Saturday, March 31, 2012

40 days

Dear Jackson, Creighton and Charleigh,
December 31, 2011 dinner was Daddy's last meal until Feb 9th, 2012. He didn't have one speck of food for 40 straight days. It was a LONG time period and Daddy was literally starving.  He shed over 40 pounds during the time frame.
 Mommy made Daddy a chain (and a 40 day chain was LONG just to make, I can't personally imagine not eating for that long!).  We got down to day 40! Woohoo....
 Look how great he looks!  Although losing weight was certainly an added bonus to his fast, Daddy did not fast to lose weight.  (Nor was he losing weight because he was sick or had cancer, as many tried to conclude).  He was fasting because he wants revival among the youth of this upcoming generation! That was the main reason. There were a few personal reasons as well, but he fasted for the leaders of tomorrow.
I know that change is happening and I am so proud of Daddy for playing such a vital role in that.  Not many people can stand before you in honestly say that they have fasted at all, and most cannot say they've done a long term fast. Those that have successful completely a 40 day fast are minimal.  But it's not about pride or boasting that I write this post.
 (the first meal he was able to have was 5 boiled and peeled tomatoes, only)
Your Daddy is serious.  Your Daddy loves the Lord and he loves us. He takes the Word of the Lord seriously. He is dedicated to his calling of serving students, leading students and loving them.  He has walked the road before and can help if/when you feel the call to do a long term fast. He trusted that the Lord Jesus would sustain him, even when everyone else doubted. His faith is real. I wanted you to know.
The Word speaks of WHEN you fast, not if. I pray that you all will be able to make spiritual disciplines a large part of your every day once you are firmly standing on the Rock.

Lots of love,

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