Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Whole lot of sibling love!

Random pics over the past few weeks with these precious babies of mine. Love them, and love that most of the time they love each other !
 Creighton and Charleigh on their way to school
 Creighton ate lunch with Bubba at school! precious treat for both of them!
 Creighton's Key Kid night she chose Chuck E Cheese. They loved playing together!
 again at CEC.
 These two spend A LOT of time together this semester since Rae is at home now MWF and they go to the same school together T/TH.
 Jackson and Creighton share a room, but not a bed. But one night when I came in to check on them, this is how I found them. I LOVED it. The story the next morning was that she was scared and joined him. He scooted over and the rest was history.
 Park days are a blast. Waiting on Bubba since he gets out an hour later, this a great way to kill some time together :)
Smiley girls at CEC doing a game together!

Charleigh's first OFFICIAL haircut

I took the girls in together for a hair cut (trim). This was Charleigh's first official "salon" cut. 

In efforts for her hair to not look like this :) hahaah 
I must say Charleigh (just so you know for future) that your hair is CRAZY :) but I love it. We finally found a product that we like and when we  actually remember to use it, it makes your hair lovely! We say together , "hello curls" each time we use it and then you smile your precious grin and press your cheek to mine as you look at it in the mirror.

The lady at the salon said your hair is actually biracial: your hair in the back is coarser and curlier and refuses to grow, and the hair on top of your head is fine and barely any curl and grows long. It makes styling it difficult. But we manage. :) She said when you are 10-12 we can perm the whole head and it will begin to train the top to curl like the bottom.

You are beautiful no matter what, crazy bed head or beautiful tight curls :)

Ps. the product is JUST FOR ME Curl smoother creme

Quality Time

I have 3 kids who are VASSTTTTTLY different in a million ways. However, ALL of them really really really love quality one on one time.  Who doesn't?! But I love when we get to spend that time together. It's harder to it these days, but I am thankful when it happens...and so are they!
 Creighton wanted (and loves) to make cookies. So I obliged!
 Beautiful beautiful girl!
 Happy mommy, happy Rae!
 Jackson and I went to Lowe's to work on the Build-it project of a DINOSAUR. :)
 He did all the hammering and stickers himself! I was proud...
 and so was he!
 Charleigh loves to cuddle up and talk. Her favorite thing in the world is Mickey. He joins us a lot.
 No matter what we are doing (or not doing) Charleigh LOVES to smile. She is becoming a hilarious little person. She loves to dress up.
Love this little booger!
We've been doing lots of puzzles and reading lately, but I don't have pics of that! But this is the aftermath :)

I have no idea where they get it?

I realized I hadn't blogged in FOREVER, so I sat down to look through pics to post. I found this: 
 Then the next four subsequent photos were these:

Love these crazy people! Their sillies definitely come from him :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Creighton :)

Creighton was looking at our wedding album (she found it because she is voluntarily dusting :))

She said, "Mom, you look like an angel!" I said thanks. She said, "well not like right now, but here you look like an angel, I'm serious".  I'll take it honey....thanks!

A few minutes before she said, "when I'm done windexing the windows, do you want me to help you with the dishes? Doing dishes is my favorite!"

Oh, yeah, if only that lasted a lifetime! I love you sweet girl!  All your wonderful thoughts and honesty and your big heart.  I hope you continue loving to serve and encourage!