Friday, August 31, 2007

One crazy day!

Today was a bit crazy to say the least. It had good moments and horrible ones, but I am quite proud to say that through them all I kept my cool and a decent and non-complaining attitude...that is a big deal in my world! :)

The not so good notes of today:
Jackson has pnemonia, possible strep throat, a throat infection, and an ear infection! AHHHH...we were at the minor emergency care center for 3 hours and after 30 minutes at Walgreens in Bartlesville, I had to meet my wonderful mom half way between Owasso and Bville to get the prescription for him at 11:30 at night (from the Walgreens in Owasso).

Jackson threw up on me once and Jeff once and Creighton threw up on me tonight too and then managed somehow to pass out in it, and then slop it up in my face and IN my eye! EWWW

Ladies Night Out (that I planned) was started at 6:30 and I showed up at 9, had to leave at 9:40 to go the Rx from Walgreens that closed at 10, only to have a major hassle with that, to come back to LNO, to leave early from LNO to go meet my mom in Ramona to get the Rx and to bring it back to Jackson (to have him throw it up immediately all over us).

I plan to call the real doctor tomorrow to see if she wants to see Creighton for the same run of the mill tests and such that we spent 3+ hours doing wiht Jackson at the Immediate Care After Hours....ugh

Good news:
I got a new pair of shoes today that are pretty cute and best of all FREE! The Bville volleyball team got them for me and a cool polo.

My ticket from yesterday---I went back today to practice and on my way noticed the school zone sign that CLEARLY says 8:30-3:30 not 4:00 like the crazy police officer said and wrote me a ticket for after I think I can get out of it! :)

Jeff has tomorrow off...yeah for help with 2 sick kids. He was suppose to take Jax to Enid for the long weekend, and I don't know if that will happen now or not...I kinda doubt it.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Not defeated, but pretty bummed

I knew that because of my willingness and pursuit of God and to be changed that the devil would try all of his best moves to get me, to get to me, to knock me down....well I must say, at most of the "tests" today I probably failed, but as he certainly aided in knocking me down, he didn't knock me out and I am still here, still ready, still runnnnnnning to the cross. I must say that I am a little nervous because I dont really want to fight Satan in the process, but I also know that if Satan isn't involved in trying to defeat me, then I must not be running hard enough to the cross. I know that he doesn't like it for one second that I have come out of the chains he led me to believe I was in. I am free. I will not be binded by who I was, the old me, the habits of my sinful nature. But like I said, in my mini quizzes today, some of the time I faired well and the others I failed miserably. I do know that my God is bigger than Satan and that He (God) is looking out for me and helping me and guiding me through this because of my dust-yourself-off-get-back-up-and-do-better-next-time attitude and approach today. I will be the first person to know and tell you when I screw up, but it is unlike me to not let that get to me. I kinda like this newness!
One of my failures was that I got a speeding ticket today. I am horrible at obeying that ONE law. It seems like on everythign else I am OVERboard strict on, but Satan has definitely led me to believe that "a little over" won't hurt anything, to which that has grown to my incredibly heavy lead foot! I was caught red handed (not paying attention) and going 41 in a 20 mph school zone. (to my defense, it was 40 when it isn't a school time (and i was 12 minutes shy of being out of that time frame)). But I was very upset by this and thought some things I shouldn't have and when I made it to the gym (20 minutes late) I said a word that could have ruined my witness completely with one of my players the Lord has placed on my heart to really reach out to...I hate that THE MOST of today...well...
actually I was pretty ugly to my husband today and I actually hate that all the more!

Being vulnerable isn't easy for me, but I have seen over the course of the last month that honesty and humility is just what THE Doctor ordered for there you go!

