Thursday, August 28, 2008

Grumpy Day.

Today has been a rough day. I wasn't feeling well last night and took some medicine for my stomach and didn't sleep at all. Then today my children woke up VERY early for them (Jackson several times).

Then Jackson went to his first (and according to Jeff, his last) Dance class (tap, ballet and tumbling). He did okay I think. 2 boys in a room full of girls (all 3-4 years old!)...glad I am not the teacher. Anyway, Creighton was a bear during the one hour trying to occupy her. She is driving me NUTS!

Afterwards we went to the FLC to attempt to play volleyball. They wouldn't listen and there wasn't anyone there to watch them, so they "won" and I didn't get to play. But I hurt my knee. I am not certain what I did, but it hurts very very badly! I can barely walk. So now I am tired and injured and my kids are on my very last nerve.

We are going to Enid soon and I can't wait.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Rare Moments...

This doesn't happen often, had to snap it while I could. Which also explains why the picture is blurry--little tiny finger prints all over the lens and no time to clean it off before the moment disappeared. She was reading to her baby (Emma) and Jackson was intensely reading his Disney Bedtime Stories book.

Okay, I don't know why I insisted upon posting 3 posts in 20 minutes, but whatever. I couldn't pass up any of them. This one specifically....(but don't miss the others :))

Running a 5K is just not for me...

Oh, and yes, my body hates me. Really. Truly. Hates. Me. Every bone, joint, muscle, ligament, nerve, and cell in my body is crying out in pain. Specifically my back, knees, legs and hips.

But as stupid as it sounds, there is a part (a very very small part) that wants to see if I could beat my time. RE-ALLY?! Here is where you say, Courtney, your competitive drive is OUT.OF.HAND.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jeff's Birthday!

Jeff turned 29 on Saturday...
(this picture was from when I surprised him on Wed. night at Nikao with a cake and 29 candles)

Oh yeah and I made his favorite cake (Dear Abby) this week too!

It has been one crazy weekend! We were suppose to leave on Thursday to go to Enid for Jeff's birthday weekend. But we changed plans last minute and decided to go next weekend when we had more time to hang out and everyone there would be less busy...

So I was still trying to make sure Jeff had a fantastic birthday (I really stink at that) on Saturday! I ran the 5K that morning and came home to a house that has never, in its life under our ownership, been so messy and gross. That is when Jeff decided that what would be fun would be to invite LOTS of people over to our house and have a cookout with kids and families from 5-9 and then from 10-1 invite singles, young adults and some youth over to celebrate again.

Wow. Do I love this man or what?

My body was telling me I needed to lie down and rest, but I didn't. I worked my tail off to clean the house, pick up the house, mow the yard, clean up the sun room and the backyard, play with and entertain and discipline the kids, go to Wal-mart to buy food for a gazillion people all in 5 hours (after running what for me, may as well have been, a full marathon), while he rested and was out of commission because of a migraine that suddenly attacked him. :) I wasn't the most pleasant person in the world during that time (he could tell you that). But by the time 5 rolled around, I was in good spirits, everything was done (for the most part) and we had a REALLY GREAT TIME!

There were about 12 kids and about as many adults here in the first wave of people and then after they left we got the kids down and then the next group of about 18-20 people came. By the time the last group got here, I was pretty much spent...but still was excited that Jeff felt loved and had a really fun birthday (well at least the part from 5p-1a).

Happy Birthday Honey! You aren't officially old till next year, so enjoy it for one more year. :) I love you so much. Sorry for being a bear for a few hours...but at least I am a go-getter, huh?! Happy 29th my love!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

My first 5K **Updated

Well I ran my first and probably last 5K this morning. Very unprepared (I signed up this morning and only decided to do it yesterday). I haven't walked 3 miles in a long time, much less tried to RUN it. My ability surprised me, it was my knees that gave out. That might have had something to do with the fact I didn't have running shoes on, I NEVER EVER EVER run at all for anything, and I am sure my running posture is horrific, since I was exhausted and just trying to finish. I am a sprinter though and so the last 200 yards or so was fun because I nailed it and passed 3 people...I haven't done that in a long time either though...I might hate life tomorrow but I am pretty proud of myself today. :)

Have a great day.

