Friday, December 29, 2006

A Great Day

Well last night we came back to Bartlesville...there is just something wonderful about being HOME when being away for so long....I LOVE MY HOME...I slept so well in my bed...even though I did forget my pillow and my squish at my moms...if you know me well you know I have this thing with my pillow--it was very sad for me to sleep without it...because I take it everywhere with me!

Anyway, Jackson fell asleep in the car and didn't even know I put him in his bed and slept all night :) and Creighton finally fell asleep at midnight and slept all night too! PRAISE THE GOOD LORD! It was nice to get about 6 straight hours! Then they both went back to bed after a little milk till 9:45 and SO DID I! Then Jax had breakfast while I nursed Creighton and then I pumped (7 ounces I might like to add :)) and then Jax and I took a shower together and it was so fun. I brought some toys in there for him to play with and he just had a ball the whole time and was so good! I even shaved and he just played the whole time--it was great. He was so sweet too...and then Creighton got upset that we had been in there so long so we had to get out to comfort her. We have had such a great morning. They are both currently napping and I am eating and doing laundry and getting ready to pack up to leave this afternoon to go to Enid...not so much excited about that...being home is so nice. But its only for 3 nights and 4 days...I guess I can do it. I am just a homebody! I love being with my things in my element and of course in my bed! There is nothing like sleeping in your own bed! If you can't tell I am obsessed with my bed and my pillow and well, just sleep in general!!! :) It does make the world of difference--atleast in my world.

Enid will be fun though because Jeff's mom always goes a little overboard on presents...which is fun:) Here is a picture of Jackson opening gifts at my moms! He was very thrilled to rip ALL the paper off. He got new sheets for his new big boy bed here! Not really a "fun" gift to open for him...but he loved it anyway. His new room will be SO cute. I am excited....but it'll be alittle while still before he gets out of his crib...I hope.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone! Ours was good. Its been a lazy day which is nice. Its kinda crazy when you don't have little ones that believe in Santa because then you don't have to get up at the crack of dawn with eager little ones ready to open presents. Jackson will be old enough next year though I have a feeling. Jeff didn't go to bed till 2 and I dont' think my brother went to bed much earlier than that and so the two of them slept till like 11 or so. Jackson was up early but my parents took care of him and by the time I got up at 9:40 he was already back down for a nap. Creighton decided to go to bed at a decent time last night but then she was up every 3 hours...but atleast she went right back to sleep each time. I was tired though. But a great gift to me was a nice 3 hour nap this afternoon...they just gave her a bottle and I got to rest! So great.

Well Jeff and I didn't have much to open today because we had already been given our gifts...but we did get new awesome sheets for our bed and an extender pack to Apples to Apples. Jackson and Creighton were very blessed too with a dvd player for the car with 2 screens...yeah for us! Then they each got a nap mat for school from pottery barn and they are cute. Jackson got a movie and a new radio/cd player for his room with his new sheets for his big boy bed! Creighton got 2 cabbage patch dolls, one for our house named Courtney and one for grammie's house named Amanda. It was a good Christmas! We haven't done anything really at all all day but it has been great! I love relaxing days...none of us but mom and dad have showered :) I think tonight we are going to Rhema to look at the lights...not one of my favorite traditions but I can endure it :) For some reason my mom loves it.
Merry Christmas!!!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

Well, we are mom and dad's at last. Tomorrow is Christmas! It's so funny how when you are kid that is so exciting and now its really just like another night/day as far as getting excited over presents that is. Of course, I know it isn't just another day as far as what the day represents....Jesus' birth! But, anyway, its just weird to grow up you know? Its even weirder that I have my own kids...yet neither of them have a clue about what tomorrow is either...Jackson so likes opening presents as he has already opened 2 early gifts and then of course has had his fair share of trying to get to many of the other presents under Grammie's tree. My mom's house is beautifully decorated...we didn't put up a single Christmas decoration at our house this year--my mom finally did bring over a baby pre-decorated tree and put it on my entertainment center to "decorate" for was cute...but I wasn't in the mood to drag all the stuff out of the attic just to fight Jackson about it for a month and put it all back up thanks...I had other things to do and many other battles to fight besides that one....we'll try in a few years maybe....

Well, I am exhausted as I was up this morning at 5 for no good reason...Creighton was asleep and I couldn't go back to sleep so I finally woke her up at 6:30 and then went back to bed a little bit before 7 and then the alarm came way too early at 8:15...I hit snooze a lot and finally rolled out of bed at like 8:40....needless to say it was a rushed morning and we were still late--my fault...but it was good and we made it to church just missed the first few minutes only.

There were 2 services tonight,but we didn't go to either...we did get the house cleaned and then we packed up and came to Owasso....

Jeff got the wii for Christmas and has been playing games.


Church was good...but man was it hard to get up. Jeff and I ended up eating at Montana Mikes because we only had Creighton (and she is typically behaved in restaurants). I had a sweet potato that was so good! I think I could have eaten 3. I had a steak that was decent as well. :) I love having sane meals out...we jump at the chance to do so when we can.

We are off to Owasso today and that should be fun. I am anxious to see my brother and sister and her kids. It should be an interesting week. Jeff and I already got our CHristmas presents from my parents---2 in that we were SO blessed by. They got us a new really nice camera that we got early so we could take pictures of Creighton and then yesterday they gave us my mom's Trailblazer...we switched them for the Malibu...
for some crazy reason my dad decided to do this for us and Jeff and I are extremely grateful. The Trailblazer has like over 126, 000 miles on it but it is better than us having to pay for a vehicle that we couldn't afford really right now...minivan shopping didn't go so well needless to say...but now it doesn't matter! We are very blessed by my parents...well all of our sets of parents actually....but my mom and dad are great! and have gone way out of their way to bless us this year.

