Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Started a fun little tradition on Memorial Day this year.

I think they had fun doing it and will grasp a better understanding as they get older. 
Both of my grandfathers served our country. Here is my grandfather who served in WWII. Jeff's Dad served in the Navy also in WWII.  My mom's dad, Papaw Charlie (whom Charleigh is named after) served in the Korean War. We are blessed to remember them all for their service and their lives not lost in war.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Jeff and I decided to do a triathalon (SPRINT). So we "trained" (not really at all). And we did it. Our goal was to finish. And we did. We didn't do well at all. But we did it. And that counts for something in my book. :) 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Baby Boy

So you will always be my baby boy, because you were my first, and you are my only boy and I'm just not okay with you growing up! :) But nonetheless you've continued to grow and grow and grow. Everyone lately is commenting on how tall you've gotten, how big you are, how much you look like your daddy! All true. All good things. Except I can't stand you getting so big and tall and old.
 Daddy had a few of his old shirts you LOVE to wear. You look and act just like him. Thankfully I'm kind of fond of your Daddy and I think it's a good thing. (although I think you are cuter at this age than he was and I can say that, because I didn't know him then :))

 You are a sweet compassionate lil man, yet you are all boy. You love to rock out and be silly, but you can also think deeply and feel with a depth most 6 year olds, especially boys that age, don't understand.

 You are hilariously funny. You don't mind being a stage and the center of attention (you MUST get that from your Daddy...definitely not from me).
 You are a handsome little guy and you love to be the best, sometimes even if it means making up new rules along the way. :)
 You are an amazing big brother to your sisters. You try hard to be patient and loving with them most of the time. You bow up and protect them at all times when we are out in public.  They look up to you and love you too!
 You are a great mixture of momma's boy and Daddy's lil man. You love to cuddle and love love love quality time. You love people, but often I'll find you spending "private time" alone too.

 You are strong. You are tender. You are mighty, but you know how to cry and know how to read others (for the most part). You care. I love that about you.
 You are getting a lot more talkative and I love having conversations with you. I love to hear the way your mind works and what you think and how you think. You are smart. You love to figure things out.

 I adore your smiles and you are always spot on to flash them to me. Along with the ASL "I Love You" sign. That gets me every time. :)
 You still hold our hands and ooh I just melt like butter when you do. 
 I kiss you EVERY night after you are asleep. It's one of the most treasured times of the day for me. Sometimes I sit and just stare at the wonder that at one time you were in my belly and I held you in my arms and you were so tiny and small.
 I adore you Jackson....all that you are and will be.
I can't wait to see what God has in store for you. You can do and be anything He wants for you to be. I am honored to be your Mommy and walk alongside you in life as you get older. I pray for you that your heart would be molded to be like Christ in all that you do and say. We all have a long road before us in that endeavor but I see in you a passion and a stirring. I hope that you will be just like your Heavenly and Father and a lot like your earthly Daddy. Thank you for being an amazing little boy. I love you and I love getting your hugs, snuggles and kisses.

Oh, Charleigh!

Charleigh, I've been blessed with 3 wonderful, beautiful kids.  But there is just something special about you my dear. You light up the room and take hold of the attention. Every.Time.
 You are precious and funny and witty and brilliantly smart. You can be tender and mighty and a force to be reckoned with and a total push-over all in one moment. Typically you do it all with a smile.

 or a growl :)

 You know you are special and beautiful and precious because you always say "yes, I am!" when we ask if you know.
 You are a great (most of the time) little sleeper and you've transitioned well from baby crib to big girl bed. This was one of your last nights in your crib.

 There is no shortage of love of sugar for you. I think you need it to be as cute and sweet as you are :) (just kidding, I try to limit it to keep you sweet and cute :))
 Your eyes dance and sparkle and twinkle
 Here's your big girl room and big girl bed. You LOVE LOVE LOVE anything and everything Mickey and anything red. You have for a long time and that's not changing anytime soon I don't think.
 First night in the bed, you did wonderfully and have almost every night since!
 You are compassionate and caring. You tend to get excited about little and big things. You are the world's best encourager and cheerleader. There is no task too small to get excited and cheer/encourage others about.  Really. It's comical.
 But you are getting too big, too fast. I can't believe you are already closer to 3 than 2.

 Charleigh, I love you with all of my heart. You make me happy. You make others happy. You seriously are one of the cutest little girls I've ever seen, and I can say that without bias. I know this because half a million people tell me almost on a daily basis, no matter whether we are at church, school, store, park, you steal the show girl. You are a perfect addition to our family and I am so honored to be your Mommy. Thank you for who you are and who you are becoming. Thank you for praying the sweetest prayers I've ever heard and for reminding me to smile and stop and smell the roses and to laugh and to get excited and to be an encourager. Even though I'm trying to teach you about life, you are teaching me along the way. I have a feeling it'll always be that way. I love you little Boo Bear!

Our Day On The Ice!

I purchased a groupon for Ice Skating because Creighton has been begging to take ice skating lessons ever since she watch the movie "The Ice Princess." I stupidly thought, "how bad can it be?"
 My goodness though, she LOOKED adorable. I was shocked they had skates her size and was VERY unprepared for her to be on the ice or thinking her being on the ice was even an option. That was problem number 1.  I assumed she'd be thrilled and happy to just sit and watch her movie while we skated. But other than the 4 seconds it took me to take this picture, she was NOT at all happy to do that. Problem number 2.
 Creighton quickly found out that ice skating wasn't as easy as it looked in the movie Problem 3 (although at least I was prepared for this one :))
 Charleigh was so cute and really wanted to be out on the ice with us the whole time. Zone defense parenting skills AND ice don't mix! Problem 4
 Precious kiddos...on the rubber they were GREAT :O)
 Having those OFF her feet was a beautiful site to see :) 2 year olds have no business having ice skates on!
 Precious little Ice Princess...
 Ice Prince
 The only pair of ice skates they had that fit me were SO incredibly painful to wear because of plastic malfunction. Problem 5 But thankfully I am at least effective in skating, certainly no Ice Princess, but I can hang. My kids took that times I am not sure how I didn't fall holding up both of their body weights as they wiped/almost wiped.

 MAJOR WIPEOUTS hurt really bad Problem 6. But the hugs you get while making it better make it easier on this momma's heart as I thought I was insane for bringing my kids to skate....

 Daddy was able to join us for most of the adventure! Wouldn't have made it at all without his help.

Falls without gloves, jeans and pads are NOT cool for kids.  Problem 7.

There were lots of problems, but all kinds of smiles, thumbs up, hugs and cute pictures along with them.  So it kinda was a wash. :) I doubt we'll be back any time soon, but it was a fun adventure while it lasted and I was never more thankful to be told free skate was over :)