Here is to hoping that whatever Satan throws my way tomorrow, I can handle with a Galatians 5:22 heart/attitude/character.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Seeking God

I am doing a new fall study as of this morning. It is called Seeking God--about personal revival. Man, do I ever need personal revival. I, as of just this past week or so, am getting out of the biggest spiritual valley I have ever been in prior to beginning of my salvation at 19. I know this is THE study that God wants me in right now and He has already begun a good work in me...I am excited! That is a HUGE thing for me right now. He taught me a lot just this morning in 30 minutes or so. I am truly thrilled to be where I, broken, ready to be plowed, harrowed, receive seed, be watered and hopefully grow! I know that God will and can do big things with and through me if I will let Him. But I just haven't let him in so long. I am excited to see where this leads and what turns and bumps and hills and valleys come up ahead. It will be neat, not neat in the structure and way it goes I am sure, but neat in that God's ways are huge and big and exciting...
Oh please pray for me. God is on to something big here...and I get to be a part...I want to be a part, but I know me...and without prayer, this thing won't happen. So, please join in praying for me, for my heart, for my part in whatever it is God has up His sleeve :)

Monday, August 27, 2007

Me-A Ministry Wife

As a youth minister's wife, I appreciate this more than (whoever) Mr. Lucas (is) will ever know.

Gag reflexes

Both of my kids have incredibly sensitive gag, when they get a cough, it is an awful thing. Please pray for me this week (or next 6-8 weeks according to the doctor) because both of my kids have a nagging cough...and therefore, there is mass vomitting. They are sick, in fact, after they get the mucus up, they are happy as can be and you'd never know they just puked all over me. They are fine and then they cough and I wish I could run for cover, but I can't, I have to take it all...on me...because it is easier to clean me up than them, the carpet, the bedding, the toys and anything else they mighthit on the way out.
We struggled through this with Jackson for what seemed an ETERNITY last winter-spring, and I was hoping Creighton would NOT be the same, but so far as of this morning at 6am, she is the exact same. Jackson's cough isn't nearly as bad, and I am hoping it doesn't get bad....two pukers at once is more than I am confident in handling.
Itis just crazy. They don't act tired or sick or run fevers or anything. Just out of the blue they will get a little tickle in their throat and then bam! its a little crazy for like 30 seconds and its like it never happened to them....(they doh'nt have to clean up...)
I hate it, I really do! My cleaning up after some friends in college after making poor choices was enough for I really have to have TWO kids with this issue!?
Okay, I am done complaining...they are wonderful kids and I am blessed to have them...I am just so tired right now and I should be in bed now anyway...goodnight all!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

A red candle

For quite some time our church has been doing this thing after the sermon where you can light a candle if you wish if God has answered a prayer for you this week. Well, today they added a new addition to that--in that if you, or someone you know, has accepted Christ for the first time, then you can light a red candle. I cannot tell you how emotional I got EACH time a red candle was lit and placed on teh was amazing! Young kids and older was fantastic. After several were laid there I asked the Lord for one took like 10 minutes and at the very last second a little boy rose from behind us and came forward witha red candle! I was amazed at the Lord and his sweet and gentleness to that little boy and to me. It was such a neat blessing to me. I had chills and tears for the remainder of our time in worship...I love it! I love it! It was also, just a neat time for me and the Lord...I am so thankful that when things often don't seem to still be 'fresh' and 'new' and alive that they ARE...this world is so much bigger than just me--I needed a fresh and new reminder of that today adn I received it. Thank you Lord

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Today's random happenings!

I hope to be able to post pictures again soon. We lost all the ones that I hadn't transfered to the external hardrive and I don't think we've put any new ones on the new sad! OH well. There are several cute ones of the two of them together and individually. I just need to do it!
I didn't post about Mother's Day Out and I was so excited about it...this past week was just a whirlwind. Volleyball has been really stressful and this past week was a busy week with it. I hope it gets a lot less stressful for me...but even more, I hope it gets less stressful on my family! Anyway, back to MDO...I love it. I was really worried about changing the kids to a new place but they have adjusted wonderfully and Jackson likes Miss Nadiene and is in Emma's class which is nice. The first second he saw her, he ran up to her and gave her a hug. It was funny because I don't think she'd even noticed him or turned around to see who it was that was hugging was funny! He calls Miss Nadiene "ih naeen"...I love it!

Creighton did really well the first day and although a bit more fussy the next day she took a 2 hour nap that day...can't complain there that is WAYYY more than she naps at home. I like her teacher too.

Creighton is doing a bit better at night now although still not perfect. I am getting a bit more sleep now though which is nice. Now if I can just get them both to sleep through the night in their own beds on the same night0--that might just be a miracle...but one I am willing to wait for.

Creighton is taking lots more steps but she's definitely not walking yet. She is way too fast at crawling. She is super sweet. She has found her baby dolls (the two we have) adn loves to kiss on them. She is smart! She is saying Mama, Dada, bye bye, hi, and baby now. I think she says a few more things but I haven't quite figured out exactly what it is yet. She is getting so big! Her hair is getting longer too and it makes her look totally different. I can't wait to put it in pigtails!

