Friday, September 14, 2012

Diva Girlz

There was a Groupon for half off of Diva Girlz Studio for an hour of dress up, hair do, and fingernails! Nonna couldn't resist. So I packed up the girls and we headed over the "studio". We had the ENTIRE place to ourselves. The girls (and Nonna) were in glitter heaven. They loved every second we were there!

 Sissy grabbed the mic and began hamming it up while sissy got her hair done.

 Then it was off to fashion diva central and they had a blast changing outfits about 100 times.

 Charleigh was SO cute and loved the mirrors to watch herself bedazzle the "crowd"
 I have a ton of video that will haunt Creighton when she's a teenager, but she wasn't for a second still enough to get a clear picture. The girl can rip up the walkway! She's got more sass and attitude than any 5 year old ever should. She's got moves and can sing too. It was hysterical watching her. (Although she will NOT do it in front of a crowd for ANY.THING.)
This is what your feet look like after an hour of playing in glitterland :)
The girls had so much fun Nonna couldn't resist booking their birthday party there for the fall! Needless to say three people were over the moon excited about the endless possibility of girlieness about to ensue in October! Thanks Nonna for so much fun for all.

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