I got there or even how. On the outside I could fake it with the best of them, at least in public anyway. However, in my heart of hearts and in my home with the three people I love most dearly in the world, and in my alone time with my thoughts, I was too far into the valley to even try to fake it. I was angry, bitter, cold, tired, lazy, full of emotion and emotionless all at the same time. I was lost in my heart because I had lost my first love.

So, like I said when I signed up for “Seeking Him” it didn’t dawn on me really that that was precisely what the Lord was screaming for me to be doing. As time drew closer for the study to begin, the Lord’s cries for my heart began sinking in. I knew where I stood and that it was far from where I should be. I knew that I was in a deep valley and I knew that I was ready to get out. I knew that seeking the Lord would be a good first step since He says in Jeremiah 29:

“Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. 13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. 14 I will be found by you," declares the LORD, "and will bring you back from captivity. [
b] I will gather you from all the nations and places where I have banished you," declares the LORD, "and will bring you back to the place from which I carried you into exile."

Seeking Him with all of my heart is EXACTLY what I needed and began to truly desire to do. The neatest thing is months ago He laid this bible study on the heart’s of our Women’s Ministry team. Maybe it was also for someone else, and I hope that it is/was, but regardless, I KNOW that the Lord had Courtney Berg in mind when He allowed for this study to be here at Grace this fall. Our first memory verse of the book was Hosea 10:12 “…for it is time to seek the Lord…” and in deed, it was!

Throughout these past eight weeks, we have studied what personal revival means, how to get there, and then what to do with it. More specifically, we’ve covered deep personal issues including: humility, honesty, repentance, grace, holiness, and obedience. This study has asked the tough questions, tougher than any accountability partner ever has. I feel challenged in every area that we have covered in all aspects of my being: emotionally, physically, and of course, spiritually.

My steps out of the valley have been hard, but so worth it. I am so excited about this study. I am excited about the things that will come of it within me, within Women’s Ministry, within Grace and within the Kingdom Church that is inclusive of all believers. I know I have a long way to go and I plan to revisit each of these steps to revival until Heaven. It has been life changing for me. However, the greatest part of this study is that I think whether you are in a similar valley as I was, or whether you have it all together, this study will meet you where you are, wherever that is, and change you; to make you look more like the Image we were created in. I am far from a complete personal revival in its entirety, however, every week, I make progress. Sometimes it looks like one step forward, and two steps back, but I am seeking my Savior, my friend, My God. And He is bringing me back from the place where I was in “exile.”

I am very thankful that He says “my valley of exile” was where He carried me. He was watching over me and knew where I was physically, mentally, and spiritually. He was waiting for me to seek Him with my whole heart so He could bring me back, so I could be united with Him again…and have personal revival with Our Awesome Lord—and I’ll tell you…there is JOY in that!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Family Day

One of my closest friends from back in the wild Freshmen days is in town and I had planned to go see her, however, it didn't pan out today and so I will see her tomorrow or Monday. So, I got to spend some really great time together today with my little family. And I had a blast! We ate lunch at McAlesters...mine was delicious and yet the best part besides the sweet tea was the fact that their kids' meals are only $.99!! I can handle that...its much better than the 3-6$ that most other restaurants charge!

Then we went to baseball games (making appearances at youth's events is monumental in their worlds!) and Creighton took a nap and Jackson and I played in the sandbox that some Eagle Scout made for the little kids at the baseball fields.

Then, we went to the soccer games (several kids again!) and played hard during the game. After the game, we were leaving, when Jackson happened to look back at the now empty field and saw a soccer ball that someone left (or no one took)...and so we went to play with it, all four of us. Jackson was in his diaper and a T-shirt and no socks/shoes because it was hot and I had put him in pants and he was sweating. He was running EVERYWHERE for a long time...kicking the ball, throwing the ball, running some more and some more...it was just awesome. Creighton was walking all over the place (she was fully dressed and shoed). I was sweating bullets because I was in my new jeans and a black shirt. But I was having a blast. It was just nice to be able to play together as a family outside and running and with ALL of us together....it was great!

We finally left the soccer fields and then came home to nap. Jackson took an incredibly loooooong nap...so long that I had to wake him up so we could go to Emma Kate's (his best friend) 2nd birthday party. We were nearly an hour late, but like I said I had to wake him up just to be there at that time! Creighton took a short nap and Jeff and I played games.

Emmas party was fun. It was all family and us only, but I sometimes feel like family anyway. I am so thankful for friends that feel like family...and their families that feel like family. I love family!

Then we went to the Mall to get Jackson a costume and I ended up only with Creighton one...and I think she is the cutest little white bunny there ever could be.
Its just been a great day! And the best part is that it was unexpected because I wasn't planning on being in Bville today at all...so that was great!