Jackson is all boy, all the time! I love it most of the time. I have two very athletic kids in that they both love to climb on everything! Jackson's of course are a bit more dangerous and higher than C's at the moment. He is super smart and really into anything electronic/mechanical...anythign that requires him to "figure it out"--how to push buttons, how to make it work, how to make something happen...he's allover it! I love it. There isn't much he can't eventually figure out. He knows how to make the MP3 player on my phone work---I barely know how and certainly didn't teach him. He dances to the songs when he gets them to come on and it is hysterical! He is certainly all white boy if you get my drift. He is saying lots and lots of things now and forming sentences (not really long ones yet though). I can understand most of what comes out of his mouth when he is talking to me...but sometimes he is carrying on a conversation with noone and I can't understand a word of is like mumbles and/or another language...weird....but he acts like he knows what he is saying :) and I gues that's all that matters.

Creighton is going nuts I have to go...:)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Well, crud!

So today was Jeff's birthday. I wanted it to be so special, but seems that I faulted in that area. The original plan was to send him to TUlsa for an all day at the movies adventure staying there from open to close...that was exactly what he wanted...I should have just stuck with the plan. However the movies that he wanted to see (that he waited all summer to see for his birthday movie day) were no longer at the big movie theater but now all at the dollar movies. Well, I decided to scratch that plan andgo with this:

Sleep in
Get a massage
Go to lunch with Family
Get cards, special cake, a card and art from jackson
Play nintendo while kids napped (and I went to volleyball)
Go to dinner with either me or someone else or family
Go to Discount THeater in Bville to see ONE of the movies he'd waited all summer to see
Then go to dinner on Saturday at a nice restaurant just he and I....

Well, here is how the day really went:
Came to bed at 4am (Jeff)
Sleep in (with Jackson in bed with us)
Decides 10 minutes before massage appt. he didn't want it (a little commotion)
Takes Jackson on a bike ride to Blockbuster (with intention to come home and go to library and lunch after C wakes up)
Neither of those two things happen
Commotion--a little more commotion
Jeff goes to Library alone with a 25 minute time limit and leaves me at home with two CRANKY kids who need to eat, take a nap, a mom who needs to eat, shower, pump, and get dressed and ready for a volleyball game (all in 35 minutes) NONE of that went well, so upon arrival---
Mom leaves for vball a lot frazzled, Jackson wakes up 15 minutes after I leave, no lunch and no video game time for dad...Creighton wakes up shortly after.
Mom loses volleyball game and leaves gym early to come to eat dinner with family (but that didn't work out AT ALL).


Me in tears, Jeff having worst birthday ever
Me leaving to try to figure out how in the world to turn the day around, so I start calling every kid I know to throw an impromtu suprise party (this is 7:20) at 8pm (on a school night) and so I run to Maggie Moo's to get a cake (ice cream cake, yes) and bring it home and there are maybe 6 kids here and 2 came later....

Now the kids are in bed and I am almost finished pumping and I have no idea if he enjoyed it at all because we haven't had the opportunity to talk quite yet amidst all the chaos since all the kids that came (minus the two late ones) came before I arrived...lets just say, I hope he wasn't in his boxers with a trashed house...(he was dressed and the house was mildly clean when I arrived).

Oh man, its been a day...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby

You are the love of my life. I am so thrilled to be your wife. I love you with all that I am and I am blessed tremendously by you daily! I am excited to grow old with you, although you always get there before I do each year :P

You are such a sweet man, a sweet servant, a true disciple of Christ, a truly Godly man. I am more passionately in love with you today than I was yesterday and I know that tomorrow I will say the same thing. I love watching you with our children....your tender heart and sweet spirit, but yet, they know your authority and love through your discipline when its needed. Thank you for leading our family with grace, love, mercy, and hope! You are all that I desire in this world. Thank you for honoring me and trusting me and loving me the way you do.

I hope that this year your birthday is one that you can reflect on with nothing but positive memories and special times. You deserve a wonder-filled day and I am excited that I have a few things to help it be special. Know we (the kids and I) wish we could do more to show you just how much we love you...

Happy Birthday Baby! I love you,

Today's random happenings!