**Updated to add: I ran it in 31 minutes...about 6 1/2 minute laps...I ran the first 3K and then jogged/walked till close to the end then sprinted the last 200 yards. I was 98th finish total (not sure how many total runners) and 37th female. The first man finished 17 minutes. The first woman 24 minutes.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Creighton's bad day... worse. I hate it for her. Maybe she has an ear infection and that is why the child cannot hear (to listen to my voice) and cannot walk in a straight line for anything today. However, unfortunately, I don't think that is the case.

Read the post below and then come back to see the rest...

Her burn has progressively gotten worse all day. Every time I change her bandaging it has gotten worse, but seems to (hopefully) be feeling better for her. It is bright red (the flesh underneath where skin would normally be) and it is swelling immensely. I think her wrist has close to doubled in size and the actual wound is about an inch thick now this evening. But the meds I am giving her seem to ease the pain of it from how she is acting about it. I can tell it still hurts her when she does certain things or moves it a certain way, but overall, she seems to be back to my normal, very tough little girl!

But then, this evening, she was running through the living room carrying a step stool (why I don't know) and tripped and fell on it and cut her mouth all up. Her gums are cut and her lips are swollen and busted up. Then, not but 5 minutes it seemed later, she ran smack right into the door with her face, and has a goose egg on her forehead.

I mean really! She was so accident proned today I was worried to let her do anything...thankfully now she is asleep in her crib. I hope and pray that she sleeps well. Goodness knows she I need it! Thankfully Jeff will be home late tonight.

However, all in all, it hasn't been a horrible day (other than her injuries). They weren't too crazy for me and both took a great nap this afternoon. Thank you Jesus.

Creighton's having a rough day

Creighton has had a rough day today. poor baby. This morning she slept way later than normal, as in didn't get up at all till 9 (she usually feeds at 6:30). I was at the doctor and Jeff went in to get her and she had coughed and puked everywhere. When I got home she was all cleaned up and was happy as a lark running around the house. So that was just no fun...but not too bad I guess.

Then later this morning we were doing an art project (homework) for Jackson's class. I am a glue gun fanatic and think it is just easier and faster than any other type of adhesive, although now that I have kids, I might have to reconsider EVER doing it again in front of them...

Creighton decided she (obviously) NEEDED to do an art face I got another plate and was helping her make hers. I put a huge (quarter size) glob of smoldering hot glue on the plate and was gathering up the spaghetti noodles to use for her hair when she stuck her hand/wrist/underside arm right in it. I freaked because she was freaking. So my first instinct was to just wipe it away as fast as I could. I am pretty sure that made it worse. I am an idiot. For doing it with her in the first place and then for responding how I did. Although I am not certain that had I just left it on there to scald her skin all the more if it would have been any better. I reacted so fast...I just don't know. I keep replaying the scene in my head over and over.

She cries almost religiously every 10 minutes and holds up her arm. It looks TERRIBLE. It is huge too and all the skin is missing. I know that these things happen they are just not suppose to happen under my watch...ugh!

Anyway, the doc called her in some cool silver ointment and we are putting that on every 3 hours with a huge bandage wrap. She is finally sleeping now and I hope it just miraculously gets better. I am doping her up on tylenol and motrin every 4-6 hours. She looks miserable some times and then others acts like she is okay....I still feel awful about it.

She obviously HATES her face plate and when she sees it she just cries and says, "HOT!!!" very loudly. Poor thing. So much for that.

Oh yeah and Jeff is gone till midnight or later...yee-freakin'-ha

I did post below this morning before I left for the doctor. Everyone was asleep and all was peaceful! :)

Stepping Up.

We began our fall women's bible study on Tuesday. (It is Stepping Up by Beth Moore). I was so excited about it beforehand....and still am in the midst of it. I love fellowship of women during bible study season (s). I just love it.

I am in a group with some ladies I do know, some I don't. I am excited to get to know them all better. It will be a really neat opportunity. I've missed this deeply.

God is so at work already in me anyway. On Tuesday Creighton was driving me nuts in the morning and then when I dropped her off in the nursery (huge perk to women's bible study :)) she screamed bloody murder and made a huge scene and I was very flustered already (thanks a lot Satan) before it even began. I hate it that I wear my emotions on my sleeves! Everyone in the room knew it as I blistered through the doors with no grace at all, tossed my stuff on the first table and all but ran to back looking like a giant fool. Oh well.

The Lord poured out his grace on me through friendly smiles, sweet generosity of a good friend, and the spoken Word of the Lord by one of my most favorite female speakers of all time!