Friday, October 12, 2007

PigTails and CakeBalls

I put Creighton's hair in pigtails or make-shift pigtails anyway and I thought it was adorable....her hair needs to get a bit longer to make it a bit easier for both of us though. So, I have been just putting one in on the top and she looks like Bam-Bam...I just haven't taken a pic yet...but its cute! (I am not sure she like me playing with her hair though...) One of the many ways I am sure we will greatly differ in life, because there is NOTHING more I love than for someone to play with my hair. :)

I made cake balls again! This time, however, I realized something...the package directions for the particular brand of Almond Bark sold at Walmart makes it too hot (overheats) the bark and it gets carmelized...so they weren't so "pretty" this time, but dangit they still taste wonderfully delicious. I love them and they are addicting. Jackson was helping me in the kitchen again! He loves to help...however this time he just really wanted a "ake ball" to eat.

***Oh yes, I wanted to let you know too, that you only need ONE package of Almond Bark if you don't caramelize it...***

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Looks aren't everything

I found this box at Wal-Mart and thought it'd be a fun thing that Jackson would love to eat and do, and that we could do it together! He loves helping me in the kitchen and so I thought this would be something doable for him.
So, we make them (4) and I notice that they look a bit different than the box picture of what they are suppose to look like.

They looked a little bit better than this picture when they first were made, but after a few hours in the refigerator, it does disasterous things to these little jello cups. I realize it is hard to see what it looks like at all, but that is precisely my point...

*I must say that Jackson and I both had one immediately after they were finished and both of us really liked them! (atleast they tasted decent and they were fun to make)

But the reason I am posting this is it got me thinking...(I know I have said this before, but be patient with me because I am terrible at telling stories/writing)...

I think this is the way it is a lot in life (if not always). We have so many things presented to us with pictures that ALWAYS look better than they do in reality...working with teens, this is very evident in their world...advertising specifically markets to these guys/gals constantly with a fake picture of :fun, sexy, hilarious, exciting, thrilling, good to eat, greatness, popular, etc., etc., but in reality, once you get the "product" it never really turns out that way...it never looks the same, feels the same, tastes the same, smells the same...whatever it is, it's just never as good. I hate that. Like when you see a commercial on TV of a meal and it looks fabulous and then you go and order it and it's like..."that is NOT what I just saw...I want mine to look like that"....I am sure that you are all aware of what I am talking about.

God showed me through this that His plan is like that too (but a bit different ending): we have all these artist and preachers and teachers and philosophers and prophets and John telling us what Heaven and what God will be like...and the picture they paint for us its still not what we are going to get, only the difference here is, it will be better. Better than any drawing of Christ I EVER saw as a child, He will be bigger, more beautiful, better...Better than any imagination of what Heaven will be like that I have heard, it will be more beautiful, more astonishing, more powerful, more glory...more more more....it won't be dissapointing, like so many things in this life. It isn't setting us up for failure, but for freedom and power and glory and beauty like we've never known.

I don't know if that excites you like it did me, but I am just tired of the pictures being beyond what everyone has to offer here on earth...I am excited that one day, I won't only not be let down, but I will be impressed and surprised and it will be awesome.

So, next time you see something that "looks" so good and then it ends up not...just remember, one day...it'll even be better! Glory to God

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Don't rush...

Hopefully you'll be able to click to make it bigger to read it, but it struck a chord in me...I want to enjoy my two kids everyday...and not rush to make them grow up...

Friday, October 5, 2007

Creighton Teal 11 months

I wanted to talk about my sweet baby girl, who isn't so much a baby anymore.

She is 11 months old (as of two days ago) and on her way to being a very big and very independent little girl:

She is talking (babbling) constantly and LOVES to talk on the phone ("Hello" and "Hi" are pretty much all that I can understand at this point).

Her hair is growing long in the back, behind both ears it is to the bottom of her neck.

She got another tooth (on top this time) last night. It isn't really even "above" the gums at all, but it has broken through and is even with her gums...and her one on bottom is growing but still not visible often at all. I figure by Halloween she'll look like a Jack-o-lantern herself with how her teeth are coming in. The one on bottom is the bottom left and the one on top is top right! :)

She is WALKING about 90% of the time and is VERY good at it. She hardly ever crawls much anymore and when she does fall over she gets right back up. She has some incredible balance. (I can't wait to put her into gymnastics in a few years).

She is still in the infant carrier (I think we took jackson out at like 5 months) and has WAY outgrown it by several inches (she gets a new seat for her birthday).

She dances and claps and sings alot!

She loves to swing and be outside.

