Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My compassionate kids

The other day Jeff had the big kids and they were walking on the Pathfinder while Charleigh and I rested at home.  Creighton saw some trash and just started picking it up.  Thankfully she eventually found a bag so she didn't keep cramming it all against her body and clothing.  Jeff opened it up and she filled it and eventually 2 other bags were filled too as it became a contest to see who could pick up the most trash!  Cool kids of mine.  :)

On the same said adventure, they ran into a man.  Jeff said he looked homeless, but later realized he wasn't completely as he did have an apartment where he slept.  Anyway, along the way they were talking (and picking up trash) and the man mentioned in his story that he didn't have a family and hadn't since he was about 8 years old.  Jeff told me Jackson was in front of them walking, but listening intently to the story.  When the man was telling this to Jeff, Jackson began to pray for the man.  He prayed he would find a family and that the Lord would give him a new family.  I love his compassion for people.  He feels peoples hurts and has for a majority of his short life thus far.  Jeff didn't ask him to pray or mention it at all, but Jackson felt compelled to ask with the sweetest childlike faith that the Creator of the Universe would provide this man a family.  I'm humbled by his faith...oh that we'd remember to come before the throne as a child, and so quickly...he didn't ask dad what to do or a friend or his sister...he didn't try to comfort the man first, he hit the throne... I am a proud momma...I just wish I would learn to do things in that order with his confidence in God.

Tonight as I was getting the kids ready for bed and after we read a book I asked them what they wanted to pray for. Jackson just kept "thinking" but couldn't ever come up with anything. So I asked him if he would pray for me.  He asked why. I told him I was just really tired and sad because I missed Daddy.  He decided at first he didn't want to pray at all, but about 4 minutes later was out and ready to pray with me, for me.  He prayed the sweetest prayer I've ever heard.  I think he took those few minutes and just mulled over my sadness. I forget how tender his heart is.  He literally interceded on my behalf to the Father for exactly what I asked for.

I just love these sweet kids of mine...all of them.  Oh that I would remember so clearly these days...these moments. May they be etched on my heart forever....

Thank you Lord for my sweet babies!

New Sweet Friendships

We've made some friends at New Beginnings! :) The part-time guy that has been at New Beginnings for 5 years is an amazing young dad of 3 of the cutest kids! His name is Matt and I am so excited that our kids are all around the same ages.  Creighton and Mati are a few months apart and have formed a very sweet little friendship! Creighton and Mati played and played and played nonstop!!!!!
 Brooks just turned 8 this month and Chandler and Jackson are only a few months apart.  Brooks is sweet to play with just about everyone....that kid is awesome!  Jackson and Chandler really like playing together, especially video games and rough housing! ;) Jeff of course was in on the action and EVERYONE had a great time!
 After dinner (and after Charleigh went down) we calmed things down with MOVIE TIME! They all were so cute and had so much fun.  6 kids within 7 years of each other under 8 was a little crazy, but never not fun! :) It was easier than I thought though...they entertained themselves for the most part!  We had them all together for almost 10 hours!
I am so grateful for these sweet kids who have accepted my kids as their friends...and likewise.  It's the beginning of a great relationship on all ends.  We are getting to know Matt as well and I love that Jeff has a friend in Matt as well!  Sweet times...

Weary soul, I am

I am struggling big time. I have my "big girl panties" in a very tight wad right now.  I am in a funk and I can't seem to kick it...even though I am trying very hard.  I am tired and that is never a good combination with anything for me.  So the fact that I am insanely tired and struggling with insomnia during the most drastic change we've EVER made (at least in the past 8 years) is creating quite the stinky funk.  I know the Lord is dealing with me, and I do know He is being more patient with me than I am with Him.  I just don't get His plan and His timing. I know that's not a part of faith or trust and certainly was never promised to me in life.  Typically though I am pretty good at seeing things, at realizing the bigger picture involved, being discerning.  But not right now.  I can't see much past my own selfish desires and lack of faith and trust.  I just want to curl up in a ball and cry, give up, and make it all go away.  But I can't.  We're in it.  We've started.  It's hard.  I knew it wouldn't be easy, but I never imagined it being this hard.  I just knew that God would have all the details in line just the way I wanted and saw fit.  He didn't.  Not one.  It's not pretty. It's not tied in a cute bow with the perfect ending.  At least not yet.  And maybe not ever.  Why am I 30 and just figuring this out?  Why am I so selfish and completely the most impatient person on the face of the planet?  I don't know.