However, at the same time, the Lord was showing me He had a lot in store for me. When we split up into group time I was so upset. I was in a room with NOT ONE of my close friends (there are lots of them doing the study). I was really wrestling with God on this one...back and forth, should I stay here or just go to the other group. I knew God had a plan and that I was to stay and that He put me specifically in that group for a purpose and yet I was still frustrated about it. When I finally came to grips with God had a plan and a purpose and stopped pouting and started looking for "my place" here, in comes one of my very best friends, Kara...who happened to also be placed in my group, but had been nursing her sweet baby. God is funny like that. I still have a ton of other friends in the other group...and I know that God has a lot in store for me in this study, in that group, but he also gave me my hearts desire in having a "companion" and didn't leave me alone (although I know he was with me and there are some sweet ladies in that group that I do love).

A lot of that comes from things I have been wrestling with a lot lately...not fitting in, being alone, life not being "fair" know hanging out with a 2 and 3 year old all day is starting to rub off on me...bummer :) I know it is all very childish...but I am so thankful that even in my childish-ness, God sees me, knows me, cares for me, and KEEPS me. I love it.

This study has already taught me some serious things about my heart and my walk, and my life. I am so excited to jump in head first each morning. I have gotten up before everyone in my house 2 days in a row and I couldn't be more excited about it. I love my God. There is no other like Him. None.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Anniversary Blessings...

This was our 5 year anniversary. We were very blessed by having one of our youth parent board member's family watch the kids for us for free. It was so fun to be loved in that way. And then I had a gift card to Olive Garden, so our meal was free too! It was delicious...
It was nice to have that time with JUST Jeff as our days have been (and continue to be) chaotic at best. Thank you McIntire's for such sweet generosity for our family. We truly appreciate you more than you'll ever know!

Monday, August 18, 2008


My boy is just becoming hilarious to me these days. He knows how to say just about everything but some sounds he just can't make, and some things he says crack me up.

The other day we were playing in a cave/tunnel we had made and having a blast. It is like 10:30 in the morning and out of nowhere he says, "i haf a dewul, howa bowt we mate tookies" with the cutest expression of all time. He was so proud of himself. Apparently I make too many "deals" with him. :)

The boy LOVES praise and words of encouragement. He got himself completely dressed all by himself for the first time last Sunday and he was so proud of himself. He told me about 5 minutes before that I looked "pwetty" and then asked Creighton, "Rae, I wook han-sum?" It was precious!!! Then yesterday he asked Creighton if she "wyked my hare tut?" I am a little worried about his vainness (is that a word) because the kid is CONSTANTLY looking in the mirror and making faces or just staring at himself.

He loves to sing right now...a lot. He sings all kinds of songs and they are all really funny. Because usually he can't keep up with knowing ALL of the words some get left out or mispronounced. He loves playing guitar hero and one of the songs is Slow Ride. He sings it "low ride, takid e-bee" (slow ride take it easy). There are lots but I can't think of any more right now.

Anyway, he is just growing up so fast. Today he was so helpful with Creighton. He wanted to hold her this morning when she got up. Then he helped me change her diaper. Then got me her shoes. He was talking so sweetly to her. He made sure she had everything and was well taken care of on her first day of school. He is such a very sweet big brother.

We went and they both did amazing. No tears, just kisses and hugs, and waves good-bye! It was sweet. Creighton is in Miss Nadine's class and that is Jackson's favorite teacher ever. He was very sad last night when we were talking about it...but today he did fantastic! They grow up so fast (after the first year)

Friday, August 15, 2008


Tomorrow marks our 5th Anniversary! I am so excited. It is very crazy though. 5 years sounds like a lot...and we've been through a lot together, but sometimes I don't feel like it's been 5 years! I know I love him so much more than I ever thought I could love anyone! My husband is pretty amazing...and he is the world's greatest Daddy! Ever.

Thanks Jeff for 5 amazing years of marriage. I couldn't have hand picked you better for me, for us. You make me laugh and smile all the time. You are unbelievably giving of yourself to us and to all those around us. Thank you for serving us constantly. Thank you for pursuing Christ with intensity and depth. Thank you for wanting more out of this life. Thank you for loving me and our children unconditionally. Thank you for holding me. Thank you for expecting the best, but not requiring it. Thank you for making memories that most people only dream of. I love you with all I am. I'm excited about the rest of our days. Together. You amaze me. I am honored to be YOURS. I am in love with you and you are my very best friend.

Happy Anniversary.

School next week

Now that I have my cool blogroll that tells me if and when people have updated, I don't spend NEARLY as much time on here. You'd think that I'd have more time to blog on my own, but I haven't.

