Monday, June 1, 2009


This is my excuse for not writing much lately. Even though, yes that is my husband. And yes that is a weight pulling down, or otherwise pulling his head off his shoulders. He has some MAJOR neck issues at the moment. Words from: never, always, paralysis, etc. are a constant in our conversations and my thoughts. Other words like: poor, broke, bills, insurance, etc. are other reasons why I feel I am in a constant state of nervous breakdown/anxiety attack.

But no worries....he's just driving across country with 20 teens (for a week) to go on a wilderness leadership development and team building mission trip in which they are rafting, climbing, hiking, rappelling, which...of course, sends me into another aforementioned attack. :/


wiggs said...

What happened??? I didn't know he was hurt!!! Many prayers to both of you!

jeff said...

But I'm doing good and we are half way through!! :)