Saturday, September 1, 2012

Oh Charleigh

I get to spend a ton of time with this little munchkin since we pulled her from school this fall. She's a pretty good little trooper. I think it's funny how hard she falls asleep. I often throughout the weeks will remember to take pictures. I find her all over her room in strange positions and it cracks me up. Too bad she doesn't sleep so hard all night long as this little monster has gotten up in the middle of the night or early early morning for several months now. We're really really hoping she outgrows this VERY soon.

 She still has a love for ALL things Mickey and/or all things red.  She stops anytime she sees something even if it's stuff she has and/or couldn't use (ie iphone case)

 She lounges around here some mornings like a princess...

 They just don't get cuter than this!

 She LOVES going on dates with Ashley. Cute lil pair right there!

 We have fun glow in the dark pjs....she thinks they are awesome....because they are!
 We play dress up and photo shoot a lot!

 Sometimes we are still in our jammies at lunch and we watch Dora...the best day ever!
 This child has no shortage of Mickey...seriously is this a disorder?


 We love going to the park!

I love this time I'm getting with her! She's one special little gal and I am so honored to be her mommy

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