Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My protector

Hahaha...I had to start out with a laugh because it was so hilarious...and obviously I will never be able to make it sound as funny with just words because actions definitely spoke louder....but here was a tidbit of our dinner table conversation last night:

Daddy: Jackson, I am going to be going away for 7 whole days and I need you to protect Mommy and sister, okay?

Jackson: (silent for a moment) then: MOM!, yeah. (flexes huge muscles and smiles)

Mommy & Daddy: (DIE LAUGHING!)

like I said, I knew I couldn't convey the true hilarity of the event on here, but I needed to make sure I posted about it so I could remember it years down the road. This picture wasnt' from last night but just a reminder to me of those sweet muscles I am "protected" by. I am so blessed!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

A-Z about me...these are silly

A--Available, Married or Single: Married
B--Best friend: the love of my life - Jeff of course!
C--Cake or Pie: Pie (especially of the apple variety)
D--Drink of Choice: Water, Sweet Tea, or Purple Frost Gatorade
E--Essential item you use everyday: computer
F--Favorite Color: Bright Blue or Purple
G--Gummy bears or worms: Either as long as they are Haribo brand!
H--Hometown: Pasadena, Texas (born and raised till 13) (Tulsa, OK till after college)
I--Indulgence: Samantha Lin massages....heavenly!
J--January or February: February it is the shortest month ever! :)
K--Kids and names: John "Jackson" (1st born boy) & Creighton Teal (2nd born girl)
L--Life is incomplete without: my family
M--Marriage Date: August 16, 2003 (coming up soon)
N--Number of siblings: 2-Christy Leigh(older sister), Clay Daniel(younger brother)
O--Oranges or apples: I like both, but I have to be in the mood to eat either (I like Pink Lady apples and they never have them at Walmart!) Jackson and I have found our special spot to eat oranges together (just the 2 of us) and so I think I might have a new favorite...they always taste better with my little man by me!
P--Phobias or fears: honestly I am at times terrified of the dark (like when Jeff is gone)
Q--Fave quote:
R--Reason to smile: So my kiddos will smile back!
S--Season: Fall ( like the weather the best here)
T--Tag 3 people: Maria, Rose, Kara
U--Unknown fact about me: I have had 11 surgeries (without a major illness or problem to attribute them to, they are all unrelated)
V--Vegetable you don't like: there are lots I don't care for but if peppers (bell, green, red, any kind) are veggies then that is the one i dislike the most& if they aren't veggies, then maybe cauliflower
W--Worse habit: pacing on the phone, biting my nails
X--Xrays: (see letter U) I have had so many I wouldn't know where to begin. I would have to say the worst xray experience would have to be with Jackson when he had RSV/Pnemonia and he was only 7 months old and they stuck him upright in a tube to xray his chest and it was awful! he screamed bloody murder the entire time and they had to get the right timing of his cries to get the xray right--it took 4 times and he had to stay in the tube the whole time. Here is the picture...(makes me sad still)
Y--Your fave food: I love italian--pasta. I love mexican food as long as there is queso, and i love shogun!!
Z--Zodiac sign: Taurus (May 15th)...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Creighton is a machine! She is like a master at crawling, sitting up and now she is pulling up on EVERYTHING. I have another fearless kid also! She is so funny. Poor kid already has LOTS of bruises and bumps and she isn't afraid *(maybe not quite smart enough yet) to go right back at it after she stops crying. She has a super sweet disposition and is really great a majority of the time. She likes to be near me....well, anyone, she just doesnt' like being alone ever. It is a good thing and a bad thing. She is too dang cute though because I see one smile and I melt and I see her HUGE pouty lip and I give in...every time! She has mom figured all out. I love her with all of me...I can't believe she is already 6+ months.

She is getting bigger (longer and skinnier) everyday. She is super lightweight which kinda worries me a little. She refuses to eat matter what it is. I haven't found anything, nothing that she likes yet. Jackson ate like I starved him from the git go and she isn't interested at all. Iam lucky to get a few (as in 3-5) bites in her mouth and goodness knows she doesn't swallow a half of that even.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Pictures and Mommy & Me with Jackson

I feel like he is saying "pfff, what the heck?!"
I really liked this picture that Jeff took of Creighton. We were at Jeff's dads house and their outside is awesome....they have lots of land and beautiful trees and a pond.

The newest family picture from Mother's Day...

This was my mother's day picture...I didn't know we were taking pictures and so we had all already changed out of our nice clothes and got in our "riding home" clothes. Oh well...

Creighton is getting SO big so fast. She is an expert crawler now and she is sitting up really well for the most part on her own and can even get to the sitting position by herself

My babies with their blankies and did she catch on so quickly to being like big brother?!

