Friday, February 29, 2008

Jeff's Ordination

I am so excited for Jeff this weekend. He is being ordained on Sunday at church during second service. We have 21 family members coming and his small group of now freshmen in college!! It is way exciting day in the lives of the Bergs. God has blessed us immensely and this is only part of it. Thank you Lord for my husband and his calling and his passion. Thank you for allowing Grace to see what I see (and have for so long) and to gather around him in this way.

There is a reception from 12-1 following second service and then there is also a lunch for the family after that! We are all way excited. I got a new fancy dress to wear to church on Sunday too! (it was on sale)...:)

Yeah for Jeff! I am so proud of you Honey

Baby A--prayers are working, more are needed

Baby A wasn't expected to live more than an hour after birth, if that...tomorrow they are all coming home from the hospital. She will be 2 days old tomorrow morning. She is having a feeding tube inserted for nourishment and it also helps her breathing. The diagnosis hasn't changed and there are many unanswered questions and no one knows how long her life will be or what it will consist of, except for the complete love of a family. They think she is beautiful and they are loving her and holding her and spending quality family time together. Just pray for them as the days ahead will be tiring and hard and that they will have the peace and strength and comfort that only God can give. Thank you all for praying and please continue.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Child Drowning Prevention

Last summer Jackson fell in a pool at a friends house and it really really scared me half to death. I posted about it here. We still haven't put him in swim lessons and I know we need to before summer, for both of them. However, Kara sent me this email yesterday with a new "method" of teaching babies and kids to survive in water until someone comes to get them whether they can swim or was incredible. The video was so crazy but that little baby knew what he was doing and it made me feel much better that the dad eventually comes to rescue him (and I pray that he was in the water the ENTIRE time). It was interesting and I wish there was a class near to us, but there isn't....but for those of you who might be in bigger cities, I thought I'd share it with you all!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Random Photo Stop

Jackson put his gloves on to throw the ball with KUK in Enid...he did it all by himself and was very proud :)
here is a picture from their Enid trip at the sheep show (that is their cousin Bree)

We start Creighton really early with Ann Graham Lotz bible studies :) She likes them atleast, or better said, MY AGL study has a lot of scribbles on it :) oh well...i like them

My kids have SO much fun on this slide. They also get more hurt on this slide than anything else (but I kinda figure that is like the rule about 90% of accidents happen within two miles of your are 90% of the time WITHIN 2 miles of your that is obvious!)

Here are the fabulous 4 (*fantastic fifth is still too little)...they have lots of fun together and really like being outside...can't wait for spring/summer

One of the youth's mom took this picture at a basketball game and sent it to me! :)

Nitrous and Rascal Flatts

So, today I went to the dentist to get my temporary 3 crown bridge done and to say the least I was not excited. Most people (okay, probably not even most) ONLY go to the dentist twice a year...the fact that I have been in a dentist's office 6 times in the last 10 months and have 2 more visits to go is just absolutely devistating because I absolutely abhor going to the dentist and having ANY.THING. done to my mouth. I just can barely stand it.

To get the tooth pulled I was on vallium and that was incredible! :) But today I was completely HIGH as a kite with the nitrous gas or what I like to call "mr. funny nose" from when I was little. I don't know what the heck that stuff does to the body and certainly hope it isn't harmful to my brain or body, but quite frankly I don't care. (kinda). I was hooked up to that thing for 2 hours and it was marvelous. I had my ear buds (my hubby let me borrow his toy (iphone) for the procedure) so loud that I could only hear the drilling when it went to the next song (and that was KILLER every time!)

I was so lazy I didn't even want to have to hold my mouth open so he put in a biter block and it was perfect. I am the world's worst dental patient alive. I loathe it. I hate it. I would rather do just about anything, however, today wasn't near as bad because of the nitrous and rascal flatts...I think I may have found a viable option to get me to go to the dentist from now on....well I actually hope I won't have to go but for the regular 2 times a year from now on after the next 2 visits.

But you have to try the nitrous stuff! :) It made me in, if it isn't dangerous I just might have to figure out a way to buy some :) (kinda kidding)....I asked him about it already....I can't

Prayers are needed....

Please pray for my friends and their new baby girl that was born this morning. She is one of the people I was talking about in my compassion post. The day has come. So far baby A is fighting, but the prognosis remains the same and they say her breathing is beginning to struggle. My heart is deeply burdened and hurting. I am praying but I feel helpless. Those that are with them say that God's grace and peace is upon their faces and hearts, which is awesome.

