Sunday, May 24, 2009

What we've been up to: Part III, Hair cuts

Jackson got his first haircut when he was one at a barber shop in Enid August 4, 2006.
Although the pictures don't tell the full story. It wasn't pretty. I think we tried one or two more times to get his haircut professionally before we bit the bullet and started torturing him doing it ourselves. Which is why, although he pulls it off pretty cutely, he has always had a buzz for the last 3 years of his life.

I got brave. I tried again. He liked watching Hannah Montana (another post entirely) and playing with the car (which actually "worked") while she did whatever she wanted to with his hair.

He has incredibly sensitive skin and although it was bothering him and his neck flared up like a bright red fire engine for hours, it was worth it. Because I just can't make it look like...
THIS! :)
All smiles and everything. Not one tear. That is a success in my book.

Now Creighton well she is entirely a different story. The child was similar to me as a child, with do you say this...a gift of baldness for-ev-er.
So this was her first real haircut. I don't count the time I cut her mullet off (because Lord knows I have no idea what I am doing with scissors, especially cutting hair).
She was very much so liking the cars and the movie, but wasn't nearly as distracted as Jackson was. And, of course, would have NOTHING to do with them touching her hair.
So I dawned a robe, put her in my lap, and she was pretty good. They didn't do much except trim in because I want it to be long.
Jackson took both of those pictures...pretty good little photographer :)

Best thing about it was it was Toddler Tuesday at KidZoo's and so it was not even expensive...

But speaking of expensive and hair...I think I will NEVER get my hair cut at a kid place* again...I hate my hair right now and am trapped into waiting for it to grow a little more before I can do anything with it. Turns out the kids places are really good at what they do...making your haircut look like it is for a child...not really what I was going for.
*Jeff and I got our hair cut in Chicago at a different place than KidZoo's

What we've been up to: Part II, Potty Training

Creighton is doing SO well with potty training. She rarely has any accidents. Although 99% of the ones she has had have been IN the bathroom. She is a very big girl. I am very proud of her. I still put her in a diaper at night, although on several occasions she has been dry in the mornings. She doesn't quite like being a diaper and this is how I found her asleep the other day...sans diaper!
Her little tiny hiney looks so cute without a diaper in all her cute little outfits. Especially her little swimsuit. :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

What we've been up to: Part I, The Zoo

We met up with my college roommate, Michelle, at the Zoo the other day. I had a blast watching my kids interact with her kids and of course, meeting Noah for the first time. He's such a doll and a really really good baby.
This was towards the end of our day and Creighton was getting tired and Jackson was running on pure wild male adrenaline.
But cute, nonetheless.
The best one of at least 10 trying to get them all to look up. Malachi wasn't looking at my camera once. :( but 2 cute faces and one scrunched up Rae, and a somber looking-off Malachi = good enough.
They had a blast together. Malachi and Jackson are only 3 weeks apart, but Michelle is well over 6 feet and so is her husband. Needless to say he towers over Jackson in height and weight and maturity
I absolutely adore their innocence and sweet friendship...just look at the joy on their faces.

And then my sweet little girl...she just loves and adores her brother. Can you see how beautiful she is? I just melt with their smiles...especially the genuine ones.

Then this picture just cracks me up. I think I caught on film (digital) what happens when a little boy pulls his monkey tail too fast, too tight between his legs....ahahahah (I know I shouldn't laugh...but CA-racks me up!)
Michelle and I didn't get a whole lot of good deep conversation in between the 4 of them running around, but it was good to see her and let our kids play. It was a gorgeous day too! We were asking ourselves "did you ever think we'd be doing this?" "watching our little boys have the time of their lives together..." It was good. Really good.

Monday, May 18, 2009


I am alive. Just not well. Will come back to the real world first and then to the blogging world. :(

Monday, May 11, 2009

Potty Training...whew

Creighton's potty training is going well after a major setback on Wednesday and Thursday. We didn't have such a successful day on Wednesday as she had a pee accident (twice) and a poop in the panties. Not good...I took Kara's advice and threw those out...Then Thursday she went to Mother's Day out in panties and I mentioned that she didn't have a great day but hoped she'd be doing better today.

She didn't. at all. it was bad.

In fact the teachers were both saying: she is NOT ready. I thankfully wasn't the one that picked the kids up so I didn't have to face that embarrassment.

So I am totally ready to throw the towel in all together by this point, when by some crazy thought process I kept pressing on and encouraging the heck out of her.

She did better on Friday and only had a mini-accident once. Thankfully on our plastic covered chairs and wood floor (easy clean up). And she noticed and held it and finished on the potty. With lots of encouragement from said friend Kara, I again, pressed forward.

She did great the rest of the day.

She went with my mom and dad for the weekend. Didn't have one accident and that included 2 long car rides :) Whoo hoo.

Yesterday she did great as well and Jeff forgot to change her to a diaper for nap time and she woke up dry and I took her straight to the potty and she went. Huge success.

We went to school today again in underwear. I hope she does better. I get to face the teachers at the end of the day :)

Now this time I hope I didn't jinx myself into a setback again...:) SERIOUSLY. PLEASE.

I am so proud of her. Has nothing to do with me. DID YOU HEAR THAT? :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Potty Training--Not as Successful

Okay, so I wasn't gloating about Creighton and her Potty Training success. I was just merely recording for her (and me) how all this went about. But apparently God heard my pride and today humbled me (and her...although, wait, nope, she wasn't humiliated or sorry or anything).

She woke up and didn't want to put on panties, so I left her in her diaper for a little bit. Then I told her she had to put on panties now. She complied, but I should have taken her earlier comment that she most definitely did not want to be in panties...

