Saturday, February 12, 2011

Our first home...

This was our very first home that we purchased!  Currently we the bank  still own it.  But prayerfully not for long.  We will be moving to Bixby as soon as this sells.  
5119 Lynn Rd has been the best house for us. It fit our needs perfectly in every way and we couldn't have been happier with our house.  These pics are just for memory sake, although with the exception of showings and open houses, it NEVER looked like this :)

 our living room.  hosted up to 47 teens at one time :) it was like sardines, but so fun during the summer Reel Time events
 This was once the nursery that both Jackson and Creighton slept in.  Then it was just Creighton's room, and then it was hers and Charleighs, although Charleigh hasn't slept one night in her entire lifetime in it, and currently Jackson and Creighton are both sharing it.
 This was once the guest room/office. Then it was Jackson's room when Creighton came along, and currently Charleigh sleeps in the crib and no one in the bed...she hasn't had good nights in a long time...
 This bathroom was the only room we didn't paint until this month. It was was nice. But they wanted neutral.  So, they got neutral.  All the kids' first baths were in that tub (well their first real baths anyway). :) Jackson and Creighton learned to potty train on that toliet!
 The kitchen! Fun times.  I really like this kitchen actually.  We ate family meals here and prayed.  We fed lots of youth and leaders here too! We played endless amounts of card games and endless amounts of chit chat, both incredibly important and mere chit chat conversations.
 Another shot of the living room. :)
 Our oversized Master bedroom that I will miss OH so much. It was so big! I loved it.

The beloved sunroom that has spoiled us to no end.  It was massive and we LOVED it.  We used it almost every single day for something. It has been so many things the last 6+ years.  Guest room/library/playroom/ name it, it's been it.   We loved spring and fall when we could just open up all the windows and feel the amazing breeze!  The kids could play and we could see them easily.   

 Oh the deck...grilling, cards, parties, picnics and everything else galore.  When we "lived" here it had padding blue, green, yellow and red all over it!  So fun!
 Our 2nd bathroom, in the master.  Great oversized closet, vanity and shower areas!  Love it.
We just came home from a showing and it's amazing how much we love this house. Its in optimal condition and we just love it and so it makes it hard to want to sell it.  We will miss this house for sure.

PS if you know anyone needing a house in bartlesville it's offered for $109,900  So many fun memories here for us....we can't wait for someone else to love it and live in it as much as we did!

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