Saturday, February 16, 2008

Caffiene is a killer, but makes for sweet productivity!

Yesterdays 4 really big glasses of Sweet Tea from McAlisters is what helped fuel me to stay up and finish the taxes (minus the EIN numbers I am waiting for). However, I was getting really tired after my post and I laid down and could NOT fall asleep. I tossed around forever and finally at 10 I was up and got out of bed about 10:30. I was bummed, but thought..."hey, who cares, I can nap for as long as want and whenever I want today." I really thought that I would have already napped today but I haven't, instead I have been incredibly prodcuctive.

I have:
1) done tons of laundry
2) finished the dishes and realized that when EVERYTHING is clean, we don't have enough room in our cabinets :)
3) took off all of Creighton's border in her room
4) cleaned out ALL of the toys in the entire house and got rid of 2 huge bags full.
5) packed up all the clothes the kids have grown out of (3 bags full)
6) organized all the toys we ARE keeping (a whole house full)
7) talked to my mom for a while
8) washed and changed the sheets on the kids beds (still have mine to do)
9) thoroughly cleaned the highchair and put it away forever (anyone want/need one...its like brand new now) (tear, how sad, no more baby babies)
10) took out the trash
11) planned the meals for next week and bought the groceries
12) blogged and read blogs
13) checked emails
14) talked to some friends via facebook
15) pumped twice

Seriously, I have only been up 3 and a half hours and I got a heck of a lot done!!!!!! I am so proud of if I can only convince myself that I REALLY do need to clean out my bathrooms and scrub the floors and dust and vaccuum...its just not happening right now...I think I need a break... :)

I think I might call and check up on my hubby and babies...I do miss them, but I am SOOOOOO enjoying my time alone too.

ps. is anyone else having trouble with not being able to spell check...its been weeks since it has worked for me on my posts and I don't know why....


JMom said...

Holy Cow, that is some serious productivity!! Way to go! As for spell check, mine hasn't been working either. I have republished each post 15 times since it stopped (because I keep catching errors)

Becky said...

That's a lot to get done! I'm impressed. I think I definitely would have done NOTHING!!! Of course, my dream would not be to stay home alone, but to go somewhere else alone, so I did not think about my house!

BTW - I highly recommend you keep your high chair. I cannot tell you how often I have wished for one. We have people over all the time who need high chairs for their kids. you can store it in the garage or something.

khowze said...

Oh my!! I cannot believe you did all that in 3 hours!! I am jealous that you got rid of some toys...I want to box up some of ours so bad, but can't get the motivation to do so. It seems like an overwhelming job. What are you going to do with them??

Hannah E. said...

Wow, I tried to have a productive morning. I worked on stuff around the house all morning long, but my list of accomplished tasks only has like two things on it. And nothing big. And they both need to be redone anyway, because everything I clean just gets super dirty again so fast. Your list makes me sad. =) I think I'm just moving reeeeeeally slow right now.

Glad you're getting a nice break this weekend! Yeah, enjoy a party burrito for me as I agonizingly wait for my own. Speaking of night this week, I ate at this Asian restaurant here that I love. I ordered lettuce wraps, and they came out and said they were out of lettuce. And they let us pick out TWO appetizers for free. It made me soooo happy! I know what you food doesn't even have to taste that great to be appreciated.

Courtney said...

Becky that is a good's just so big and we have a little colapsable one that hooks to the table and a kiddie chair already in the kitchen. I don't know though...we'll see.

Kara, I don't know what I am going to do with them...haven't decided. Some of it is junk and some of them are really nice things I could probably sell. I don't know...I was thinking of donating them too...I am just glad to have them up and gone...I'll just have to hide them from the kids because you KNOW those would be their "favorites" if they saw them all in a bag, even though they havne't been TOUCHED in weird how we humans work.

And certainly you all should not be jealous of my productivity because the ONLY reason I am able to be so is because I don't have ANYone around and we all know that is not less than 20 hours my house will look like it did Thursday when Kara left...and I am coming to grips with that being okay...

Free food is like seriously the next best thing to having my weekend alone :)