Tomorrow is Jeff's birthday! He will be 28~that is old! :)

On a sad note though, Jeff's cousin Ted has been serving our country over in Iraq for quite some time now and we just got word yesterday that he was shot in the arm. He had to have surgery and all types of meds/doctors. It is really sad, but I think he is doing okay well as you can be when you get SHOT! So if you think of it, keep him in your prayers.

We have another home game tomorrow! I really like HOME = yuck! Owasso is pretty good so I have heard so I hope that we don't get stomped. It is our first freshman only far they have been JVB--meaning that we have 4 JV players come "down" to help us out...4/6 is a good number....we'll see how we do without them tomorrow....I think they'll be fine.

Tonight was Jeff's youth group (Grace Community Church) big kick-off. Normally we expect 100 or more (a few years ago closer to 200) this time we only had 70. But it was good anyway. I think that Satan was definitely trying to get his foot in the door because all the power went out prior to 6:30 and then it screwed up all the electronics/media/sound/music stuff for the entirety of the program...which really stunk, but oh well. That was the big mishap of the evening, which is pretty big, but that is okay. Lots of kids went home with Tshirts and stuff and hopefully they'll all come back!

I am tired! I wasn't at home today for more than like 3 hours and none of that was consecutive for more than 45 minutes. Goodnight.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Okay, so Monday was INSANE and I didn't have the opportunity to blog about it, but I will now. We had a game that was scheduled at 5 for Freshman, 6 for JV and 7 for Varsity in Edmond North (which is about 3 hours away from Bartlesville). We are suppose to leave at 1 o'clock but the Head Coach's sub didn't show up on time, so we were late getting started. But once we did get on the road, everything seemed fine. We get about an hour and 45 minutes down towards OKC and the bus breaks down. As in it literally just STOPPED on the road and wouldn't start. Thankfully we were going about 70 miles an hour so it gave him about 300 yards to try to get the bus off the road before it just wouldn't go another inch. We were inches from the right lane and on a turnpike where most cars and semis are going at least 75 if not 90. They were narrowly missing us everytime they'd pass. We were stuck between two bridges on about 60 yard stretch of half shoulder. (Need I remind you that we had 3 coaches and 34 players on a SCHOOL YELLOW BUS). There was no water, no food (unless you brought your own) no air conditioning and 37 hot bodies needing to pee, change out of hot jeans/pants/school clothes.
They called the bus barn and they said they'd send a bus. The bus didn't show up till 5:47! We sat on the side of the road for an eternity. Oh yeah, didn't remember to mention up there, but I had a huge clogged milk duct in my breast and was way due for a pumping right about the time we broke down...(with no electricity) and no baby. That is another story...
In the mean time, the girls were great and didn't complain too much. Some of the parents that were on the way to the game stopped by and took some of the girls back, so after about an hour or so we were down to 24 players. Really...they took all the upper classmen and left ALL of the freshmen and a 2 sophomores.
Then the state trooper comes up with lights all flashing (after we'd been sitting for an hour and 45 minutes) and told us we needed to be evacuated from the bus "immediately"...did he forget the part that we'd already been sitting for almost 2 hours. It seemed that up ahead a power line fell and started a fire and we were unsafe (as if we were really safe without the fire because of how and where the bus broke down).
So, one parent who had been with us the whole time, packed 10 of us in her car like sardines LITERALLY and took us to McDonalds about 10 minutes up from the breakdown and the rest of the girls and the rest of the coaches were waiting on city/state vehicles to evacuate them from the site. Well there weren't enough adults or coaches to go around so some of the vehicles only had girls (need I remind you all 15-16 years old) in them. When they get to the McDonalds they inform me that their "driver" had porn in his truck adn they were really terrified and nervous and scared (who wouldn't be?!). SO that is great! All of them finally make it, except for the head coach who is still back at the bus waiting on the tow truck to come. This is about 5:10 when they all show up. About 5:30 the head coach comes in the trooper car and the bus shows up shortly afterward and we all pile on to HEAD TO BARTLESVILLE...yes, after all that we didn't even go to Edmond, we just turned around and went home! We got home at 8:20ish or so. So, that was insane!