I don't have many answers most days.  I feel trapped in this in-between world between Bixby and Bartlesville.  I miss my husband. I am so silly for feeling this way I know because I KNOW that some people have terrible horrible situations that I can't fathom like death, war, divorce, etc and they never see theirs and I shouldn't complain. I know. But at the same time, I still miss him.  I feel far from him. I don't like being far away. I love him. I love doing ministry TOGETHER, not apart.  We can only do limited ministry at best from far away.

I have gotten to go on a few lunch dates with some Bixbians (is that a Bartian?) Anyway, those have been good, but only wet my taste and make me want it all the more.

Ugh. I am so in a funk that's its hard to not dwell on all the negatives.  I know there are positives. I do.  It's just hard to see them when you FEEL down.

I went house hunting on Tuesday in Bixby and fell in love.  They say you shouldn't do that. I now know why.  It sold that afternoon.  I was crushed and haven't fully recovered.  The house was perfect.  Literally perfect.  Part of me thinks well God has another in store that's better, but that's not a promise anywhere in the bible.  I am pretty sure it's called materialism on my part.

Prayers are appreciated.  Not really for blessing or for the house to sell but that the Lord would continue to work out in me all of my impurities.  That I'd stop being selfish and that I'd learn more and more what it looks like to look like Him. I am tired of looking like me. I am tired of sounding like me.

I was so frustrated with Creighton today because she was acting completely horrible, whining and pouting, talking like a baby, being unreasonable, unmanageable, irrational, and down right just was infuriating me at every turn.

Thanks for that one Lord.  So, I get it. That's how you see me...only you are patient even still with me.  I am humbled Lord. Thank you for showing me. I am sorry it took so long to figure it out.  Thanks for loving me through it. Help me to hear you better the first time and to obey.  Help me Lord. Use me and make me yours.  I don't get it. I don't understand.  But I do. I trust you.  I know you have a plan and I want THAT ONE, not mine.

Oh, I am so a mess.  He loves me anyway...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Our first home...

This was our very first home that we purchased!  Currently we the bank  still own it.  But prayerfully not for long.  We will be moving to Bixby as soon as this sells.  
5119 Lynn Rd has been the best house for us. It fit our needs perfectly in every way and we couldn't have been happier with our house.  These pics are just for memory sake, although with the exception of showings and open houses, it NEVER looked like this :)

 our living room.  hosted up to 47 teens at one time :) it was like sardines, but so fun during the summer Reel Time events
 This was once the nursery that both Jackson and Creighton slept in.  Then it was just Creighton's room, and then it was hers and Charleighs, although Charleigh hasn't slept one night in her entire lifetime in it, and currently Jackson and Creighton are both sharing it.
 This was once the guest room/office. Then it was Jackson's room when Creighton came along, and currently Charleigh sleeps in the crib and no one in the bed...she hasn't had good nights in a long time...
 This bathroom was the only room we didn't paint until this month. It was was nice. But they wanted neutral.  So, they got neutral.  All the kids' first baths were in that tub (well their first real baths anyway). :) Jackson and Creighton learned to potty train on that toliet!
 The kitchen! Fun times.  I really like this kitchen actually.  We ate family meals here and prayed.  We fed lots of youth and leaders here too! We played endless amounts of card games and endless amounts of chit chat, both incredibly important and mere chit chat conversations.
 Another shot of the living room. :)
 Our oversized Master bedroom that I will miss OH so much. It was so big! I loved it.

