Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jesse Tree

For the past few years I have read about others doing a Jesse Tree during this time of year. I have had really good intentions, but have NEVER even started.  UNTIL THIS YEAR! :)

A friend of mine on facebook led me to a website that I could just print it all off right then and there and so I did.  First step was the hardest :)

It was suppose to start Sunday, but I didn't get the message till Monday, so while Daddy was working hard (and late) the kids and I did the first two days on Monday and then tonight Daddy was able to join us in doing Noah's Ark Ornament.  I am really liking it. I had to tweak it a bit as far as the scripture reading in order to capture their attention better.  I think they are liking it. I am not sure they quite grasp it at all just yet, but we are making improvements and it's a fun new family tradition for us that actually gets the meaning of this season and not all the commercialism of it!


It's not too late for you to start if you want, there is the address to the one we are doing this year.  I printed the small ornaments off and they are still big. I made a green tree out of construction paper and they are taking turns gluing them on each night.

Fun fun!  And it's fun for me to get to do it for the first time....:)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Charleigh Update

Charleigh is changing in so many ways and all too fast for me!

She is already saying things and even putting two words together!  She is so fun to listen to. She (like her sister) loves to babble and talk all day.  So a majority of the time I have no idea what she is saying, but she sure does.  She just likes to hear herself....she's got lots of "air time" competition with Creighton around, so she is learning now, how to make herself heard, thus, is no longer my mild vocal level, but extra loud :)

She says the following words:
Tay (Taylor, her other brother)
Baba (bottle)
biap (diaper)
moo (for cow)
ruf (for dog)

This list is exponentially longer than Jackson's was at 2! It's so crazy that she is already communicating somewhat clearly.  The only sign language I taught her was "all finished" and it's pretty darn cute when she is finished! :)

She weighed 20 pounds 13 ounces at her 1 year baby visit and was 31 inches long.  She is like 90% in height.

She is starting to walk more and is getting stronger and more confident everyday.  Its so cute to watch her.  She just seems SOOOO little to be walking, even though she is my oldest walker by months from her siblings.  She's just adorable and still takes lots of spills, thank goodness for a padded bum!

I love you Charleigh Tatum Berg.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A little picture journey through one year!!!!

Letter to Charleigh at 1

Charleigh Tatum,
I am not really sure why your letter is so difficult to write. I don't think I expected a year to go by this fast.  You are ONE.  A whole year old.  It's crazy to me. I feel like just yesterday we got the world's greatest phone call and then bam, you're a year old!  I can't begin to explain what a blessing you have been in our lives.  You were meant to be, from the beginning of time, a part of us, my daughter, my friend.  And in that plan, it also included extra family members for all of us.  Adoption has brought so many fresh reminders of our relationship with Christ and how it truly is.  I love you more than I can really comprehend.  And so do so many others in your world.  I love how you can seriously light up the darkest room, the darkest moments, with your smile, your eyes.  Your personality just radiates from within you. I know you were held in the Father's hands for quite some time before He was ready to grace us with your presence.  You reflect his glory, that's how I know.  You were made in His image Charleigh and you are beautiful. You are a masterpiece.  You are priceless.  You are our princess and His.
You are beginning to understand more of your world and the things around you and it's SO exciting to see you explore and get to see you comprehend and experience things for the first time.  I am so enjoying you and your babyhood that is quickly passing by.  I want it all to just slow down.  I love my cuddle time with you, I love your sweet kisses, your tender voice, your squeals, your laughter, your soft skin.  I love the look in your eyes when you see me. It makes my day. Everyday.  I am so privileged to be chosen to be your mommy by God and by your birth mom. I thank Him everyday for giving us to you as your family.  We are so blessed by you.  We couldn't possibly love you more on this side of heaven.  I can't wait to see what the next years hold for you and how you form into a beautiful child of God instead of just a baby.

You amaze me little bit.  I love you,

Creighton Teal turns 4!!!

Creighton Teal
born November 3
7 lbs 6 oz
You came out smiling and laughing and having a good ole time! :)

One of my favorites of you near your first birthday 
Happy 1st Birthday

Getting bigger and more ornery by the minute

You really loved *and still do* dressing up and you ALWAYS put your sunglasses on upside down.  Everytime. All the time.  Pricelessly adorable 
I just adore this picture of you.  You have a kitchen towel wrapped around your head, but I just LOVE it...and I love you! 
Couldn't believe how big you were getting and how old you looked the day I took this picture. 
Happy 3rd Birthday sweet girl 
You are always full of energy and life! 
Miss Fashionista.  Wanting to set trends by wearing your hair "curly" everyday.  Love that sweet smile. It looks good on you 
Queen of your world. Princess in mine :) Happy 4th Birthday baby girl 
This was the last picture taken of you late last night as you slept as a 3 year old for the last time.  You turned 4 officially only about 30 minutes later. The flash bothered you momentarily while you slept but it didn't wake you up.

You wanted to go to Eggbert's for breakfast this morning and so we all went together as a family! It was fun. You got pancakes and chocolate milk and we sang you happy birthday!  You wanted to wear your "4" shirt today and you wanted "curly" hair on your birthday for school, so that's why you were sleeping in braids up above.  You looked just like Creighton...confident, beautiful, mix-matched and crazy hair :) I love you sweet girl!

Letter to my Four Year Old...

Creighton Teal,
I can't believe you are 4 as of an hour ago.  As I was going through all of the pictures just now putting together a montage of your life thus far, it hit me, just HOW MUCH I love you.  I love you.  I love you for who you are, who you aren't, who you will become (no matter what that is).  You are designed by the Maker of Heaven and Earth to be exactly the way you are.  You are so incredibly gifted, talented, beautiful beyond description, amazingly passionate (especially for only 4), loving, competitive, driven, and although I don't always enjoy it, strong-willed.  I love your determination and your tenacity!  You will not let life (or anyone else) get the best of you, because you are determined to get the best of it!  Daddy and I are trying so hard to guide you, train you up, love you the very best that we can so that you can be ALL that God has created you to be.  He didn't short-change you baby, you have it all, and you can be and do anything ANY.THING. you want to do.  I love you sweetheart.  I hope you have the very best birthday today and that this year will be one more for the memory books of all your looks, your attitude, your giggles, laughter and smiles!  You amaze me at all you have become, all you are, all you know, and how you desire to be and know more with every passing day.  Continue to press on and ask questions (even when it is 400/mile in the car) about life.  Explore. Gain wisdom and knowledge.  Daddy and I will always be here for you every step of the way.  You were never made to be "normal"...take your wings and soar.