Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sweet Creighton

There's only ONE Creighton. Unique as they come. Amazing as they come, too. 
 Mommy and Daddy got to spend some one-on-one time with you, and you love all things art: acting, painting, dancing, singing, sculpting, drawing; if it involves DOING & BEING, you are doing it!

 We went to see Will Rogers (Jenks High School put on the musical)
 Mommy got to take you on a special date to the Disney Store to spend your gift card from Grammy. You were in HEAVEN. But you seriously are the most indecisive person on the planet! It took us 2 hours to find the perfect combination. You were thrilled with your choices.
 Rapunzel is one of your favorites but that day at the store you decided you also loved Minnie (out of nowhere).
 Afterwards we went to a dinner date at Steak-n-Shake because mom is cheap and kids eat free :)
 You didn't care. You are always SO much fun on dates. You light up and I seriously think you were meant to be an only child...too bad you are a middle :)
 There's Minnie who has remained a favorite even months later (I am so behind on posting, sorry!)
 You LOVE games. It doesn't matter what it is, you love to play it....well, only if you win!
 We had another special date to the Purple Glaze to paint! You had a blast there and picked out two items!
 My little artist! You are quite talented too!
 You play hard and you sleep hard girl! I found you like this one night...I check on you every night and rearrange your covers. Even in your sleep you are moving and different than when awake.
So proud of your star box. And your turtle! You were thrilled to see your finished work. We had to pick it up two days later after it was fired in the kiln.
You make my days a little crazy, but when you are gone, life's quite boring! :) I'm so thankful for your spunk and attitude and heart and wild wild girly tomboy playful and serious self. You are growing up on me way too fast. I can't believe you will be in Kindergarten in only a few months! I love you sweet girl with all my heart.

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