Monday, June 8, 2009

My Funny Boy

Jackson and I were in the midst of the bedtime routine and we were just talking (one of my most favorite times with him). He was telling me that his Nanna was suppose to get him Simon, like his Alvin.

We don't have TV, but my mom, (nanna), does. She watches HGTV and DIY and 'fun' channels like that. Well I guess Jackson knows that...a little too well. :)

Here was our conversation:

J: Nanna is going to get me Alvin and Simon
me: you already have Alvin and you really don't need any more animals to sleep with
J: But, no Nanna is going to get it when she sees it on H-T-G-B or D-O-Y.
me: [cracking up] huh?
J: yeah on the TB, nanna will get them when she sees them
me: [still cracking up] buddy, i love you more than words...and you are SOOOOO funny!

Oh what a mess. He says funny things all the time. I always forget them by the time I have time to sit down and write.

He was on the phone with Jeff the other day:
Jeff said something (not sure what)
Jax: um, dad, can you repeat that, I didn't hear you.

It was just funny...he's only 3 and it was just weird to him talk so "old"

Everytime he is in trouble and gets a spanking he always beggs wholeheartedly: pwease don't do a hard won. juss an easy won. do a soft won. *i laugh almost every time...:)

He is just as smart as a whip (how smart is that exactly?) I just love this boy! There are so so so many more that I can't think of right now. He makes me laugh every day. So thankful for him.

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