Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tough Morning

One day we had our friends The Gore's over for a sleepover, yes, the whole family!  The night went fine.  The next morning was a bit chaotic on all kinds of levels.  First Charleigh started running a super high fever. Then she puked. No church for us. So that thwarted all kinds of plans.  So in the few hours that Daddy was gone at church, we had all kinds of mayhem happen.
 Jackson fell into the window pane outside in the fort. His tooth thankfully was already out (a few days prior, naturally) and it didn't do any damage to any teeth, but his poor gums were badly beaten. It could have been SO much worse had it been in either direction!
 Then Creighton fell outside and bumped her back pretty good.
 And poor Charleigh was still just not doing well at all.  She had RSV. :(  But even when she's sick she's still as cute as a button flashing that sweet smile of hers!
It was quite the rough morning for all of us.  Our friends the Gores haven't been back since :'\ Thankfully we have a long history and are due another family sleepover again soon :) (right Dana?)

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