Sunday, May 24, 2009

What we've been up to: Part III, Hair cuts

Jackson got his first haircut when he was one at a barber shop in Enid August 4, 2006.
Although the pictures don't tell the full story. It wasn't pretty. I think we tried one or two more times to get his haircut professionally before we bit the bullet and started torturing him doing it ourselves. Which is why, although he pulls it off pretty cutely, he has always had a buzz for the last 3 years of his life.

I got brave. I tried again. He liked watching Hannah Montana (another post entirely) and playing with the car (which actually "worked") while she did whatever she wanted to with his hair.

He has incredibly sensitive skin and although it was bothering him and his neck flared up like a bright red fire engine for hours, it was worth it. Because I just can't make it look like...
THIS! :)
All smiles and everything. Not one tear. That is a success in my book.

Now Creighton well she is entirely a different story. The child was similar to me as a child, with do you say this...a gift of baldness for-ev-er.
So this was her first real haircut. I don't count the time I cut her mullet off (because Lord knows I have no idea what I am doing with scissors, especially cutting hair).
She was very much so liking the cars and the movie, but wasn't nearly as distracted as Jackson was. And, of course, would have NOTHING to do with them touching her hair.
So I dawned a robe, put her in my lap, and she was pretty good. They didn't do much except trim in because I want it to be long.
Jackson took both of those pictures...pretty good little photographer :)

Best thing about it was it was Toddler Tuesday at KidZoo's and so it was not even expensive...

But speaking of expensive and hair...I think I will NEVER get my hair cut at a kid place* again...I hate my hair right now and am trapped into waiting for it to grow a little more before I can do anything with it. Turns out the kids places are really good at what they do...making your haircut look like it is for a child...not really what I was going for.
*Jeff and I got our hair cut in Chicago at a different place than KidZoo's

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I love his big boy haircut!!!!