Saturday, February 12, 2011

Snow Pics

I didn't really take these kind of pics the first go 'round of Snowmagedden 2011, but this time I felt like I should document the massive amounts of snow that we did get.  The very next morning up here in Bartlesville, we set National Weather records of -28 degree temps for all of Oklahoma.  It's nuts.  I felt transplanted...unwillingly.
 If you look close against the back fence you can see the kids sand box (well the top foot of it or so)
 This poor glass table showed it off perfectly.  Before the second round came, I had personally scraped off every piece snow/ice off the deck and all the that is only from the second snow! :(
 This picture doesn't seem to do justice to the snow on the roof, I must have caught it at a weird angle.
 The walkway was completely cleared (as was the driveway) and you can't even tell what is what right now.
It just seems so surreal.  And now in just a few days our temps will be in the mid 70s....only in Oklahoma people! Only in Oklahoma.

Oh yeah, and for the makes it REALLY difficult to sell a house in this!

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