UPDATED: as of 10:45 tonight A was still doing okay and this is so much longer than they expected her to make it....still praying for a miracle/peace for the family

Monday, February 25, 2008

Small tidbit and 2 pics

Saturday night I had a sleep over with two of my small group girls and Brittany. I (hopefully we) had SOOOO much fun. I haven't had a sleep over in a long long long time. We did facial masks, painted toenails, did parafin wax for feet and hands, played board games, watched Disney's Game Plan (a lot cheesy but cute I guess), went out to eat, went to Hastings and caused a scene in the toy isles, among taking LOTS of funny pictures and all sorts of other weird (and girly) things. I didn't sleep much but I had fun and it was so good to be with my girls.

The only down side was when I "burned up" my SIM card in my phone and didn't have a cell for about 2 days. But its fixed now and that is okay! *I might not have your number (again) but I have some of them from Jeff's old phone :)

Creighton and Jackson have both been doing and saying funny things and I have wanted to write about them but at the moment I cannot think of even one! How is a few pics (totally random) since its been awhile...

As I was waiting for the pics to upload I realized I REALLY hadn't posted many pics lately...and I have a LOT of good tomorrow or soon I will post more...


Long weekend, not much sleep...very tired, but it's been good (and bad).

One great thing that happened today: (a conversation between Jeff and Jackson)

Jeff: is Creighton pretty?
Jackson: yes, Rae Rae pretty like Mommy

Me: melt melt melt!

I'll post tomorrow....

Oh yes and one thing: cell phones are NOT my friend and I officially have a love/hate relationship with them. I "burned" my SIM card and now no longer have a cell phone until I replace it. Lovely!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

three day recap

Well my days (and nights) have been much better since my last post, however, I have not had much time to be on the computer. Tuesday I went to bible study and that was good and then we went to the Family Life Center with several other moms/kids. It was fun, but near the time we were to leave anyway, Jackson disobeyed me and we had to leave promptly and it was a crazy and LONG walk to the car. It was so hard for me because I just didn't have the energy (I thought) to deal with it and be as consistent as I know I needed to be AND I didn't want to leave yet! :) But I did what I knew needed to be done and stuck to my guns...and it worked (or atleast made a difference). By the time I actually got him home he was a different kid and was sweet during lunch and took a good nap and we had a good conversation after his nap about him listening to mommy the first time (his initiation). So he definitely remembers and that is a great thing and a good first step. I had to just keep reminding myself I was doing the right thing and to stay tough and "not grow tired and weary of doing what is right." Anyway, then I had my private lessons with Kate and Taylor at the YMCA and that went well and then I headed off to ger ready for my Ladies Nite Out! It was great and there were lots of ladies there this time! Some new faces and the fun!

I haven't been sleeping well at all lately, roughly since Thursday night Jeff left last for a full week. I don't know why. But I have taken pills, bought a new pillow, changed the sheets, worked out, not worked out, eaten well, not eaten well...NOTHING seems to help me sleep. I hope tonight will work out for me a little better.

Wednesday I got a ton of errands completed and I also worked out at the Y. I love my step classes...they are such a great workout for me. You can push yourself if you want and when you need to take it down a little bit, you can do that. I love it that there are ladies of all shapes, sizes, ages, abilities, and everything in there. I just love it! I am still abs are killing me...but I love it!

Wednesday night went really well for me and the small group I love my girls and I love getting to pour into their lives as much as they allow. I look forward to it even though I am exhausted most Wednesday nights (for one reason or another). I love that time with them. It is such a different dynamic than I have been accustomed to with my previous group, but it works and it is good! We talked about influence and being role models and such. I plan to blog about it later because the Lord used it to show me some things too--I just LOVE it when He does that!

Today we have had some good quality family time! Jeff was off work today and there was ICE everywhere outside and so we were trapped inside...but it went surprisingly well. The kids slept in later than normal and I brought Creighton back to our bed at 8 something and she slept in it till past 10! Jackson was up around 9 I think and he and Jeff watched Beauty and the Beast. I stayed in the room with Creighton and caught up on some reading and played my DS (I love that thing).

Then we had dance/music time and it was fun and hilarious and it really wore us ALL out! The kids are hilarious when music comes on! They love to dance and Jackson will catch a few words and try singing along and I just love it! Then out of nowhere he'll say "rock out, [pause] all night" he is so funny.

Then we made pizzas and they were delicous and the kids had fun (Jackson in particular loved eating the pepperonis outof the bag instead of putting them on the pizza!). After lunch we played with cars and then all took a shower together and then went down for naps (me included). Jackson took the longest nap in history. I am not certain of what time it was by the time we went down, but he didn't wake till 10 minutes till 5 and I think it was around 2 when we went down!