We won tonight. We had a home match against Collinsville and it went well. We beat them in two games and I got ALL of my girls in--all 15 of them! That is a lot of players to play if you don't knwo anything about volleyball because only 6 can be on the court at any given time. Certainly not all equal, but fair! I was so proud! We are now 1-2 record on the season...and part of me is glad we didn't make it to Edmond North, because they are good (3rd in the state) and I have a feeling our record wouldn't look nearly that good had we played.
Anyway, that is my crazy volleyball story for now! I probably left out some details but that is good enough

Monday, August 20, 2007

Ridiculously Yummy

Cake Balls (sorry for not a more original name) (makes 55-60 balls)

You will need:
wax paper
2 cookie sheets
1 box of Cake (any flavor) (and whatever ingredients are necessary from box directions)
1 tub of Frosting (not whipped)
1 package White Almond Bark
a small cookie scoop
a dipper (easter egg dipper works best)

(Edited to add: you really will only need one package of Almond Bark, but be careful to not heat it too fast (too hot) or it will caramelize and you will need 2 (and the coating will be really thick))

Bake any flavor, any brand cake you like according to box instructions. Immediately pour one (regular size frosting tub and not the whipped kind) can of frosting into center of cake upon removing from oven. Then stir like crazy until all frosting and cake are well mixed together--this part won't look too appetizing in the process, but just make sure all the cake is "wet looking" with frosting and not dry.

Then place in the refigerator until completely cooled. Then make small balls (use small cookie scoop if you have one) with cakefrosting mixture and place on wax paper (on a cookie sheet). Then place in freezer for 30 minutes (or until cold). This usually takes two pans (makes about 55-60 balls)

Melt one package of white almond bark in microwave according to package directions and remove balls from freezer (one pan at a time). Dip each ball into melted almond bark using dipper of choice (hands are possible if that is all you have, do one half, let it set and then do the other) and place back onto wax paper. You will need one pkg. almond bark for half of the balls and another pkg. for the other half. After one pan is complete, put that pan back in freezer while you start dipping the other half (in the new almond bark). If you desire you can then make them "pretty" by melting a hershey bar and decorate the balls (but this isn't necessary, only for appearances sake). They are then ready to eatand need to be stored in an air tight container in the refigerator (use the wax paper to keep them seperate). ENJOY!

My mom has made lemon and strawberry and I have made chocolate...all of those are yummy. I only put the hershey on the chocolate ones. I used Betty Crocker Milk Chocolate Cake and Milk Chocolate Frosting. With the lemon and strawberry cakes, I think she used vanilla frosting.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Church was really good today. I went with an open heart and a willing heart. Its been some time since I went with that kind of heart. Satan was doing everything he could do distract me, and sometimes I was, but for the most part I was really connected to what was going on and listening and trying to apply. It was on prayer and I KNOW that I need more work in that area than most all else in my life, especially my spiritual walk. I am just not a prayer warrior. I don't know why, and to be honest I don't know how I am not...because being a minister's wife and a mommy leaves me little not to be praying for. However, I struggle here, and so I was challenged and enlightened and taught today. The Lord is so good, so gentle and so sweet. I am thankful that He is patient with me on so many things...

Jeff and I had a wonderful weekend together. We didn't do anything spectacular but that in and of itself was spectacular. We didn't spend much money because we just bought a new to us car--an 05 Nissan Altima. It was like almost 80000 miles on it, but that is okay, it is really nice, and it has a/c so that is wonderful and would make ANY car better than what we had in this heat!

Jackson and Creighton did really well at my moms...of COURSE Creighton slept through the night for my mom BOTH nights...and I put her down tonight at 9 and JEff already had to go in just now because she was up screaming! I hate that! It just wears down my soul...the one that was just refreshed feels a month old and I have only had them back for 7 hours. How is that? I feel almost guilty with how much fun I had with JUST Jeff this weekend. We had a blast and spent so much time together and giggled and goofed off and were "free" feeling and it was wonderful. What did we do with all of our time before kids?! It was amazing...I miss it already...but I did miss my kids...don't get me wrong...but they wear. me. out.

We have a busy busy volleyball week: games (away) Monday, (home) Tuesday, (home) Thursday. We are currently 0-2 which stinks because I really really HATE losing, but they are actually (for the most part) (minus one game entirely) much better than I had anticipated them being! They are improving for sure adn that is what matters. I have already decided I am not doing it next year though! I would if I could hire a babysitter and still have money left over from coaching, but as it is I am only making like $80 a month...and we all know that covers just about NOTHING!