The beloved sunroom that has spoiled us to no end.  It was massive and we LOVED it.  We used it almost every single day for something. It has been so many things the last 6+ years.  Guest room/library/playroom/ name it, it's been it.   We loved spring and fall when we could just open up all the windows and feel the amazing breeze!  The kids could play and we could see them easily.   

 Oh the deck...grilling, cards, parties, picnics and everything else galore.  When we "lived" here it had padding blue, green, yellow and red all over it!  So fun!
 Our 2nd bathroom, in the master.  Great oversized closet, vanity and shower areas!  Love it.
We just came home from a showing and it's amazing how much we love this house. Its in optimal condition and we just love it and so it makes it hard to want to sell it.  We will miss this house for sure.

PS if you know anyone needing a house in bartlesville it's offered for $109,900  So many fun memories here for us....we can't wait for someone else to love it and live in it as much as we did!

Snow Pics

I didn't really take these kind of pics the first go 'round of Snowmagedden 2011, but this time I felt like I should document the massive amounts of snow that we did get.  The very next morning up here in Bartlesville, we set National Weather records of -28 degree temps for all of Oklahoma.  It's nuts.  I felt transplanted...unwillingly.
 If you look close against the back fence you can see the kids sand box (well the top foot of it or so)
 This poor glass table showed it off perfectly.  Before the second round came, I had personally scraped off every piece snow/ice off the deck and all the that is only from the second snow! :(
 This picture doesn't seem to do justice to the snow on the roof, I must have caught it at a weird angle.
 The walkway was completely cleared (as was the driveway) and you can't even tell what is what right now.
It just seems so surreal.  And now in just a few days our temps will be in the mid 70s....only in Oklahoma people! Only in Oklahoma.

Oh yeah, and for the makes it REALLY difficult to sell a house in this!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Bits and Pieces of the Berg's SNOWmagedden 2011

 This was in the middle of the Blizzard snow and winds.  I had my mask on and took it off for the picture,  terrible mistake!  I am glad everyone else kept theirs on!  They played hard and built an awesome IGLOO
 Little bit did NOT get to go outside this time! It was too terribly cold and windy.
 Creighton and Jackson wanted to dress up.  Jackson's tux is a 4T and incredibly too small for him, but everything fit someone on his body :)  CHeck out those serious high waters!  And I didn't even know he put my shoes on till I saw the pictures.
 They came out and danced but since we were all stir crazy I went all out on Creighton's hair and she even got the special treat of makeup!  She looked too old, but beautiful nonetheless! :)
 I really liked her hair and it was a quick job too! (like 5 minutes)
 Taylor and Chris were snowed in with us!
 Creighton then wanted a special dance with her Daddy to the Taylor Swift was so cute. I was grinning ear to ear the whole time!

 Here is the igloo from the outside and below is the kids INSIDE the igloo standing up! I could almost stand up, but not all the way. It was great! I took a "time out" for about an hour in there one day :)  that was awesome!
 We did a multitude of crafts this week.  I didn't get many pictures of them though. They were SOOO messy. My kitchen was a wreck!  Charleigh likes being right in the middle of everything!
 I made SUPER YUMMY lemon candy.  This is right after I shattered it before I put in the bag.
 I was assigned to make playdoh for Creighton's class...I must say I make the best and softest playdoh in the world :)
 Then we made sugar cookies to decorate...that was a big hit. How can it not be?!
 Jax wanted blue icing and Rae wanted Purple. I LOVE it!
 Charleigh got a small cookie and just made a big mess and surprisingly didn't eat any of it!
 While we were busy doing this Daddy set up the fire! It was nice!
 Their finished products!

I am blessed with 3 beautiful children and a warm home and a loving husband.  I did more than my fair share of complaining and going insane this week, but it really wasn't so bad :) There were moments for sure I thought I might literally need to put in a padded room for me, but we all survived and made some sweet memories!