After nap I started working on dinner and made a really yummy recipe called Oven Baked Chicken and also Sweet Potato casserole and green beans and pasta! I had fun and Jeff ended up taking the kids to the Y so he could work out and I could finish dinner in peace. The oven went off as they were pulling in the driveway so it was perfect timing. So LOVE the Y and the childcare!

We had dinner and everybody but Creighton loved it but she did nurse constantly all day today (she's teething and not feeling up to par I think). And then tonight she downed a whole bowl of that infant rice cereal that is SO gross...but she acted like she was eating ice cream....cracked me up!

Anyway, thanks for all my comments to my last post...that was way fun...Jeff said it was way too long and no one would ever read I think it doubly funny that it had my most comments EVER! :)

Have a good night all....

Monday, February 18, 2008

What a first night!

Well, I could tell last night that my weekend had "worked" and I was refreshed and feeling like I could conquer the world...(or just two toddlers...which some days feels like the world)...this morning was great. I noticed their whines and such, but no problem, still feeling awesome...they did have school today, which obviously made it easy throughout the day because they were running wild with someone else (and loving it--they don't like leaving!).

After school we played hard for an hour at the park, which was fun...albeit much colder and windy-er than I had anticipated...but fun nonetheless. We quickly ran home and had snacks and I threw on my workout clothes from earlier in the day when I played almost 2 hours of volleyball (fun), and I threw dinner in the oven and ran out the door to go to the YMCA where I am taking a step class that I absolutely love! The kids ran around and played hard in the nursery there while Jeff and I worked out.

We came home to an amazing smelling home and a HOT dinner ready to eat. It was perfect, well besides that my floor and table are NO longer clean whatsoever. But, like I said yesterday, that is just my "normal" and to have it clean and smelling so good was just "fantasy" and certainly not reality by any stretch of the imagination.

Dinner went okay but the kids didn't eat really well, but I thought not a big deal...they did eat something and had a snack earlier...

Well, it pretty much was nuts from that point on (when Daddy left to go to Bible Study)...

We played for a little bit, and then I decided it was time for bath. Bath went decent for the first part, and Jackson was ready to get out to go finish his Veggie Tales movie so I got him out, dried and dressed and sent him on his way (so wonderful that he is so independent with so many things)...and Creighton was NOT ready at all to get out of the I let her play as the water was draining and I began taking all the toys and the mat out. Thank goodness! She was playing slippin' slide with the tub without any water and was having the time of her life! I was helping her so she wouldn't keep banging her head so hard...but she never cried, just laughed...

Then I was going to wipe her nose but decided to blow mine first (sometimes I do this so she'll be less aprehensive about me wiping hers) and my nose started GUSHING blood...everywhere. I stuck an entire kleenex up there and somehow (seriously I don't know how) it was still DRIPPING outside of the kleenex...

So all over my white bathroom that I just spent 2 days cleaning I am bleeding everywhere and I am trying to get it cleaned up and stopped, or at this point at least slowed down enough to move. As I am leaning over the sink, I hear a toot from Creighton, no big deal, much bigger things to deal with than her toot...well literally I turn around and there is POOP everywhere...she was slippin' and sliding all in it and it was now all over my tub and tub walls (not to mention Creighton) that I had just scrubbed (her too)....So I abandon my nose and I go back to her and try desperately to get her up and cleaned off as my nose is gushing blood ---bright red---everywhere all over the tub, and then she slips again, just as I get all the poop off the tub (thankfully I had all the toys and mat up and there wasn't water in the tub, made for a much easier clean up) and is covered now in poop and blood from head to toe...seriously it was so disgusting! I get her all cleaned off....I think I washed her poor body like 100 times over and over, as in I used half a bottle of Aveno baby wash!

Get her dressed, and my prayers were working as I was panicking prayers up to God for my nose to stop bleeding so I could take care of her...and it did, eventually!

Then we come play and have a good ole time with the slide and the cars. Jackson's movie is over (which by the way he was oblivious to the disaster in the bathroom...thank goodness he wanted to leave, which he NEVER usually does). So I tell them 5 minutes and its time to go read books and we need to start picking up the toys....this is where Jackson begins the torture...he doesn't help pick up ONE he is not playing with them tomorrow...he throws a fit.

