Sunday, September 30, 2012

Beautiful girls

I don't even know why they were so dressed up...but they looked way cute. Pretty sure it was just a random Sunday. But they were dressed to the hilt!

Friday, September 28, 2012


We love the Zoo and so much better with friends. We so love having Hailey and Riley so close! Having a Friday off was super cool, even though it was hot! :)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Kindergarten Field Trip Fun.

Creighton's class (and all of K) went to the Livesay's Orchards for a field trip. I went as a chaperone. I was in charge of 4 girls (one of which was Creighton). "Not too hard" so I thought. I lost them multiple times. One of mine didn't speak English and one was the worst kind of tired/cranky. Thankfully there were LOTS of other parents and all the teachers.  We all survived fine. But once again showed me that I am not meant to teach elementary. EVER!

 Every year, Creighton is on mission to get a small pumpkin and it takes her an eternity to pick one. Most indecisive person I think I've ever met. Which is strange since she's the most opinionated usually.
 Girls love of horses is not fading...
 Fun class...full of awesome personalities...

This was the first year we've not gone as a family to a pumpkin patch. But I was thankful to go with Rae with her class. She loved it and was SO tired herself when the day was over!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Family Reframed

New Beginnings has been doing a series called Family Reframed and for several weeks we had a photographer there to take pictures of families! It was so fun and such a neat opportunity to get free pics of my kids and family! Thanks Autumn they're wonderful!

After church that day we went to eat at Taco Bueno. The kids wanted to show off some more. This picture absolutely cracks me up and sums up my children's personalities to a T. Creighton super dominant, competitive, sassy, on top, foot crushing someone else and Jackson will just smile and take it underneath her! Oh dear. Help us all.
 And sweet Charleigh...too young to show just how much she's gonna buck the system ;)
 Love my family. Oh how I love them! I love these pictures that I can cherish forever. I love that it captures personalities and facial expressions and everything in between. I love each of my 4 other family members completely, wholly, uniquely. I am so very blessed!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Whole Lot of Random Events and Pictures

 Jog-a-thon is the biggest fundraiser (and pretty much the only one) that Bixby North does...I love that! The kids enjoy it, although this year it was SUPER hot outside and they were exhausted at the end. Both kids had it the same day so Jeff and I and Charleigh were there for the majority of the latter half of the day.
 Jackson's class!

 Charleigh helped me be the water bottle misters~ she LOVED that job.

 Creighton's class (and all of kindergarten) went a little after Jacksons. She is super quick and outran every girl in her class (and most boys).

 Jeff took the girls on a little sight-seeing trip to the Blue Whale. Who knew? Crazy weird...

 Charleigh and Jeff have a bond like NO other! They are two peas in a pod. She loves loves loves her Dadddy. She tells me, "I love Daddy a whole lot" and I ask if she loves me the same and she replies, "I love you wittle bitty" Makes me quite sad on one hand but pretty happy on the other. I know she loves me, and I am thankful she loves her Daddy and they have bonded so deeply!

 There were no less than 80 shots of this sweet face that he must have taken of himself on my phone...had to post one. Handsome lil guy right there!
 Visit to Enid and got to see our cousins! Cherry Berry is the greatest yogurt on the planet!
 Dance parties are regular things in the Berg home. This picture just cracks me up. They were dancing maniacs this night. Just so happened to be the first time they ever heard the tunes Gangam Style. O dear goodness. It was a riot!
 Love the crazy kids...(who ALWAYS steal my phone!)

Love this little man to pieces! I love your Tux Shirt buddy. You look mighty mighty handsome and you look like all you need is a prom date inserted in those arms. Goodness me, thank the Lord you are not that old! Time is flying by and I know your heart and there's not a girl on the planet good enough for it. Just stay little forever!