Monday, August 13, 2012

Haiti 2012

 We led a trip to Haiti with 15 others. We left at 4am and we had friends send us off! It was very sweet of them to come that early!
 This is the group that left from Tulsa. 2 more met in Atlanta and 2 more met in PAP.
 We arrived and went to church Sunday morning. It was a beautiful service! So different than anything I've ever been to in the states. Sweet babies to love on the whole time. Two older girls (maybe 10 and 11) fell asleep in my lap during the service. I was delighted!
 Love serving alongside this man of mine.
 And some of our really good friends (whose first visit to Haiti was while they were engaged, same as Jeff and I back in 2003).
 We learned Creole or attempted. But I hope I picked up a lot more this time that will actually stay with me!!!!
 We do this at every beach, why not Haiti :)
 Sweet Kabecca
 This was the first time we met the little boy that we sponsor! Jacob! He's SOOOO cute! I love his smile. He was very shy with us this time, but you'll see later, he's perfect for us in every way :)
 This little man changed my life. I love him with all of my heart. My arms long to hold him again and whisper how special he is in his ear...and that I love him, because I do. Deeply.
 I paid to get my hair braided. It's not my best look but someone in Haiti got a little extra cash :) This was also as it was raining which felt SOOO good at the time. I love rain.
 Even in Haiti Jeff can find the "enquirer"
 Estephanie is one of my most very favorite little girls on the face of Neply. OH my goodness. The girl LOVES to giggle and to be tickled and I can't help but smiling just looking at her sweet dimpled little face. I can't wait to get back to love on her!
 Sweet shy little Jacob showed his other side with me this day! He was hamming it up and loved it when I tickled him.
 This is Ermanensky, Terrie is sponsoring him. He's a wild little 3 year old who is ALL boy and has TONS of energy.
 Monday Wednesday and Friday is the feeding program and I made sure to schedule my day to be at them each day we were able because I wanted this little man to know we loved him and that he matters to us.
 I think he felt pretty comfortable with us! :)
 I love this.
 Oh that gets me every time!
 We went on a moto ride. It was not scary like Jeff's face makes it seem. It was awesome.
 Amidst the extreme poverty is some of the most gorgeous canvas and God's brilliant artworks...
 Sweet Jay and my dear friend Izzy. She's a precious sweet and joy-filled woman of God. I just love her. I had a really difficult experience that involved this sweet precious boy Jay, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to have spoken up for him. He will forever be etched in my memory and heart. We love and miss you Jay. (He passed away a few weeks after we came back from a seizure). 
 Sweet sweet Malachi. Oh my word. Sweet boy.
 Came-Suze! Love this girl and her precious smile and heart. She's truly so smart! I loved getting to see her in action in one-on-one class with Izzy. She amazed me.
 Outside the gates. Love happens right there. It's a beautiful thing!
 my little ham
 Isn't she beautiful...
 Thumbs up....breaking language barriers everywhere :) *when in Haiti, just don't say "ok" with our hand signal
 Sweet friends of ours got to meet Blenton that they sponsor! Awesome little man who joined the MyLifeSpeaks family while we were there...
 This little guy attached himself to me at the beach in Neply. Seriously wanted to wrap him in my clothes and take him home....
 He really liked both Jeff and I...

 The boys and my man having the times of their lives...all of them! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that my man is sturdy and strong and loves to watch kids have fun and smile and giggle and he is like a human amusement park. I love you Jeff Berg.
  We had the opportunity to babysit on one of the first days we were there. Most of these little ones don't see many white people, don't leave their mommas, and definitely aren't trapped inside all day. It was a hard morning, but so good to bless their mommas in that way.
 This is when I first met Frensky! I love that he found a reason to smile!
 We took a trip on a boat that scared me half to death. It was man made and didn't exactly hold water out of it. It was a sail boat and on more than one occasion I definitely thought we were flipping. Parker was the resident captain and assured me numerous times it was perfectly fine though. Jeff, Parker and Chris got spend time with Eli a lot on our trip, too. Sweet kid of Missy and Mikes!
One of the projects we got to do was build bookshelves...

 Spending time learning Creole...
 We were blessed to be the last group of the summer and so we went to the beach with the whole Haitian and American staff at myLifespeaks to celebrate and love on them. We got lobster fresh from the ocean! Yummy stuff!
 Jeff built a tent out of these beach trees...pretty cool.

 Missy and her hubby Mike are directors of MyLifeSpeaks. This is us saying goodbye!
 On our way home we were stuck in ATL for a day. It wasn't very fun but we did arrive home later the next day...exhausted but ready to go back to Haiti!

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