Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Answered prayer and a request

I just re-read this post. It's a little surreal that I have my sweet bundle in my arms. I love my first letter to her now that I have her sweet face memorized.  I didn't know all that the Lord would do.  I couldn't have wrapped my head around it if I had known...I am glad that I didn't know all the details. I am thankful that I allowed the Lord ( if I "allowed" him anything) to take control of this.  Because seriously we have the perfect open adoption and its just begun.  We adore our birthmother and her family.  God handpicked us to be Charleigh's family...and for them to be part of her forever too.  It's so amazing that they are believers, as this process would be so hard I think dealing with someone who didn't know Hope, Grace, Agape, and who didn't know that He has a plan.  His details are amazing.  All of them.  Psalm 139 has never rang more true to my spirit. 

I do have a major prayer request! Please be on your knees for our sweet birthmother tomorrow as she and her family go before the judge to relinquish her parental rights.  This is going to be a difficult process to go through most likely for everyone in the room.  I want to be there to hold her hand, but I am so thankful that she has supportive family that will be on her either side.  Just pray for peace for a non-judgemental atmosphere, for the undeniable hand of God. 

And then right after that, we are told that they will attempt to make contact with the birthfather...oh please would you pray that he would not fight this...

Love at First Site

Jeff and I didn't want to take our camera in right away when we went to meet the birth family...but thankfully they had theirs and this was me when I first saw her.  You can't tell (thank you M for making it b & w to hide it) but I was balling my eyes out!  But I just love it.  God is so good.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Welcome Home Charleigh

So, we're home! We officially (totally still unofficially) have 3 kids.  Today was my first day at home, but I was blessed by Mother's Day out today for the older two.  Charleigh and I stayed at home and I attempted to organize/pick up my disasterous home. 

I cannot tell you just to the extent of how much we have been blessed!  It's beyond measure really.  I mean of course, just in Charleigh herself, but so many people have stepped up and cared for us in so many ways: material things for Charleigh, financially even, meals galore in line for our whole family, and just tons of prayer and love! I feel so connected to my Savior and feel like He is being so glorified by his people in this!!  The Church is being the's so good.  It's just amazing. 

If you have been a part, whether small or large, in helping us in any way, thank you! From the bottom of my heart, my praise goes to my King, my thanks goes to my King...and to you all who are being the hands and feet of Christ.

We are in love with our littlest baby girl.  She is a great baby, although we do need to work on her sleeping in the night, instead of ALL day long ;)  We'll get there.  She's just precious.  Such a joy.

She most definitely has a purpose in this world and I cannot wait to find out just what the Lord has in store for us with her, for His Kingdom with her....I just can't even put parameters on it.

She has a story...a long one and I will share it in bits and pieces.  I am one exhausted mommy tonight though and MUST go to bed while she is sleeping....

The kids ADORE her.

But this shirt that my sweet friend Kara got her says it all:

Oh precious girl, we thankful for you!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

We have our new baby girl!!! She is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! She is a real peaceful, go-with-flow kinda girl. We are all in love! No computer here so will have to post more later. Http:// you might be able to see her there but until we get home that's all we have

Saturday, October 17, 2009


The other day Jeff was giving Jackson a bath and he kept kicking the bucket over the side of tub.  Jeff told him he'd get a spanking if he did it again.  Several minutes later, Jackson kicked the bucket again. 
Jeff: Jackson did you kick that out on purpose?
Jax: yes
Jeff: [spanked him]
Jax: [cried]
Jeff: [feeling bad, because maybe he doesn't know what " on purpose" means] Buddy, do you know what "on purpose" means?
Jax: yeah, it means you get a spanking!

Then today, Jeff and I were in our room, and the two kids were in the sunroom coloring.  I start laughing because I hear Creighton just rolling and cackling.  I LOVE her laughter, especially her belly laughs.  About the same time, Jeff and I thought that must mean something really bad was happening, unfortunately.  We were right.

lovely, he is learning to write the number 4!

this is Jeff getting on to them after their timeouts

my crazy man acting like a wild indian

But, after they sat in time out for a long time, I was talking with Jackson...the coversation went something like this:
Me: Jackson, why would you mark on the floor?
Jax: Maybe der are tings in me..
Me: what?
Jax: maybe der are widdle pepull in my belly
Me: what kind of people in your belly buddy?
Jax: maybe kind of widdle pepull that make me make bad choices
Me: how would those people make you make bad choices?
Jax: maybe day haf wemotes...(maybe they have remotes)
Me: [i had to walk away for fear of actually laughing AT him]

This boy is a mess and is constantly coming up with the craziest and funniest things on earth.  I just love it, even though it's not always easy to discipline him because he's too funny (and not to mention cute!)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Our women's ministry is currently in the middle of Esther by Beth Moore.  I can't tell you how much I love this study.  As the weeks progress, it has only gotten better.  This week tops it all.  If I have ever needed a word from the Lord, then it was now, and it was this!  Get your pen!!

Habakkuk 2:3c
Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay.

Oh, how my heart needed to hear that promise, first and foremost.

But the TRUTH behind what her whole talk today was this: We will lose our strength when we wait on _________ (fill in the blank for yourself), but we will renew our strength when we wait on the Lord.

For me, for us, our blank is our baby.  To say we are waiting would be an understatement.  Although we have not waited long compared to many people, not to mention we already have two blessings with us, we truly felt that this was a God thing and that because we were so willing to step out in faith, that there would be no waiting.  But there is.

And you know what? It's good.  I'm okay with waiting, I am.  I'm just not good at it.  Patience does not come naturally to me, but I must say I am working on it--with the Lord's grace.  We only want what is best for our family and for this child.  Truly.  So, why was I so anxious and trying so hard to DO when I should just relax and stop and wait on the Lord, not on my child.  Wait on the Lord renews my strength. I am excited for that burden to be completely lifted from me.  Because I have been zapped waiting (thinking I could actually do something) about getting a baby here sooner.

Today's lesson was all about time.  When time is so different on God's left arm than mine, why would I choose to want to be zapped of my strength.  I know there is another (maybe more) Berg out there, and somewhere written in the pages of his/her life we get to meet.  Not only will our paths cross, but they will unite, forever.  We'll be completed all the more as a family, and I CAN wait for God's best.  I am so thankful that I serve such a loving, compassionate, all-knowing God. 

So, I am not anxious about the wait for our child.  I am still thrilled to be on the journey, but it's better now.  God has ever so graciously been giving us (me) his sweet gestures to not lose hope in the journey all along, just as I needed them.  I am so thankful for this one. 

So, as we wait on the Lord for our precious new addition, we wait with open arms, open hearts, and renewed strength.  Thank you Lord.

And there is a song that I just love out called While I'm Waiting by Josh Waller...listen if you'd like!

Monday, October 12, 2009


If you think kids are un-impressionable...check this out. Wow. He's a doll...and he's got talent for sure. But it makes me want to seriously consider who/what my children watch/hear...I mean he has got it DOWN--to the facial expressions and all!