Friday, August 17, 2012

First Day of School 2012

We went the day before school to meet our teachers and take our supplies. I can't believe I have a FIRST grader and a KINDERGARTENER! Wow. Times are a flyin'!
They woke up super early and all went well. Creighton wanted to wear the outfit that Nonna and she picked out (without Mommy's approval) but oh well. She looked a little too old, but quite cute.  Jackson on the other hand is like me and just doesn't care. Love the basketball sweat band on the arm too Bubba!

 notice the heels on that girl...oh my word. again, not necessarily mom approved...but the things that Nonna picks out are usually Creighton's favorites.
 Charleigh didn't start school until the following week but EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. she went to school with the big kids (to drop off) she brought her bag with her not really a lunch sack inside.

 Daddy's hands! I love that he loves being involved and that his job is flexible enough to be!

 We made it to Mrs. Butler's room. All smiles and excitement from this guy! No tears, but love that he still lets us cuddle and love on him, even in the midst of peers!

 Creighton was a little hesitant but did wonderfully! She is one of the tallest in her class and one of the oldest. She adapted quickly and loves Kindergarten. Mrs. Stoll is an amazing K teacher!

 As usually, we love cream after the first day of school may be a keeper! :) Love these crazy kids. Everyone had a great first day!

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