I tell him its time for bed which he thought was more punishment and I tried to explain it was time for bed no matter what. So, then I had to spank him. More crying, more fits. Tell him its time to brush his teeth and more fits....finally he comes and of course I put toothpaste on the wrong toothbrush, more fits. I about choke him to death getting his teeth brushed (unwilling, of course). He throws another fit when we get in his room because I told him he didn't earn a book tonight. Then I give him his blanky and binky and put him in his bed and he proceeds to throw the binky across the room. I told him I was sorry he did that and kissed him goodnight and walked out.

I read Creighton some books all the while Jackson is literally beating his door down. There is a child door safety thing on it so he can't get out if it is closed all the way. Well, he locked his door somehow and broke the child safety thing off the door. But because he had locked the door in the process, then he really couldn't get out....more yelling and crying and screaming and fit throwing (not to mention his light was off, so he was in the dark). Finally he calms down a little bit and begins trying his best to calmly tell me he was sorry and he wanted to listen and he REALLY wanted his binky but couldn't find it. So, I went in to get his binky and calm him down a little more so he'd settle down...he was so tired (and now worn competely out). I put him in his bed and he asked for a book again, but I told him not tonight and he thought about crying but I think he was just too tired. We prayed and he was asleep before I left the room.

So I go back into Creighton's room (we had to come out to get her medicine) to nurse her to sleep and she gets a tickle in her throat and throws up ALL OVER ME and herself and the chair and the carpet ( mind you all things that were recently clean!--with the exception of me). So I take her back to the bathroom and clean her up and she starts dancing ah I just needed to get that out! :) She is so funny...although I wasn't laughing then. Change her pajamas and nurse her for a few more minutes and lay her down. I was hoping that she'd fall right asleep but she screamed her head off. I had to go take a shower because I needed not to hear her cries and I was gross (volleyball, step class, dinner, bathtime, nose bleed, poop, and throw up....)

Now I am clean and they are both asleep...whew...what a first night back into mommyhood...but I can still say, life is good, I am so blessed and I still am doing fine (thanks to my weekend away)...:)

Oh yes, and my time with my husband was so sweet last night. I cuddled up next to him and we talked for was fantastic! He was absolutely precious to me and treated me like a queen and stole my heart he likes to do! He is truly wonderful!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

They're baaaack!

I was very excited to see them. I got hugs all around and within 5 minutes my house looked like it did Thursday....(well it's still clean I guess, just not picked up)...

Jeff brought home ALL of his old cars from when he was little, some little people thingys, some micromachines, some big cars and just lots of junk toys....its a good thing I got rid of so many!

The kids were happy to see me and I was happy to see them. They are in their rooms now, Creighton is having a hard time falling asleep, but maybe I think she just stopped crying now...hopefully!

She was SO funny when she realized she could nurse again. We were playing like normal, and then all of a sudden she came up to me and gave this weird look and then its like it snapped! She was all about it and I knew what she wanted immediately! She was so funny and cute! She would suck and then look up at me and grin from ear to ear like she was saying, "mom, this is good, I missed this!" I loved every second of it! She nursed for a few minutes and then played and then I nursed her just a few minutes ago to sleep *well until I laid her down...

All is well...they ate dinner and got it everywhere and took EVERY SINGLE toy Jeff brought home and tossed them all over the living room....part of me was sad, but the other part of me said "welcome back home Courtney"...and I liked it. Life is good people! Life is really good!

On their way...

Today I got up and went to church and it was SO hard to get up this morning. I had to make myself get out of bed! It was a good day though. Jeff and Brittany (both paid youth people) were both gone today and so I got the "job" of acting youth minister...which normallly would have not been a big deal...but I was also acting children's welcome table person! Thanks to my friend Kara for saving me and helping me as I was frantically trying to get everyone in order and what they needed. It was a little crazy, but it was good. I got to have so many conversations with so many different people and that was nice! I didn't get to go to church or to the GYM class that I wanted to poke my head into,but that is okay.

After church I ate at Taco Bueno...(Hannah, you'll have to know it wasn't amazing...but you made me hungry for it)...and then I got busy getting everything ready and finished! It is....all done!

I feel so accomplished. I swept, mopped, and vaccuumed like a mad woman! I got the rest of my clothes hung up and I got Jeff a little gift and card ready for when he walks in the door. I tried to lay down for a little nap afterward, but I just can't fall asleep, even though I am MAD tired! Oh well...I am sure I will sleep well tonight with my man lying next to me. Its crazy how many sounds I hear when he's not here and how many just dissappear because of his presence! I always sleep better with him...and I like that! :)

I miss 'em, I do! I can't wait to see all three of them! I talked to them all on the phone a while ago and they should be here by 7:30 or so. So I think I am going to go make their lunches for tomorrow, do my bible study and such so I can devote all my energy and time into the kids till bed and then to my man afterwards!