Bad Dream

I had a horrible nightmare dream last night and it has haunted me all day. I have always had this MAJOR fear that I would leave my baby in the car because when I was pregnant with Jackson it was on the news several times that summer. So, I was always panicked about it, but once I actually had my baby (ies) I realized that I probably wouldn't because they don't really let me ever think for a second they aren't there in teh car with me :). BUT last night in my dream, I was babysitting someone else's kid (whom will remain nameless so not to freak out that mom) and I ended up going shopping with that baby's mom on a bus (i don't know why, it was a dream and they are always weird for me) but halfway to where we were going I realized I had left that baby in the car and of course it was hot, and then I had a panic attack and was hysterical and I woke up just before I found out what happened...which maybe was a blessing, but it is just eating at my soul was hurting ALL day about it and it consumed me at times. UGH....I just can't imagine. My mom said that it happened in Owasso just the other day. It makes me so sad!
That was totally random...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

I am baaaack!

I am excited to be back online again! It has been too long for me without it....although it was probably a really good thing for during my "leave" the Lord has brought me to a much better place--a much NEEDED place. I am still the clay being molded and I am far from the shape He wants me to be, and even further from the finished project, but I am atleast back in the Potters hands again.

Thursday was Jeff and I's FOURTH anniversary and that was fun to celebrate, although we really didn't celebrate that day at all. We are this weekend however because currently I am childless! That is so nice. Although, I am in on the computer and Jeff is playing the wii so this is going to be a short post so I can go enjoy the rest of my day with my SWEET husband! I am so much in love and so thrilled to be his wife. Life is good, I am so very blessed!

God is good. It is great to be emotionally and physically and spiritually restored! It is unbelievable what a good night's rest does to the soul, body, strength, and mind. All those things I am suppose to love the Lord My GOD with...I now have them to be able to do that with!

Have a great day all!

Ps...just so I don't forget...Creighton is saying several words : mama, dada, hi, bye bye, and she is pointing all the time, waves hello and bye, and is getting closer to walking every day

Sunday, August 12, 2007

When it rains it pours....

Computer is kaput! i am so sad as there are many things I have wanted to blog about over the past week and haven't been able to. I am up at Jeff's work computer at the moment and I don't have long so I can't really write much. I have no idea if/when we will be able to get a new computer so this might be a pretty boring blog for a while. Things around our house are breaking like crazy. No air in the red car, no air in the house, dryer is broken, computer is broken, jeff's cell is seems like there is no end to the brokeness...and all somewhat expensive to really expensive things....ugh! Seriously...nothing else please....we start Jeff's school loan payments next month too...I can't handle the financial stress!

Monday, August 6, 2007

A very busy weekend

We had a crazy weekend. I am glad it is over...officially as it is now past midnight. I had practice all last week which was tiring, but good. I actually saw improvement, however frustrated I was each day...I need to focus in on that small fact...they are in fact improving. That is all I can ask!

Friday I took Creighton to the doctor for her 9 month checkup. She weighed 18 pounds 4.5 ounces. She was 28 inches long (which was odd, because last time we were in it was 29 inches and I am certain she did NOT shrink...there just isn't a good way to measure a squirmy baby). She did NOT have an ear infection although I am still a skeptic because she is awfully cranky and pulls and tugs constantly still (*and did in the doctors office, too). But she said she was healthy and looked great. She did give me some tylenol with codeine that I used for the first time tonight (and since I just had to go in just now in the middle of my post to nurse her, it doesn't seem to help at all). I hope she outgrows this soon.

We had our garage sale all day Friday and Saturday and so we set up day/night Thursday night so that was crazy exhausting. But good news (great news) is that we made over $700 off of stuff we don't need, weren't using, and/or didn't want. THat is fantastic! So, it was worth it. We (as all garage sales end up I am sure) still have way too much junk left over. But that is okay. We plan to chunk some, sell some on ebay/, and keep the rest. I love getting rid of clutter. I am sure in a few months or so we will have even more things when I can officially get rid of EVERYTHING baby. It is bittersweet...but right this moment I am looking forward to being out of the baby stage...for good. Newborns are awesome but so incredibly tiring.