My mom kept Jackson last night because their church was having a cool live animal nativity/birthday party for Jesus for the service today and she thought he'd like it...which I am sure he did.

I just pumped 8 ounces in the middle of the day (only about 45 minutes or so after I fed her)!

Merry Christmas Eve!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Eve Eve

The kids had their first bath together! How cute?! No nudie parts showing :)

I am tired and Creighton isn't wanting to sleep right now...but Jeff is going to hopefully stay up with her. We have a long week and a crazy week ahead of us because of all the commotion of being packed rather tightly in one house with 11 people (maybe more).

Today was a fairly good day. I like days like that. Although my house hasn't been this dirty in a long long time! I hate that...but even when I clean its dirty like 30 minutes later so its pointless. Jackson is spending the night with Grammie and that is good...maybe I could clean some tomorrow.


Yes, this is where we found him
(in case you can't tell--that is the dryer)
...and then today he just broke my powder and got it EVERYWHERE....he of course, thought it was very funny.

Isn't she sweet!

Creighton Teal Berg

November 3, 2006

3:00 pm 7lb, 6oz 20 inches

A good day

Okay, so Creighton screamed till 1am but then a miracle happened and she finally went to sleep and she slept until 7:40. I am shocked and so grateful...I got some more sleep,yeah...but then even better than that...Jackson slept through the night also and I gave him a bottle at 7:45 when he woke up and they both slept till 9:45...but wait, it gets even better from there...Jeff got up with them and turned on the noise maker in our room and I slept soundly till 11 oclock....yes, yes, you heard me 11:00...I am doing okay today because of all of that. I thought I might get knocked off the rocker last night because I was so irritated and tired but to follow up with a good night's rest makes it all okay. Jackson and Creighton are both asleep at the same time napping right now too so I finally got to take an unrushed shower by myself! It was amazing. Well, I am off to finish getting ready in peace and is so nice.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Crazy day

Okay, so really I know this isn't the case, but I truly felt like Jackson was Satan incarnate today. He was really quite ridiculous on all measures...for one during his morning nap in which he screamed the whole first hour, he tore down his border (wallpaper) off his wall and now his room looks so silly. Then he finally actually took a nap-thank heavens-and when he woke up he was no different. He was so destructive all day today everything...just knocking things off tables and dumping out everything and then he'd just run around everywhere like he was insane just running...without reason, and no direction, but running running running! I thought I might have a mental breakdown! Not to mention Creighton's tummy troubles are back in full force because I am actually eating a little bit of food. I am so so so very tired of watching her hurt. She is screaming at the moment very loudly--but I am pumping so she will just have to scream.
I need sleep and to fast forward like 3 years.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sleep is so good

It was amazing! I finally got sleep...for literally the first time in over 2 months I think I slept straight for about 7 hours. I got up at 6a to pump and then went right back to bed! It was great. Having no kids for a few hours was the most amazing gift ever. I feel better for sure.

Jeff and I are going to look at minivans today with my dad. yes, yes, minivans....I am going to be a "soccer mom" before my kids are even 2. Oh well. Our cars are the pits. We got the red car fixed and it was about 1000$ and the Malibu isnt' worth much so we are trading it in today or whenever we get the "new to us" one.

Much love to everyone!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Maybe a good night's rest

Oh how lucky am I that my mom and dad were willing to take my kids tonight so I can rest...peacefully without waking up all night....oh how excited. I am heading there right after I pump...I can't tell you how excited I am about this opportunity. I pray I am able to sleep.


I am so very tired today as my kids woke me up every 2 hours all night last night. Jackson has such a bad cough and I am so tired of it and it just won't go away. Creighton has been acting as if she is bothered by my food eating again as I started adding a few foods back in because I was dead sick of not eating anything. Bummer! I am so just tired of it all. I wish I had normal breast milk...or normal kids...:)

Anyway, today I haven't done a whole lot. My good friend Kara came over with her little girl Emma today because Jackson and Aidan are at school today. That was nice. But other than that I didn't do anything but a little bit of laundry. Too too too tired to do anything else.

Tonight is Jeffs last Nikao of the year :) And then he has 3 weeks off of Nikaos that will be very very nice. I love having him around. By the way, I have the greatest husband in the whole world. He has been such a great man, great friend, great daddy and great husband these past few weeks as I have struggled through this getting used to being a mom of 2. I love him so much and have never been more in love with him that now. That is a great feeling!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The first one

Well, many of my friends have a blog and I read them often and so I decided to finally join the world of blogging as a source of keeping a little diary to go back and read at later times to see what all I thought, went through, and how the Lord blessed and used my days.

My friends Kevin and Maria had their baby, Amari, today! Yeah for the Johnsons!

We had a small get together-err..Christmas party tonight and it was fun! We played bunco and hung out and I met a sweet new-to-bville couple with a little girl named G. It is so sweet that Lord brought us together because (the wife) is really wanting to find a good group of younger girlfriends and is struggling to fit in in Bartlesville...which I know all about. And they live in our I am excited to get to know her!

Well, its late and I am tired these days. I am waiting for Creighton to go to sleep...Jeff is holding her in our bed...but I am about to kick them both out....