Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Getting Our Craft On

 Since school started we all spend less time in front of a screen (or that's the goal anyway) and Jackson found a love of legos that I am so thrilled for! I love that he can entertain himself for hours building and rebuilding and he doesn't even have very many pieces yet. But he loves building ships, aircrafts, and cars. He's pretty talented. :) Love my little man.

 Pancakes in the morning! Charleigh wanted to help make the batter. And then I got carried away with the designs 

  Dad is our superman around here.
 that was suppose to be a yellow jeep for daddy, but it kinda looks like a Model T or a truck or something
 little mickeys and a bunny
I went to a sewing party with my friend Ana and she taught me (and helped me) make this cute bag for my sister for Christmas! Her favorite colors are green and orange! I think for my first ever bag it turned out pretty great! It got me hooked...
 So I came home and started working on other projects.

 The kids made their own bean bags (with A LOT MORE HELP THAN I ANTICIPATED from me) But they loved them....and they think they did it all :)
 I made Jackson's teacher a bag for her birthday. Mrs. Butler. It's for a 1st grade teacher and looks the part...maybe a little too much, but oh well....it's bright :)
 I made these cute t-shirt bags out of tshirts they'd outgrown but were some of their favorites so they can keep them around forever now!
 Charleigh doesn't always like to sit still long enough for me to yank and pull on her hair. But I love it when she does because I think she looks adorable with her hair did!
 She's just too cute.
The girls and I went to Nonna's one afternoon to make cookies! They looked fun and were certainly fun to make but they tasted awful....oh well. :) That way you have lots of fun and don't have to consume a ton of calories after/during :)

Love being crafty! Just have to get past the caring that it destroys my house/kitchen every time we decide to do anything "fun" ....it's just stuff and it's never really clean anyway....so craft away

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