Something is up and it won't let me put anymore pics for now...I will post more has been a good day but a hard and long one too. At moments I didn't think I'd make it (several moments) but then at others, it was the greatest memories ever! It kinda makes me sad sometimes because Jackson adn I have had so much fun today and played hard and well and I just loved it but I rarely ever get the opportunity to play with him like that because I usually have both kids and am holding Creighton or something...I love having them both obviously and I love them both, but these moment and memories I have made today make me wonder what life would be like if we'd have waited and spread them out a little bit more. Creighton has had a rough last 36 she has rested today well this afternoon and that is why I had so much Mommy and Jackson time. I loved it. I loved it I loved it! THIS is what being a mom is all about! It was just fabulous! I am so tired though I can barely see straight...I know after today that Jackson is missing out on a lot right now from me...but I can't really give him any more than I am usually, not with both of them awake. That is heartwrenching and there is NOTHING I can do about it. I think in a year it will be different again when Creighton is older...but what about the time we missed and the now? Okay..ramble ramble ramble....goodbye

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My birthday

Today was my birthday and it was fabulous. My husband is amazing and wins the husband of the year award for making today so special for me. It started with a card key to a local hotel so I could rest alone and rest I did! It was great. (I think that is the greatest present ever!) Then I was on a scavenger hunt around town with my friend Kara for the rest of the afternoon today. She was my "mystery" person who met me at lunch at Aroma's, a nice Italian restaurant in town. Then from there Mikey dropped off $50 in bville citybux for me to use (and get my next clue) at Something Like That. *I ended up not getting anything though* And, then my next clue was to Maggie Moos where I had an AMAZING chocolate ice cream with mixed in oreos and a waffle cone! It was heavenly for sure. From there Kara and I went to the mall and I did buy two shirts for myself (on sale for $5 each) at the Gap and I bought Creighton an outfit and Jackson a cute shirt. Then the plan was originally for me to have a massage from Samantha Lin, MY MOST FAVORITE MASSEUSE ever!, but she is out of town and didn't get in in time, so it is next week....but that is 100% okay. We came home and I played with my kids *which on top of it all, he watched them all night and day for me so I could sleep/play (and he even got work done with them). Then we went to meet my parents for dinner in Tulsa at Olive Garden. It is my Dad's birthday too! He was sweet enough to go to OG with/for me because he really doesnt' like it...but I LOVE IT...the poor guy....he probably hasn't gotten his way on his birthday in about, oh 27 years (that's how old I turned today)...then we went back to my mom's for cake and it was yummy! IT was chocolate cake with carmel layers inside and choc. icing and carmel and pecans drizzled on the top! I ate about half of it myself. I am very dairied out right now.
We are home and I am tired after a long but amazing day. My heart is full, overflowing with blessings and thankfulness and love. I have great family, great friends, and a great God.

Happy birthday to me!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day , we're back!

We're back and we survived. We almost, however, didn't even get there. I swore it wasn't meant to be because literally FOUR different routes to get to Jeff's parent's house were closed/blocked. It was ridiculous. Creighton screamed her head off roughly the entirety of the trip coming and going. I was a basketcase! Jackson was screaming at me "MOMMMMMEEEEEE" the whole time from the backseat and most of the time he will just watch his movie and be quiet...but no...not on the way down. I dislike traveling with my kids...they just don't enjoy traveling...they hate being in their carseats...hate it. Let's be honest...I don't enjoy driving much either...when I was little we drove all over carnation in the car all the time and I passed the time by sleeping (which is my favorite thing) so it was Okay but I still didn't enjoy the long long hours and the back aches. Anyway, we did get there...

We didn't do much Thursday night but eat and go to bed. The kids both were wiped and somewhat still under the weather and so that was about all we had in us. Jeff started not feeling well either that night and didn't ever fully recover while we were there...but hopefully it has passed because it is super busy for him the next month, starting with tomorrow!

Friday Jeff took me out for my birthday dinner....very sweet and it was fun, and I loved being out wiht just Jeff, and of course, the grandparents wouldn't rather be anywhere else but playing with the it was a win win for everyone!

Saturday we celebrated with the whole Enid gang for Jeff's Masters! It was uneventful, which in a situation with several divorced sides of family that is ALWAYS the best outcome and kind of event! Jeff got some money which is nice, it will help towards the loan we get to start paying on!

