Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quality Time

I have 3 kids who are VASSTTTTTLY different in a million ways. However, ALL of them really really really love quality one on one time.  Who doesn't?! But I love when we get to spend that time together. It's harder to it these days, but I am thankful when it happens...and so are they!
 Creighton wanted (and loves) to make cookies. So I obliged!
 Beautiful beautiful girl!
 Happy mommy, happy Rae!
 Jackson and I went to Lowe's to work on the Build-it project of a DINOSAUR. :)
 He did all the hammering and stickers himself! I was proud...
 and so was he!
 Charleigh loves to cuddle up and talk. Her favorite thing in the world is Mickey. He joins us a lot.
 No matter what we are doing (or not doing) Charleigh LOVES to smile. She is becoming a hilarious little person. She loves to dress up.
Love this little booger!
We've been doing lots of puzzles and reading lately, but I don't have pics of that! But this is the aftermath :)

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