Thanks for all of you keeping tabs on me this weekend. It has been fun to share my "story"...I love blogging! And I rekindled my LOVE FOR MUSIC this weekend. It has played nonstop since I completed my itunes specialty list. It is fantastic! I think my neighbors might hate me for playing it so loud at some points...but oh well.

I was looking at my list of genre in my folder and it is very ecletic: alternative, country, hip-hop, religious, rock, soundtracks, movies, 80s, R&B, electronica/dance, and other...

I hope my husband took pictures of the kids, because I have certainly missed having the would have been nice to accomodate my posts....but then again, that might have been scary...I bet the kids' pictures will be better!

Last night alone...

The rest of my day was incredibly productive as well! I am so excited and proud of myself. For those of you who don't know me, and even those of you who might, I think tonight was the first time since we moved into the house 3 years ago that I have cleaned like I have. I mean, never, ever before has my house been clean like this...I still have to vaccuum and sweep/mop the kitchen but everything else is done.

I scrubbed the toliets and shower and bath tub and sinks.

I dusted EVERYTHING in the entire house (even the vents and fans and lights and everything)

I sorted all the clothes and socks (this took forever)

I took down ALL of my crosses and hung them in different areas. I hung several new pictures and rearranged most of the old ones. I am ready for my NEW (Christmas present just getting here) family Portrait that will come home with Jeff.
**I went to Hobby Lobby and got new frames for some SWEET pictures that we had taken of the kids over Thanksgiving...that was fun

The house smells good!

I went to the mall tonight too and I found a great sale at Dillards! I got 6 pairs of shoes (one for me, 2 for Jackson and 2 for Creighton , and a present for a baby) for only $65.22. The brands were Merrell, Stride Rite, Converse, Timberland, Kenneth Cole, and Michelle D (I have no idea what Michelle D was but my shoes were originally 70 and I got them for 17)! That was incredibly exciting!

I spent some time with one of my small group girls and that was awesome...we just chatted while she worked (at the mall) was good!

I talked to an old camper (Hi, Lauren) for awhile while I was eating dinner and that was great talking with her!

Today was a great day...I am thoroughly exhausted though and I never did take a nap. I purposely didn't have caffiene though today so I hope I sleep well tonight. The kids and my sweet hubby will be home tomorrow and I want to be ready for them! I have to work the nursery tomorrow during second service and since its past 1a I will probably not be making it to first service...oh well...

Ladies (and gents?) this weekend has been fabulous! I can't explain what it has done for my soul, my spirit, my life. It was so rewarding and I even worked really hard at the same time. I love being productive and achieving goals and making lists and getting them completed...I hardly ever do that on my own with the kids/Jeff at home. I hope I will take this energy and be able to do some of this when they return and make it a habit...(seriously some of my "dust bunnies" had legs and were hopping away)....

I learned a bit about myself this weekend and that is always nice too! Relfection time is so good. I didn't read at all, which I thought I was going to but that's okay. I did some studying of scripture and some prayin' and that was nice. I didn't sleep nearly as much as I thought I would...imagine that?!

Going to bed, cause I can tell I am tired...ramble ramble

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Caffiene is a killer, but makes for sweet productivity!

Yesterdays 4 really big glasses of Sweet Tea from McAlisters is what helped fuel me to stay up and finish the taxes (minus the EIN numbers I am waiting for). However, I was getting really tired after my post and I laid down and could NOT fall asleep. I tossed around forever and finally at 10 I was up and got out of bed about 10:30. I was bummed, but thought..."hey, who cares, I can nap for as long as want and whenever I want today." I really thought that I would have already napped today but I haven't, instead I have been incredibly prodcuctive.

I have:
1) done tons of laundry
2) finished the dishes and realized that when EVERYTHING is clean, we don't have enough room in our cabinets :)
3) took off all of Creighton's border in her room
4) cleaned out ALL of the toys in the entire house and got rid of 2 huge bags full.
5) packed up all the clothes the kids have grown out of (3 bags full)
6) organized all the toys we ARE keeping (a whole house full)
7) talked to my mom for a while
8) washed and changed the sheets on the kids beds (still have mine to do)
9) thoroughly cleaned the highchair and put it away forever (anyone want/need one...its like brand new now) (tear, how sad, no more baby babies)
10) took out the trash
11) planned the meals for next week and bought the groceries
12) blogged and read blogs
13) checked emails
14) talked to some friends via facebook
15) pumped twice

Seriously, I have only been up 3 and a half hours and I got a heck of a lot done!!!!!! I am so proud of if I can only convince myself that I REALLY do need to clean out my bathrooms and scrub the floors and dust and vaccuum...its just not happening right now...I think I need a break... :)

I think I might call and check up on my hubby and babies...I do miss them, but I am SOOOOOO enjoying my time alone too.

ps. is anyone else having trouble with not being able to spell check...its been weeks since it has worked for me on my posts and I don't know why....