Sunday, Today we went to church and it was good. I must say I was not thrilled to be going to the Presb. church of his grandparents, but I was quite impressed and glad I went. (nothing against Presby, mainly I was wanting to not go to church at all---bad attitude I know)) Anyway, then we had lunch with lots of people and it was actually not near as chaotic as normal and it was pleasant. We dodged out early though to go meet up with Jeff's dad and family and we were only going ot stay for a little bit, but we decided to stay for a while and we just got home a little while ago about 10:30 or so and I am pooped and ready for bed.

I am so thankful to be in MY house...I love being at home....I love it! I love my house, my bed and my things and MY COMPUTER!...but not more than just my home...and my space and my comforts...i am such a homebody...Maria I don't know HOW you do it. Thank goodness God created us all differently!

Hope all of you had a good mother's day! Mine was pretty good. JEff got me a card and traced both the kids' hands in was cute! Brownie points for him. Smiles for me.

Apparently though he has planned something special for my birthday and I am excited to see what it is...scavenger hunt is what I was told...I will tell more Tuesday!

Thursday, May 10, 2007


We are off to the MIL this weekend. We are celebrating Jeff's graduation, my birthday and mother's day...can we say a lot of celebration...:)
I will have to post pics when we return. Adios.

Wait, before I go...
I am so proud of you. You amazed me this past year in your dedication, determination, and perserverance towards your overflowingly full plate of life. You worked so very hard for your Master's, to be the very best husband, daddy and youth minister, plus so much more that you do. I couldn't be more proud of you. This weekend is when we celebrate the finality of the hard work you did to earn your degree, however, I know that this has changed you and pushed you and shaped you and that this is also a celebration of a new beginning and of a life of learning for you. I love you with all of my heart and I am proud to be your wife and best friend. Your children will have big shoes to fill now (as if they didn't already?). Thank you for doing this for you and for our family. Thank you for pressing on when it seemed impossible. Thank you for putting up with me when I seemed even more impossible! I love you! Congratulations!!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A good quote...lets be real!

"We must be what we seem. I'm just suggesting we quit trying to "seem" perfect. Because we're not...and sooner or later people are going to find out. I'd just as soon tell them in advance."

Rainy days, and updates

Fairly certain that I don't live in Seattle, although this week it has felt that way. It has rained heavens heart out this week. Man on man...the little bit of sunshine we did get this afternoon was marvelous. Seriously though the storms have been insane here. Lots and lots of thunder/lightning. Lots of power outages (thank heavens ours was not one of them). It is flooded in lots and lots of areas...people flooded IN their homes. Not ours....just in our surroundings/vacinity. Very sad! Ready for pure summer

Creighton is so funny...she is doing things crazy fast. She went from crawling along (which I think was early anyway) to sitting up and being able to sit up from crawling by herself and she can do situps already...she has the worlds strongest baby abs I think. A six-pack is sure ot come soon :) Anyway, she is just changing and growing and doing it all so fast. Before I know it she won't be nursing anymore and will eat table food and be walking. I just pray her tummy issues go away soon!!!!! She is eating carrots this week...(although I did give her her first biter biscuit and a bite of my banana today (so funny how different (less anal) I am with her than with Jackson)). WE went to the doctor for her 6 mo well baby visit and she weighed 15.8 pounds and 26 1/2 inches long....she is a very long girl I think! She is average weight which is good, because her diet is weird and she really doesn't do much other than breastmilk and she rarely takes a full feeding still to this we are all glad she is growing well...doc says as soon as she outgrows her tummy issues she'll be good to go and will probably gain a little more weight when she's able to eat more than a litlte bit at a time constantly throughout the day (I still feed her like every 2 hours in the day and every 4 or so at night)....I am ready for sure !!!!

Jackson is my sweet little guy. He can be a million miles a minute and as crazy and rambuncious(seriously i have no idea how to spell that) as they come, but then so sweet and mellow the very next minute. He is loud and he is quiet, he is calm and he uncontrollable, he is a little of everything--kinda like his mommy! I have always said the Garth Brooks song is about me "both sides of the fence" (I don't really know the real name of it, but that is what I call it). I think Jackson will be like that too. My college coach once called me a "jack-of-all-trades" and again, I think Jackson will follow suit. He loves details and is so good mechanically already like his daddy. He picks up on this so fast. He can do anything (atleast he is sure of that). He isn't really talking as much as I'd like, but for the most part I can tell what he is wanting/needing...and right now he wants/needs lots of cuddles and I couldn't be more joyous about it. I love it that he likes to cuddle. I am a cuddler...Creighton is not!

Well, I should put some new pics up soon...

