Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Random Photo Stop

Jackson put his gloves on to throw the ball with KUK in Enid...he did it all by himself and was very proud :)
here is a picture from their Enid trip at the sheep show (that is their cousin Bree)

We start Creighton really early with Ann Graham Lotz bible studies :) She likes them atleast, or better said, MY AGL study has a lot of scribbles on it :) oh well...i like them

My kids have SO much fun on this slide. They also get more hurt on this slide than anything else (but I kinda figure that is like the rule about 90% of accidents happen within two miles of your are 90% of the time WITHIN 2 miles of your that is obvious!)

Here are the fabulous 4 (*fantastic fifth is still too little)...they have lots of fun together and really like being outside...can't wait for spring/summer

One of the youth's mom took this picture at a basketball game and sent it to me! :)

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Maria said...

Too cute!!! Also, I was going to buy one of those slide things for Amari, but I have yet to find one that I think is acceptable when it comes to safety! It's not that I am afraid of him falling or getting hurt, but I refuse to give in to unncessary risk when they should build a certain level of safety feature in to the toy.'s plastic. And I have been ridding our lives of plastic. Slowly, but surely!

Sorry for the tangent. The kiddos looks adorable! :)