I am anxiously awaiting life to slow way down and get back to whatever normal is for us. I am not sure what that is, but my heart, my mind, and my body, need it desperately. I am afraid that if this is normal, I might internally combust or something.

The kids start "school" again on Monday. Can I tell you how excited I am about this? They really flourish there and learn so much. I love Good Shepherd! They will be there on Mondays and Wednesdays. Then on Tuesdays we are starting (FINALLY) our women's bible study back up! I love it and I CANNOT wait. We are doing Beth Moore's Stepping Up! The title alone gets me fired up.

Jeff will be back on his schedule of taking Thursdays off. The weekends are always a lot nuts for us, but that is okay...because they'll have school Mondays! I can barely contain my excitement.

But I am super excited about an opportunity (answered prayer) to do a side job (administrative) while the kids are gone on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (while Jeff is home). It won't be a ton of hours or anything, but it'll give me something to have to call my own away from home and it'll be fun and right up my alley! I start next week too! A big thanks to God for answering this mother's heart in a very unexpected way this fall! :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Retreat!

Our Ladies Retreat was awesome! Here are all the ladies that were there:

Backrow: Kim, Lydia, Dana, Kara, Emily H., Melissa. Front Row: Courtney, Emily M., Vicki, Sharla, Angel, Kathryn.

A group of 5 of went down early to get groceries, check in, and enjoy a few more hours of the retreat! It was awesome. We talked and played a few games and ate all the cookies before the other group got there, as well as, ordered pizza & went to get the groceries.
Once everyone else got there, we did an introduction game, ate pizza, did nails, toes, facials, and lots of fun things. Here are some of the girls soaking their feet in the tub for pedis.
And you can see some of them have on nose strips... :) (sorry girls)
We played several more games and had lots more conversation as well as watching some of the Opening Ceremony for the 2008 Olympics (way fun) before hitting the hay. There were 3 beds (with 6 girls) and then 5 downstairs in the living room and Angel braved it outside in the hanging bed under the stars (by choice).
The next morning we all relaxed and talked some more and ate breakfast and then took pictures!
Lydia and Dana had to head back early but the rest of us went to Los Cabos! It was fantastic. I loved it! I was SO full that we considered it lunch and dinner and went on our merry way!

The last group pic (minus the 2 that left early) at Los Cabos! From here most people left to go back home. However, Kathryn, Angel, Melissa, Sharla, and I went shopping and had lots of fun and found some sweet deals at Dillards! We made it back home around 8:30.
This was such a thing and I hope to do it a lot more often...can't wait till next time already!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lessons in Faith...

Well, good news is--I have my phone back.

Here is the story...

I deactivated my service. I was just mad after I left Chili's and felt deflated about it all. However, I had prayed and when I did, I believed, even though my faith in it was about the size of a mustard seed. (mainly because it wasn't "important" in the big scheme of things, and I knew ultimately I'd be fine without it). However, it is good to pray and believe. It's also fun, for one of the few times in life to get to see the "why" or at least a small part of the much bigger picture (myself).

I ended up reactivating it so I could call it a few more hundred times. I was convinced that someone had to have stolen it. There just was no way someone would turn in a wallet with loads of cash and not turn in the phone too (and I NEVER have cash on me, but happened to have paid with a credit card for our retreat and had all the "reimbursement" in cash).

So I called and called and called some more and figured I'd just annoy the person to death. Well, thankfully I did. Because a little girl, probably about 8 or 9 picked it up from the bathroom floor (must have fallen from on top of the TP dispenser) and in her words, "decided to took it" (if that indicates her age). While I was calling it, thankfully she didn't know how to turn it off or down and her dad happened to walk by her room. He heard it and I am pretty sure she now knows what it is like to be caught red handed! They called the number back that had called it so many times and asked if I knew who the phone belonged to. I was excited and raced to get my phone. (they didn't tell me the story until I got there).

The little girl apologized to me as she handed me the phone and then told me what she did. The mom was horrified and the dad looked like he might beat her silly (not really beat her). Then I asked if my wallet had been with it and you would have thought that the dad was then REALLY gonna beat her. I couldn't get it out of my mouth fast enough that I had it in my possession but was just curious if they had been together at the time she found the phone. The dad was about to come unglued and thought she had taken (or "tooken" :)) that too. I guess the wallet was still up on the TP dispenser and the phone had fallen.