Um...seriously...its 3:45 am....what am I thinking? I don't know....but I am 99.9% finished with my taxes and that is incredible!

I have several things to say....
1) I hope I did them right
2) If number 1 is correct then, yipee! we have a HUGE refund coming
3) Turbo Tax is the WORST program was so hard to understand and navigate and our refund on TurboTax was like half of what it was in TaxCut
4)TaxCut is where it is at!
5) I loved was easy, smooth, idiot-friendly, and of course, it has a much much higher refund amount! :)
6)and, it is nearly 10$ cheaper than Turbo tax....
7) I have a coupon for TurboTax if you DID already pay for it, I will mail it to you and you can get a $10 cash back (you need to have your receipt (dated)) and this certificate and mail it in....first come first serve...but if you didn't already buy it, DON'T....get TaxCut

Some more of my day....

My pumping schedule has been drastically different than my nursing "schedule" with Creighton, so I hope that when she returns I actually have milk. Its so weird to pump and not get much, because I am so used to pumping and getting SO.MUCH.MILK. Oh well...

Today Brittany and I went to McAlisters for lunch and I ordered my favorite: Beef and Cheddar Spud (goodness it is SO good)...but then the manager lady came behind my cashier lady and said "there are no potatoes for 55 minutes"...I was so excited about eating my potato and that (and of course the sweet tea) were the ONLY reasons I chose to eat at McAlisters again (I had it also on Monday) this week. So, probably because of my look of panic...I have no idea about anything on the menu except that one thing...she offered to buy my meal and reimburse me for my potato that I already paid for...that was awesome...but lets just say that the McAlisters Club Sandwich holds NO candle to the potato in anyway...I was dissappointed, but how dissappointed can you be when it was free....?

Anyway, had good times there and walked around the mall for a little bit....came back home and relaxed for a few hours and worked on my itunes stuff and taxes/email/blogging for a long time. Then realized it was 10pm and I hadn't eaten I went to grab some dinner and it was awful (Wendy's) and then I went to walmart...and now its 12:30 and I am home pumping and going to try to finish the taxes...I have to start over because I messed up and can't figure out how to fix hopefully I'll get it right this time...but its looking good for now!

Goodnight everyone...I am thoroughly enjoying my time, although time is getting away from me and I am not accomplishing everything I had hoped....but then I realized I needed to relax...and so I don't care about my "agenda" anymore...its all good!

Friday, February 15, 2008

So far...

Well, my time has been great. It's just wonderful to breathe and to be able to sleep, and sleep till 11:43! :)

Last night I made some stinkin' awesome nachos that were fabulous (and I can't make right now while Jeff is on the diet) and then OF COURSE I made some cookies! They are so good and I am sure I will eat every one of them by myself (well Brittany had 2) before they get back on Sunday! I hung out with Brittany last night for a little while and had a good time with conversation and just TIME that we NEVER normally get because I am needed by my little people too often for good long was so good for our friendship! It was good for my soul too...I loved it.


I did clean up the dishes and a little bit of the kitchen last night...and I plan to finish up before Sunday hopefully with the whole house but particularly the kitchen, the bathrooms, and then the dusting and vaccumming which NEVER gets done around here...

My goal is to get the taxes done too before Jeff gets back so its one less thing to worry about! Yeah....and its weird because I am totally not even dreading it because I can have papers lying everywhere and not have to worry about them and I can do it in sections and parts and not worry! I am so excited...this is crazy what rest, and time away does for the body and soul and spirit!

Jeff should be careful, this might have to become a tradition a few times a year! :) Oh a girl can wish and dream, can't she?! However, the fact that Jeff got his first ever speeding ticket on the way there sorta stunk! But they made it safely and are all doing very well!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

It is a GORGEOUS day today. I LOVE the weather. Its just perfect. I am anxiously awaiting for my luxury/fantasy weekend to begin tonight, but am enjoying my time with the kids today too. I can say that Satan has tried to nearly kill me (but instead has kept me on my knees) with thoughts of something happening to all three of the most important people in my life as they are together and I am away (here). Oh how scary, but I am trying not to get too figity about it....