She LOVES to climb and ON EVERYTHING!

She adores her older brother and wants to do everything he does

About the only thing that reminds me she is still a baby is the fact that she is totally totally 100% in love with nursing...and thus, I am. I have no idea when I will stop with her...all along I thought I'd be done at a year, but right now, I doubt that. If ever she decides she is done, I will be fine with quitting but as long as she is okay with it and wants it (to a certain degree) I am okay with it. (It is much easier to be that way about it now that I can eat whatever I want and nurse at the same time).

It is weird, because I want her to grow up, but at the same time, she is my baby, my last one and I want to cherish this time. It is funny because the age she is at now, I was so pregnant with her while Jackson was at this age, I didn't really enjoy it nearly as much as I am now. (I am not a good pregnant person). She is beautiful and for themost part a VERY happy little girl...albeit a little (lot) spoiled. I love her with all that I am. She delights my heart, and brings me joy and I just can barely get enough of her. She certainly has her moments when she frustrates me too, like when she refuses to nap, when she HAS to be held all the time, when she only wants me when I have a million things to do and can't hold her, when she wakes up A LOT in the middle of the night...but she is my baby...my sweet baby girl! I never wanted a girl. Ever. But I am so thankful that God knew better. God made her so special...and then he entrusted her to me. (and Jeff too). I am so thankful for her. I am enjoying her so much.

Here is a funny video of her dancing in the beginning with a little bit of Jackson dancing and rocking and then of her walking and then at the end Jackson smacks her with his guitar by accident...she recovered quickly...she is SO tough...thank heavens! (excuse the messy living room, we were having a GOOD time!) :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

It's OVER.

Well my girls made it easier for me to walk away tonight from volleyball, atleast with coaching the freshmen, than I thought it would be. They showed up and killed them the first game. I put my second string in the 2nd game and it was evident that I should pull them ALL (although I let a few stay in). The first string caught back up but didn't finish it and we lost....no big deal right, just put the first string back in and it'll be over fast. Well, not so much. They lost. I am not sure how, but then again, I am never sure how we lose after killing a team. They weren't horrible, but certainly my team was better, they just didn't want to prove that, or show that to anyone. It was sad. I was so mad at one moment, but then it really didn't matter...it's over. They chose for it to go down and end that way, not me. So needless to say, I am not nearly as upset as I thought I'd be because I was too frustrated at them to realize that it was over, till it was too late...and I still have Varsity to coach. They have regionals Thursday and if they win it, then State next week adn then it is over for good. We have a shot at State...we'll have to see though! So, all-in-all, we ended up 11-13 on the season...so close to .500, but not close enough...I wish it would have ended differently for sure. I felt like a failure as a coach...for a little bit...but I think it is just the craziness of the short short season and lack of mental toughness and maturity on their part. I did teach them the game...they did improve...the did win some games...it was successful on that end, and on the end that matters, they still like me (atleast I think so) and there are still kids coming to youth group that would otherwise have NEVER been there...and that is lots of success in my book! (and in the one that matters too)

Monday, October 1, 2007


My reason for writing the post about volleyball was because my girls played like absolute poop on Saturday. I was just dumbfounded by their efforts and their attitude and their lack of mental strength to pull it together at all, for the ENTIRE day. They played horribly! We could have easily won the entire tournament but instead we ended up DEAD LAST (tied for last actually, but at that point, we may as well just claim it)! For matches we ended up 1-4 for the day, but for games we were 4-8. Every match except one went 3 games. We held up the entire tournament because they played so bad that we had to go to 3 games each match and then because we lost to the worst team there it ended up that we had to play 2 playoff games to see who would go to Championship bracket and who would go to Consolation Bracket. It was awful. We went from being tied for 2nd in our pool (1st and 2nd go to Championship) to getting beat in the semifinals for the Consolation Bracket to a team we have beaten 3 times this year (who aren't very good at all). It was embarassing and to say the very least, it was a waste of my time. I would much rather have spent time with my family. I was very angry. It was a disgrace to the game of volleyball and to the amount of time and energy I have put forth (and they too for that matter) over the last 2 months.
They have a game today and I am not even going to it. It is 3 hours away and Jeff has lots going on and can't get off work to watch the kids. I decided it wasn't worth it to make 3 different arrangments for childcare and to be away from my kids the entire day and night again to go coach them for 45 mintues when they might or might not show up to play. I have a feeling I will regret this, but its too late now to change my mind. They leave in 20 minutes. OH well.
We finish the season off tomorrow with our last home game. It will be interesting how they show up and also how they do tonight.
Now we are 10-12 on the season and we can still come out .500 if we win tonight and tomorrow night. We will be 12-12 and I will be happy with that.