Saturday, June 6, 2009

Stashed Treasure

So for the last 3+ hours I have been on a frenzy. I have cleaned out over half of my wardrobe. LONG LONG LONG overdue. Seriously there were things in there that were ancient!!!!

I also separated winter and summer clothes ( a first for me). I always do this for my kids, but why it never crossed my mind to do it for us I don't know. My closet looks empty and AMAZING!

I have at least 7 trash bags of crap stuff for our garage sale/give-away (just get it out of the house). :) That makes me so so incredibly happy.

A few hours alone of total boredom I knew would lend a happy hand to my home. I cleaned out our hall closet too! Woo Hooo!!!! I was on a roll.

Funny story. When I was going to put some things away in bins under Jackson's bed I found that he has been snatching things and hiding them under his bed!

I found grape jelly!
I found my favorite bra that has been missing for weeks!
I found his favorite toy.

He has several other things stashed under there but I couldn't believe he took the jelly and my bra! Why? Oh that boy. He's so quirky. Made me laugh. Maybe that could be because it's 3:15 in the morning, but I had to write it down.

I love being productive. But I am so wired I am not sure I'll ever get to sleep tonight.

Wish me luck.

Oh, and I'd take pics but my husband, who thankfully returns to me tomorrow, has the camera (I've missed it almost as much as him...)

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Hannah E. said...

Oh, that's funny about under Jackson's bed! Maybe I need to go check under Jonah's...

I know how good it feels to clean out stuff and get more stuff out of the house! Way to go! I'm a recovered pack rat. As these little people in the house bring more chaos, I feel like I need to balance it out with less things. So I'm constantly purging.