Saturday, March 31, 2012


One day at the mall before Christmas a lady at the mall stopped us to ask if she could curl my hair with a iron she was trying to sell.  I said she could curl Creighton's, but not mine.  She did. It looked great, but was not about to pay the fortune she was selling the straightener and/or wand for.  So I just kind of noted it in the back of my head to be looking out for.  I found a great deal on a wand and I purchased it because it was really easy and Creighton loves the curls!

 I did that in about 10 minutes in a super hurry before school one day for her.
 This is her AFTER school in the wind.  STILL CURLY!
 It lasted for like 2 1/2 days still very curly....
This one I took a little more time on, but still learning how to use it
 The first day they are very tight and you can see the separation lines pretty bad in this one.
 But this is the next day and they are more relaxed and SO pretty.  She eats it up!

 I even did her pigtails and it was cute and lasted for several days here too.
I love Charleigh's curls in the back so much and so does she can have curly hair too.  I've used the wand on Charleigh's not-so-curly front/side pony to make it a tight curl and it works perfect! Making the front match the great!  woohoo....LOVIN' CuRLS

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