Jackson got his hair cut by Jeff yesterday and it looked AWFUL! Not because Jeff is/was bad at it, but because Jackson was/is the most ridiculous kid when it comes to getting his hair cut. He looked like a very silly at church this morning and I couldn't stand it so I tried again this afternoon. The first 10 minutes (it seemed like longer) were insane boy again doing everything he could to NOT let me cut it, and me doing everything I could to hold him down and try not to cut his hands, ears and arms off. Then out of nowhere I convinced him to sit still (this was after bribery and everything didn't work the first time with Jeff or myself). So, he sat still and I feel like I did a good job on it...he looked so cute tonight. I spiked it up with gel and he was adorable!

Jeff just got home from capture the flag at the church (which is the ONLY reason I am still up) and they had over 40 kids there! So fun! I am glad that there are lots of kids wanting to do something with youth kids/Jeff instead of making poor decisions.

Sarah was with my parents all weekend and now she is back with us until Friday. I think Jackson is really going to miss her then! I will too. It is amazing what a grown up (kid) she is at 11. I love having her here. Tonight she read Jackson a book and put him to bed...he didn't stay, but she did it all on her own without being asked or anything...:)

Post for pictures later!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Lot of Info

It seems like it had been forever since I have written. My days are long and tiring and very busy. I have really enjoyed having Sarah in town this week. She is a joy and a huge kids love her and she loves them. Jackson wants her to play with him ALL the time and so it is a nice and needed break for me because he'd rather play with her and normally it is me he wants constantly. I think she likes it but gets tired of it too occasionally...who wouldn't at 11? I do at 27 and I am his mom! :) He is getting so grown up though. It is shocking how much his language skills have picked up in such a short amount of time. He still is rather behind compared to some his age, but it is impressive to me where he was just a month ago and where he is now. It is fun learning what certain sounds mean. He says the cutest things...and often! He makes us laugh a lot.

WE are setting up for an impromtu garage sale literally last minute it is unbelievable. We have so much crap stuff it is crazy! I would get rid of more, but my husband is a pack rat. However, I must say I am quite proud of him for letting me get rid of as much as he is. I am so tired of keeping this we NEVER EVER lay eyes on much less actually use. It is so annoying to me. WE have stuff that has never even been out of the boxes...tags still on, and now for a garage sale we have to mark a price that says 29.99 down to barely nothing...ugh! I am such a cheap person and I like to make a lot of money and so garage sales are hard for me. I know I'd never pay any of the prices for any of it...but I guess that is why I am getting rid of it too...but I want to mark it high because I want to make money....oh well.

Creighton took 3 steps today on her own, but Sarah was the only one who saw it. Ugh! I have been waiting and waiting and then of course she does it when I am not around...for the 5 seconds too that I am not around. That girl is so spoiled! I carry her around everywhere...she has me wrapped aroudn her little finger already. I am taking her to the doctor tomorrow for her 9 month well-baby waste of time and money visit. I do though think that she has an ear infection again (for real, God?!) because she is constantly holding and tugging her ear and has been cranky pants for the last 2 days and is getting up several times a night and not napping....oh the signs of ear infections...i haven't even lowered her mattress from the last ear infection yet. If she does have another one I am not sure what she'll have to put her on because it hasn't been a long enough time to give her amox. I am bummed about that. I hope she doesn't have to get tubes--although maybe it'd help the poor little girl *(and her poor mama) sleep sometime this year.

Volleyball is a bit ugly right now because I have so many girls missing practices that if I enforce the rule of no practice, no game, then I don't have enough girls to put on the court. I cancelled practice tomorrow because of Creighton's dr. appt. and also the garage sale.

We are going to Enid next weekend now instead of tomorrow as orginal plan. I don[t think I have posted about it, but Jeff's grandpa, GP, is really sick with heart stuff and cancer. It is not looking good. Jeff is really sad. So am I.

My uncle has cancer flare up again in his lymphnodes. That is certainly not good at all. I feel so sorry for them because my aunt has cancer too.

My cousin Kevin left today for a mission trip to Poland and he is leading a team there. He is heavy on my heart for so many reasons...keeep all these in your prayers please....and also

the crazy crash in Minnesota is unbelievable. I hope the death toll stays low because I was ceratinly expecting it to be much higher than I last heard it to be. I know so many people up that direction, it was scary. As far as I know everyone I know (and everyone they know) is okay.