Anyway, my friend Kara and her girls came over today and the kids had so much fun (and so did I) that Kara told me it was 1:45 and we hadn't had lunch yet! It was crazy....I thought itwas still like 12:30 or something...we had good times! :) We got the kids all fed and now mine are sleeping (and I hope hers too).

Happy Valentines Day!

Again, I owe my sweet husband a shout out for being so wonderful! He stayed a few extra minutes to help me pick up the house when Kara was going to come over! He is so wonderful I am so blessed and lucky! :0 Thanks baby

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Excitement on a lot of levels!

I have wanted to update everyday and for one reason or 50 I haven't gotten to it. Today I was planning on it but then I tried to do our taxes...Can I tell you how much I hate doing taxes?! Ugh!

Jeff started a 90 day fitness challenge at the YMCA and his goal is to lose like over 30 pounds. I didn't pay to do it, but I am in charge of feeding him healthier meals and buying healthy food and not making cookies and such (bah hum bug). Anyway, I was excited when they did his weigh in because I got to do my testing too (helps when you know people and are in the right place at the right time). I was SO excited to hear even though there is NO way its right that I had a 25 body fat % (they gave the exact amount but I can't remember) and my "ideal" according to the test based off my height weight structure and all the other stuff was like 24% and it said I only needed to lose a few pounds to achieve this. I was very excited! :)

I was also very excited this week because I finally got rid of my old "ghetto" Oklahoma license and replaced (renewed) it with a newer one that looks 21st century instead of something I made at home. It was actually a good picture too! That rarely happens...I get to keep it for 4 years...and even better than that she didn't ask for my new weight and that is the weight from when I was 16! :) Hahahha! I was as excited as I was when I got my very first license I think! Seriously...I should get out more, huh?

The biggest news of excitement is this:
My fantasy is coming true!

Jeff is taking both children and going to Enid for the weekend. I get to stay in my bed, in my house with all of my things, ALL.BY.MYSELF. for 3 days (and 3 BLESSED nights).

I am so beside myself with excitement I don't know what to do! I love my family and love spending time with them, but I can GUARANTEE you that I will want to so much more after having this weekend to myself. Having time to myself is one thing when I am away like at a hotel, or a friends, or my parents, but the fact that I get my own bed is just....well, I am so blessed and thankful....and lucky....

My husband is so sweet! Happy Valentines Day sweetheart and thank you ahead of time!

**as for what I will do with my time...I will for sure Sleep a lot, blog, sleep, update pics, sleep, taxes (maybe), sleep, clean the house (maybe), go to a movie (haven't got a clue what is even in the theaters)....we'll see. I truly have NO plans...I am trying to "squeeze in" a massage in all that time off (if the guy is open)*** oh did I say I was excited?! :)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Life is good

I had minor (major to me) dental surgery on Wednesday afternoon and have been a little "low" because of it the last few days. I am such a baby. Pain level is decent but my need to be "felt sorry for" and cared for is GREAT (much exceeds the normal limits). *Having said that, I will say though that my mouth is really gross looking and very uncomfortable and I am still taking much much too much ibprofen every day to be able to function.

Anyway, I am hoping this all will just go away and feel better overnight although I am not holding my breath...I just popped another 600mg of IBP.

However, we have had some really great fun and lovely family time this weekend. My kids are getting big, which on one hand and for a very small second is sad, but on the other is so wonderful! They are getting a little bit more independent each day. Creighton acts like she's 3 and Jackson acts like he's either 5 or 5 months depending on the minute :) is just neat.

Discipline with Jackson is so much easier when we can communicate with one another! That might not always be the case, but it is just fantastic that I know I don't let him off the hook now by making excuses for him that "oh, well, he just doesn't understand"....he craves structure and discipline and guidelines and boundaries....just like his mother, but much unlike his father (whom his very precious princess takes after). He doesn't always want consequences obviously but he is doing so much better with it. He is my little cuddle bug, full of energy though, very people pleasing type A personality. He likes order and loves things "exactly the way he wants them" at the exact time and location....we are working on this. :)

Anyway, we are just enjoying these little people and of course I absolutely ADORE watching my husband spending fun play time with them. It is truly awesome. He is such a wonderful father, Daddy, friend to them...Thanks honey...

Jackson has continued in his pursuit of praying and he prays FERVENTLY and with MUCH MUCH obvious desire for his grammy Terrie to feel better so he can go to Pop's is almost too much to handle how cute he is...he squeezes his eyes so tight and grasps his little fingers around his hands so tight as if to think "if I squeeze harder maybe it'll happen faster"... I just can't get enough of it! It is my most favorite thing in the world right now.