We went to the Zoo today and had a blast. She did exceptionally well. I was worried in the car (45 minute) but she did well. We got there and I parked and we went straight to the bathrooms. They both went to the bathroom and was successful! Yeah!

We saw lots of animals and had lots of fun (although I was burning up and so were they because if you'll remember my post about dressing my kids with any regard to the weather, I failed again today). It was 80 and sunny out (I dressed us for 65 and black long sleeves and jeans for all!)

Anyway, as we were leaving the zoo I decided that Creighton would fall asleep in the car on the way home and I should put her in a pull up. She went pee on the potty again and then I put her in a pull up. Success!

She woke up from her very short nap dry. So proud :) Then we headed straight to the Dentist for Jackson. He did amazingly well this time at the Dentist, much UNlike last time. He was the perfect patient today and A BONUS, no cavities this time! I tried to get her to go there but she tried and said she didn't need to. For some reason that registered to me as she went....

So when we were at the park eating our snow cones (his treat for being so good at the dentist...loaded with sugar I know...but whatever), she peed on herself. For her credit, she did so after sitting down on a warm bench to get the rocks out of her shoes. She said "ut, oh" and I knew as I see a big wet spot from where she sat. But unfortunately it didn't bother her much.

So I got her all cleaned up and new stuff on. I tried not to discourage her, but to just encourage her to tell me when she needed to go. (and of course I went nuts when she did so well at the Zoo but I think without the immediate sticker award it didn't quite have the effect I had in mind).

Anyway, so we come home to eat before church and we are not home 10 minutes before she said "Poo-Poo". I was quite sad to realize she didn't mean she needed to go...

but rather,

HAD already. In her panties.

It was gross, but not nearly as gross as I imagined it being (thank goodness). Got her cleaned up and realized we'd be at the church for 4 hours almost and didn't want to mess with it so I put her in a pull up. The nursery workers said they kept asking and she didn't need to go. But her diaper was wet when we got home. So today wasn't nearly as successful and I am wondering if I should just lay off...although I had started to get excited about the thought of no more diapers.

EVERY single time I ask her if she needs to go, she says no. But if I tell her it's potty time, she will go most of the time (at least tries). I think this is because that is what they do at school, not sure. So I am thinking she might not totally get the concept yet.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Potty Training Day 3

Potty Training is going well thus far. Creighton came in our bed this morning early early so I didn't get her out of her diaper until it was FULL later around 9. So definitely didn't make it through the night (or at least the early morning) without pee. But I am not so worried about night time right now. That was what came first for Jackson though.

But today is day 3. And I'd give her shooting stars in my book!

Yesterday she had one accident but I'll give her credit because she was all the way in the bathroom on the rug but didn't make it on the toliet. She stayed dry all day at school in the same pull up for 5.5 hours there. Then at home she was back in panties! She didn't poop all day though, not because I didn't have her try several times though. After bath I put on her diaper for bedtime and she pooped within 20 minutes. That was a mess...but oh well...

Because today, she has done amazing and hasn't had one accident since she has been in panties. She didn't wake up from her nap dry, but she was in a diaper. But today she did poop on the potty all by herself. I didn't even know she was in she accomplished it ALL BY HERSELF! Whoo Hoo! She is back in panties now. So we'll see how the rest of the day goes now that I set her up :)

I am very proud of her! She is doing wonderful and is ahead of the game in my book, not even being 2.5 yet. I figured she'd take forever to begin training....this came out of nowhere.


Tuesday. Today is Tuesday. Today starts the Tuesday Blog Party to help raise awareness and money for the childhood cancer Neuroblastoma. Please consider helping in any way you can, whether that be financially, prayers, or donations (prizes to donate to make money). In honor of Tuesday Fiona Whitt, a precious 2 year old who died from this awful disease just 95 days ago.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Easter Galore!

Please visit here to see all of our awesome times at Easter. I finally finished and it won't move to the top of my blog posts...

Easter Galore!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cold & Rain GO AWAY

I am very ready for sunshine and no more rain. I haven't checked the forecast for the week though. Mainly, because I never do. I am THAT mom who sends her kids to school in shorts because it was warm on Sunday, only to find out that when I pull the van out of the garage there is snow on the ground, and typically I have forgotten their jackets too! :)

My kids are bouncing off the walls to get outside. So the last few days whenever it hasn't been pouring, even though our backyard looks like a pig pen full of water and mud, I have been letting them play outside. Of course, Creighton now has a minor cold. But whatever.

I'm over it.

I am forcing summer whether it's ready to come or not!

My children have outgrown 90% of their cold/cool weather clothing and I refuse to buy any more just to have summer finally come and them not be able to wear it ever again. So they look a little, shall I say, home-ly most of the time. Jackson's long sleeves are now three-quarter sleeves and pants are capris. Oh yes, and he is dressing himself these days, so he looks AWE-some.

Oh yeah, and we are in the mix of potty training Creighton as of TODAY. She is ready I think. She's been showing some signs for awhile now.

Today after church she put herself in big girl underwear and took off her diaper. She peed in the toilet. She got a sticker on her chart. My mom called to tell me she pooped on the potty all by herself at her house last week, so I let her put some more stickers on her chart for that. She peed one other time, and only a little leaked in her underwear before she remembered to get on the toilet. All-in-all a good first day. No accidents, but in all actuality she was only in panties for like 5 hours I think.

We'll see how this goes. I am not forcing it in the slightest but I am excited with hope that ONE day in the future I will be finished with diapers in my home...maybe forever :)

I am hoping to post my Easter pictures tomorrow...yep...only a month late.