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Tears, Tears, and More Tears

The Colaw's left today. I have been trying to push back this day and all the emotions that come along with it for a LONG LONG time and so now that today (the day) actually came, it was really hard. They came up to Grace to say goodbye to a lot of folks and I knew that I'd get to say good bye to them there. I shouldn't have even worn makeup...I knew I was going to be crying, but I wore makeup anyway...and as I expected, it all came off!
I kept pushing it off and pushing it off till the very last second still and so I was the last goodbye and I was balling and Becky was balling and Jeff has mascara on his shirt and I had none on my face. I went back into service, only because I had told someone I'd come sit with them, and proceeded to cry (and occasionally sob) my way through the message, through the Lord's supper and the end of worship...ugh!
I hate saying good bye and I am NO GOOD at it. And then, to make it even more ridiculous I watched Facing the Giants (movie) and I cried and I DO NOT CRY IN MOVIES...I have only cried in 2 movies (now 3) in my whole life. I am blaming it only on the fact that I was already emotional...although, I really did like the movie. The acting was next to horrible, but by the end of the movie they bring you in so much to the story/characters that you can ignore it enough---apparently since I was crying!
Anyway, I hate losing friends....not that we aren't friends anymore, but it makes me so sad. I hate it. I wish they weren't leaving but I know this is what the Lord has for them...and they are doing such an awesome job of walking out in faith...and faith alone! The Lord has blessed them and will continue to. He has brought them in and out of so many things and finally has put firm ground under them to stand on...He is good! But I just wish California wasn't so far away.

Saturday, May 5, 2007


Okay, so we don't get many channels on our tv because we are cheap and only use an antennae and thus, only get about 4 channels or so. Because of this we watch our favortite show...THE Show...on dvd or someone else's tivo.

24 is sad how much I think of this show and really it all has to do with my love of Jack Bauer...and really lets talk about that...because I know his name is Keifer Sutherland, but its not...there is Keifer and then there is Jack. Jack exists you my head he does and always will.

Anyway, we are in the middle of season 6 right now and it is awesome. Probably totally unrealistic in a "outsider's" opinion, but amazing if you are addicted like me. I get so wrapped up in it I think it about and dream about it and sometimes that is more "real" than our real life we live in...such as a few seasons ago, I really thought that our President was David Palmer...which by the way, he would do a much better job than we one we have or have ever have...again, like Jack, but not quite as crazy, David Palmer exist(s)(ed)....I loved him as President.

Now I am sure that you are thinking I am psycho...but that is only if you dont watch 24...and if you don't watch 24 then youwouldn't understand a thing this post is about...and if you do watchit and still don't understand, then I suppose that is okay...but you aren't as big a fan as I am then :)

I love it. I can't wait to watch the rest. We have 4 hours to catch up to real time in the season....then maybe we can watch the final epsidoes live at someone's exciting!

sorry for the complete randomness of this post....

yes, 24 is addicting in every way like cocaine and alcohol, so procede with caution :)

I am thankful for lots of things: Creighton is 6 months old! Jackson is being a really sweet and very big helper, Jeff is a wonderful husband, my parents are watching the kids tonight, for summer

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Its May! May is a good thing. We have so much going on this month though, my head may begin to spin. Jeff graduates (officially and everything) this month May 12! Its my birthday May 15 (and my dad's too). Its mothers day May 13! Its our garage sale May 18 & 19 (ugh). Its the church's garage sale May 25& 26(even more ugh). Brittany, the asst. youth leader comes May 17. Its summer at least in my world, may= summer....I love summer....and I am finally not pregnant for the first summer in 2 years. :)
Sad news this month the Colaws leave May 5th (so so so sad that this day finally arrived as they have been trying to leave for 2 years).

Its just a crazy month!! But I am certainly glad it is here.

Creighton turns 6 months tomorrow. She started crawling yesterday and today she is even better at it. She seriously tried to PULL UP on her crib this morning too....she is ridiculously strong...ridiculously! And now all the fun begins.

Jackson is becomming such a sweet and big boy. He is beginning to talk a lot more...we have added several words to his vocabulary which is nice, but we mostly likely will be no where near the 250+ words at age 2 like he is suppose to be. ...we are definitely still under 20.

No more school work for JEff but now he is working on his portable seminary to be ordained...which is super exciting! Hopefully that will happen here in the coming year sometime. Seriously...he got his undergrad in 2006 (he was only lacking one class from his graduation in 2002), Masters in 2007, and probably ordained in 2008....he's hott~

Me...nothing exciting...I am turning 27 and that makes me feel old. That is so close to 30 it is scary...AND, our 10 year reunions are next summer....ahahhahhhah. I swore I'd never go to mine...but Jeff really wants to go to his and he thinks it'd be fun to go to mine....we'll see...