Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Beginnings Staff Christmas Party!

We had a progressive dinner. The first was at the church (soup) then we came to our house and had appetizers 
 then we went to the Langenbergs and had salad, then to Carol and Phil's for panini's and dessert!
It was a low key night of fun and fellowship (and LOTS of food).
 New Staff Guy: Ginger and Travis Young
Carol and Phil Sallee
 Jessica and Todd Eubanks (and baby Finn who we planned the party around but he decided to grace us weeks early with his presence anyway...we all loved having him there!)
 John and Missy Kannady 
 Danny and Stephanie Kern
 Terry and Monica Langenberg
Brittany and Matt Fowler
 We are blessed to serve with such a great group of people who love the Lord!

Christmas Fun with Nonna

Nonna learned how to make scarves and made about 100 of them!
 Gingerbread houses with Nonna every year...it's tradition...

 And Mickey needed a scarf too!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Decorating for Christmas!

Chelsea came home and we got to see her before she went back to Stillwater! We took her to lunch in exchange for helping put up Christmas! :)

 Setting up the tree! Always fun to have so many helpers!
 Cutest kids ever
 Tree is all up and decorated! Kids hung most ornaments!

 I think I set up a total of 7 Nativities...love them! The kids love theirs to play with. Although they aren't suppose to play with mine up top, I always found it rearranged differently every time I walked by.

 Daddy put up Christmas lights on the roof line and had so much fun with it! First time to do this! Chose red because there's a sweet little gal who loves everything red.
 The well was Jeff's special project. It went through stages to completion!

 I didn't get a pic of it lit up for some reason, but the bucket was hung with blue lights pouring out like water. and of course the snow was added!
And we finished it all off with a wreath on the door!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge! Thanksgiving

 We had an epic Thanksgiving! Grammy treated everyone to Great Wolf Lodge. It was our first ever time to go and we went all out! On our way there we made a pit stop in Ottawa where Daddy went to College! It was fun to run around and get a little energy out after a chocolate dip cone fiasco (who's idea was that to have them for everyone IN THE VAN?)

 We arrived in time for our first WOLF EAR dinner! Every meal the kids go wolf ears. Apparently most people don't eat every meal there, because we are the proud owners of at least 20 pairs of ears!

 Swimming time and hanging out together! Love family time!

 Grammy and the big kids! They loved to pose on every statue/photo spot! Good thing they are cute!

 Love cousin time. Memories to last a lifetime. Magic Questing together endless hours, swimming, holding hands, craft time, sleep overs, tattoos, hair extensions, candy, video games, eating, more eating, all kinds of crazy fun!

 Jeff and his sisters doing the sorority pose. I believe only Jennifer was actually in one, if you can't tell by the picture!

 Special crowns for special people...
 Magi Quest was the hit of the century with this little guy! He loved every second of it once he figured out what he was doing. He BEAT THE DRAGON.
 Grammy treated all the kids to a Paw Pass which included a magi quest wand (and topper/belt were extra), a cup of candy, a tattoo (which lasted for much longer than the 6 days they said it would), a colored hair strand/rocks for boys, a build a bear type animal, a drink at the pool, money at the arcade, & a craft). Jeff and I were treated to massages at the spa! Woo too!

 Layne didn't want his tattoo so I opted to take his and I also took Charleigh's hair extension....I'm a kid at heart! ;)

 Lots of lounging and relaxing! Good good times!

 Our thanksgiving meal was fantastic! I didn't have to dress up, cook, clean, or do anything but walk downstairs and eat and walk back upstairs. It was fantastic. Great food too!

 The best part was most definitely the dessert bar for thanksgiving! Chocolate fondue with fresh fruit, marshmallows, rice crispies, brownies, galore! Cheesecake, chocolate cake, pies.... I am pretty sure I've never been so dessert sick in my life!

 The girl cousins!
 Getting our craft on!

 Jeff snagged a decent pic of me :) we dressed up for pictures and to go to Kansas City for a special dinner and a night out in the plaza to see lights!
 Bucca di Beppo is Jeff and I's fave!!!! It was delicious!
 We ordered two of these epic brownie sundaes. It was insane...but they were licked clean and dry in about 4 minutes between all of us....

 The kids loved their little room inside the room! Bunks on side, twin for Charleigh on the other.

 Cleaning up to go home...

 Our first trip to Great Wolf Lodge was so much fun. We had a spectacular time and were spoiled rotten by Grammy! Thank you Grammy! We have so much to be thankful for!