Monday, November 26, 2012

Decorating for Christmas!

Chelsea came home and we got to see her before she went back to Stillwater! We took her to lunch in exchange for helping put up Christmas! :)

 Setting up the tree! Always fun to have so many helpers!
 Cutest kids ever
 Tree is all up and decorated! Kids hung most ornaments!

 I think I set up a total of 7 them! The kids love theirs to play with. Although they aren't suppose to play with mine up top, I always found it rearranged differently every time I walked by.

 Daddy put up Christmas lights on the roof line and had so much fun with it! First time to do this! Chose red because there's a sweet little gal who loves everything red.
 The well was Jeff's special project. It went through stages to completion!

 I didn't get a pic of it lit up for some reason, but the bucket was hung with blue lights pouring out like water. and of course the snow was added!
And we finished it all off with a wreath on the door!

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