I don't think this little girl will go through that again in a long time! And for the few hours of me worrying about my silly phone, I know it was worth it to teach her that little big lesson.

I am very thankful to have my phone. God cares about even the littlest things...that is neat.

Now, at the same time I write this story, I can't help but remember all of my friends and family who go through things SO much bigger (in life, in emotion, and even in the "scheme of things") and God doesn't answer their requests like they desire...nor has He always answered mine, but I continue to pray and believe and trust in His plan and timing and Sovereignty. Praise be to Him in the good and bad, the big and the small. Please continue to pray for the Cooks at this time.

Phone lost

Okay, so I am kinda upset at the moment. We met my parents for lunch at Chili's after church. I was in the bathroom with one or both of my kids at minimum SIX times! I left my wallet and my phone in there at some point. Well, someone turned my wallet in (with all my credit cards and over 300$ in cash still in it) but my cell phone wasn't returned. I am absolutely positive they were together. They can't find it anywhere. I am so mad! I returned to my car to get my cell phone so I'd have it in case Jeff needed me (he is gone for the next 3 1/2 days on a service project!)...ugh! I should have left it in the car like I had planned. Now it is gone...maybe forever. At least (obviously) someone turned in my wallet and didn't steal all my stuff....that was a good thing too because my car keys were in my wallet....

Please pray I find my phone! I know it sounds silly but I really would like to have it back.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Scattered Love...

Got back late this evening from a WONDERFUL weekend away on a Ladies Retreat. It was fantastic in just about EVERY way. We ate, we relaxed, we talked and played, and did lots more of all of that! I am tired tonight and will post pics soon.

But wanted to tell everyone that my husband ROCKS!

I came home to a cleaned house (#3), kids bathed and ready for bed (#2), and (#1)somewhere along the way he'd found a way to write on over 100 sticky notes (sweet love notes, things i can trade them in for, favorite things about me, etc) AND put them in lots of fun places (ie., everywhere) to find! HOW AWESOME?!

I love you much. Thanks so much for all you do...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Potty Training Day 5

I was so excited that Jackson made it ALL day yesterday without one accident. Then today, he did so great. Woke up dry again from both sleep and nap. He did great at Kara's house this morning and even pooped in the potty!

Then this afternoon, I was busy getting ready and was about to leave (which he knew) and he peed. Ugh! Then Jeff was home with him tonight and was busy with Creighton and said he had an accident again.

Jeff put him in a diaper. I was mad at myself for not telling him not to do this even if he had an accident. So when I got home Jackson was saying "I a baby, nod a big boyee" Um...halt! No, NO, NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO! How did this happen? I tried to convince him we needed to change back to our big boy underwear, but he was insisting he was a baby and wanted to wear his diapers. He wanted to "be a baby like RaeRae." Well, quick thinking...

I got out his chart and remembered we hadn't put on our stickers from earlier and told him that with all the new stickers that it had finally equalled a prize. But I told him only big boys got prizes and that babies couldn't go potty on the big potty and therefore couldn't get prizes for doing so. We added all the stickers (I fudged a little bit on how many he was actually suppose to get). Then I asked him if he wanted the prize. He said no, he wanted to be a baby still. I said calmly "okay, that is fine. Let me know when you want to be a big boy again and we'll get your big boy underwear and a prize." Within minutes he changed his mind.

We got his prize ( a new car) and he was very excited. We tried to go potty with no luck. Then 10 minutes later he said he needed to go. So he went. Then we tried right before bed with nothing. Then about 15 minutes later, he came out and told me he needed to go. Although I think it was a stall tactic, he did produce a little. I praised him and now he is asleep.

I am hoping he does well through the night and tomorrow. He is with Jeff all day tomorrow because I am at camp. Actually he is with Jeff all weekend roughly till Sunday morning. Should be very interesting. I really hope all works out well and he decides he wants to remain the big boy that he had proven to be so quickly. Just when I was getting a little "cocky" about how easy he was to "train". Serves me right!

Random Photo Stop V

These pictures are in reverse order, but oh random anyway.

We have spent a TON of time the past few weeks in our pool on the deck. The kids love it, I love it. It is awesome. I loved this perfect little smile on my little, mostly-potty-trained, man.

This is what Creighton looked like when I came back outside from putting something away last night. She was a mess, but at the same time looked really really cute and TOUGH! :)
Here she is all cute as a bug in her new pj's!

One day last week when it was blazing hot we decided to put water on the tramp, and ice and Jeff was underneath it with the water hose. They had SOOOO much fun. We did this for almost an hour!

