Saturday, February 16, 2008


Um...seriously...its 3:45 am....what am I thinking? I don't know....but I am 99.9% finished with my taxes and that is incredible!

I have several things to say....
1) I hope I did them right
2) If number 1 is correct then, yipee! we have a HUGE refund coming
3) Turbo Tax is the WORST program was so hard to understand and navigate and our refund on TurboTax was like half of what it was in TaxCut
4)TaxCut is where it is at!
5) I loved was easy, smooth, idiot-friendly, and of course, it has a much much higher refund amount! :)
6)and, it is nearly 10$ cheaper than Turbo tax....
7) I have a coupon for TurboTax if you DID already pay for it, I will mail it to you and you can get a $10 cash back (you need to have your receipt (dated)) and this certificate and mail it in....first come first serve...but if you didn't already buy it, DON'T....get TaxCut


Maria said...

I learned a lesson Kevin's first year abroad-- the accountant is worth it. Actually, we have three: One in France; One in Germany; And of course our US guy. Our taxes are just too complicated!

Marci H said...

It is 1:26 pm on Saturday now and I bet you are STILL alseep!! LOL :>

Courtney said...

Yes, Maria, your taxes would be incredibly difficult...ours, however, aren't.

And, Marci, no, I was up at 10:30 I didn't sleep well at all. I think I was hyped up on all that caffiene from McAlisters (4 cups) of sweet tea, and then I hit my "second wind" right before I laid down and was wide awake. I was up on and off all morning and finally decided to roll on out of bed at 10:30ish...I thought I would have napped by now...but I have been so productive! :)