One last funny thing, I was at Hallmark and I happened to buy 3 cards all random and they told me I could get one of these stuffed animals that makes noise for $9.95 since I bought 3 cards....I can't really stand the thought of one more stuffed animal in my house and so almost immediately said no...but the lady persisted in showing them (all 3 of them to me) anyway, the last of which was this funny little dog that had ears that flapped up and down and sings in a doggie voice "Where's my hug, where's my hug, i want a hug, give me a hug, come on come on give me a hug, oh boy oh boy oh boy ruff ruff"....I don't even like dogs but my sweet Rae LOVES them and she loves noisy toys and loves hugs, so I caved and got this silly dog. My kids couldn't love this silly thing more! If you push the paw Creighton will RUN (drop whatever she is doing and RUN) to give that thing a is priceless and precious in everyway....Jackson does it too but really only because Creighton gets so much attention from it and/or because he knows she wants it. It was a great $10 gift for her....I will get video maybe soon of it...

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Jackson's 1st official prayer

We pray with Jackson every night (and at most meals) and occasionally we'll ask him to pray which up until tonight he's always declined and announces who he'd like to hear pray....however, tonight this little man absolutely MELTED this mom's heart.

Jeff told him to pray and he said "otay"

We were holding hands and he closed his eyes and said:

"ear esses, [mumble] terrie feel better to go to pops house soon [mumble] [mumble] amen"

the [mumble] parts i have NO idea what he said, but the part in the middle and the part where he said dear jesus, just gave me chills and made me so joyful. it was awesome. he was so sweet!

ps. terrie (jeff's mom) has been really really sick and so he was praying she'd feel better (so he can go visit)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Creighton's getting big!

Creighton went to the doctor today for her 15 month well-baby visit. She weighs 22 1/2 pounds and 32 inches. She is "perfect" according to the doctor and better than that she is "advanced" in her talking, much UNlike her big brother. When we finally got the kid (Jackson) healthy, then we realized he was very behind in talking...So today was a great news! She got one shot and did beautifully with it barely shedding one tear. I was so proud and she was so brave.

Its crazy how much she is growing up! Both of them, they are just getting big before my very eyes!

Some words Creighton is saying:

cheese, bye-bye, mommy, daddy, yes, no, baby, doll, ball, juice, button, where, "kisses", shoes, bubba, dog, grg "george", bottle,

Anyway, I am still nursing her and since she is currently teething like crazy and all of her molars at the same time! I am picking back up on nursing her more often than I had intended. It was seeming that she "had" to nurse and that it was like the "miracle cure" to her teething pain. It was nice to see it written in an article that Maria posted. So, much to everyone else's disgust (it seems) I am not ready, she is not ready and therefore, now I will try to build back up my milk supply. I told the doctor today that I was nursing like 6 times a day and she said she was totally fine as long as she was eating food and drinking water also. I might need to start taking my pills again though (I stopped a long time ago). I am glad though that there are lots of nutrients still there, because lately she tends to want to nurse more often than not. Oh this girl...she is a keeper! :)

Monday, February 4, 2008

Snow Day!

Jackson loved eating the ice/snow. He did that for a better part of the time we were out there. His "flavor" was gwaape (grape) and mine was strawberry :)

Jackson had a BLAST outside in the snow...he LOVED it. Every part except the freezing hands (we didn't have real gloves for him, only the little knit ones and so we went through 2 pairs and called it a day).

Creighton wasn't exactly keen on being in so many layers and the fact that she was in boots (Jacksons) that were twice too big for her feet and pants that were also Jackson's that were too big (with several layers on underneath) sent her into a rage of tantrum shortly after she fell off the sled ride with me! It was awful. But I took her inside and stripped her down to her diaper and she within seconds calmed down...I guess my girl doesn't like winter....kinda like her mommy or doesn't like being bundled like her daddy.

We have several videos but this one took almost and hour to upload so that is all for today:)

Nasty bruise

I played in a volleyball tournament on Saturday that was a ton of fun. We played okay, not great...I had decent games and horrid games, never really outstanding...kinda a bummer, but oh well. We won 3, lost 5. I am one sore and tired lady. I came away with a nice bruise too...I took a jump serve really high up on my arm and it literally exploded one of my is so ugly.

Later that night was my Dad's retirement party...that was fun and there were lots of people there to help celebrate...the kids weren't too difficult and they seemed to be enjoyed by all the adults...the food was great and the cakes were amazing! It was nice to see my brother for a few hours! We left late and I was exhausted from the day. I think my mom has pics but we didn't have the camera with us...but Congrats excited for and proud of YOU.