Saturday, November 10, 2012

Kids Trip to Branson & Date Night

Nonna and Papaw took all three kiddos to Branson to a Indoor Waterpark/Hotel and of course Silver Dollar City!
 Kids' room was bunk style and they loved it!
 If you look closely in this picture Jackson is not looking at the camera...but busy doing something.
 This was taken right afterwards...notice the grimace! He had stuck his finger in an empty bulb hole and ELECTROCUTED himself! He had two burn marks where the current went through his body! Oh the boy. He didn't want to get in trouble but he was hurting! The park was nice enough to "reward" him for his curiosity with ice cream to smooth over anything from coming of it.

It made up for it! And he was fine and thankfully/hopefully learned his lesson on sticking his fingers places!

 They love going to Branson with my parents! And this was no different except better because it was so fun in the water in the winter! 

 All the while they were there Jeff and I were busy with Matt and Brittany's Wedding festivities, but we did sneak in a date! Dinner and a movie (The Odd Life of Timothy Green (which I loved)) and a trip to walk around the newly opened Reasors. We are old officially. But I loved every minute.

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