Just liked the determination on his face! :)

My littlest messiest girl on earth!
We have done a LOT of playing in the mud this summer...a lot! They love it and I don't mind. It's creative play that keeps them very entertained and busy for quite some time. Yeah.

We bought 2 new swings for our play set. The old ones were very very old and these are nice and new. The yellow one holds up to 350 pounds! They love them. We got rid of one of the baby swings and have one still up. Oh and I LOVE these UV ray protecting shirts/swimsuits...they are fantastic and that is all my kids wear everyday we go outside.
Here is our new patio! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It is soft, it's not hot, it's padded and it's cute. No more splinters or bumped heads. And we finally got our patio table and chairs too! We spend a lot of time out here and I love it!

They did a little (lot) more work to the fort. They added another window to get some air flow. They added the mid-bar on the balcony so they can't get through and fall as easy. They added another side to the stairs, and then of course got Jackson a "Jackson's Fort" sign and hung them up there! It is So hot that the kids will play up there for a little bit and have to come down because of the heat. I think they'll really like playing up there in the fall and maybe even the winter too! We need to paint it and run electricity up to it so the light will work and maybe we could put a little blower/fan up there to circulate more air.

The other night I went somewhere and when I came back home this is what I found. Jeff was passed out and so was Creighton! IT was so cute. Apparently Jackson was nestled under Jeff's arm watching the movie, but when he heard the garage door he came running to meet me! I loved this! It was like 8p and so she slept all night after I put her in her bed! ;)

Do they come more ornery than this? :) I love this kid!

I love these dimples! And her smile! She is one happy little girl...(most of the time)
They have found a new "hiding spot" and while they get there they destroy my closet. Not fun...well, it is for them...

Monday, August 4, 2008

Jackson's End of Day 4 Report...

All day, no accidents! Woke up from nap dry (after he FINALLY went down). I think he might be thinking he doesn't need naps anymore...boy is he SO wrong!

Anyway, so proud of my little man. He even finally pooped on the potty today. Is that normal for their pooping frequency to slow down during potty training/out of diapers?

I got better towards the end of the day not reminding him and making him sit on the potty to "try" but asking if he needed to go. The times he did go were the ones he went on his own timing without my asking...we are making progress for sure! Yeah yeah yeah!!!!

Hopefully I will get some pics up soon...just realized it's been a while!

Potty Training Day 4

Jackson got home yesterday and went potty. No accidents in the car! Then, 5 minutes after using the potty, he peed ALL OVER THE KITCHEN FLOOR. How he had that much urine in his little body after having JUST peed, is beyond me. But, we got that cleaned up and then 10 minutes later he pooped in his pants. He didn't poop the entire time he was in Enid...kinda worried me. So, it was massive. Thankfully Jeff cleaned that one up.

Today he's done a great job. He woke up dry! 7 times he's peed on the potty. Has dry pants so far all day...but hasn't pooped yet.

This potty training stuff is tiring! But I suppose it's worth it. It takes us a little while longer to get places, at places and leaving places now though! And my grand plan to train them together is shot because Creighton just isn't ready yet. Oh well. Gotta stay on the boy while he is willing and it isn't a fight....he isn't doing too bad. I haven't had the courage yet to stop telling him "it's time to go sit on the potty and try". I am afraid he'll have an accident.

I need to read my books, but I feel like my "approach" doesn't so much match up with any ONE general I am mixing a lot of them together....and now am playing a guessing game!

I must say, now I can spank him on the butt though since he doesn't wear diapers and his little butt is SO cute without that bulky thing on it! I love it!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Updating the Update

I also had some really neat conversation today with some ladies that I don't really know very well, but hope to maybe in the future. My friend Casey had her 3rd little boy yesterday and while I was up at the hospital, some of her other friends were was a neat little "time out" of life I was able to take because I was there alone without somewhere to be....awesome.

And, of course, when you put things out there on the web, they always come back to bite you...

5 minutes apparently after I got off the phone with my MIL, Jackson had his first accident, followed by 3 more accidents. So she put him in a pull up, to his protest. Well, thankfully he then had to go to the bathroom again a little later and she said he ran so fast into the bathroom and before she even got back there with him he was already on the potty going all by himself! And immediately asked for underwear! Yea! And she said he's been dry since then. Hopefully he will continue on.

Anyway, we've had a great day. Just hanging out and having fun and relaxing. I love the freedom there is in being without them, but I do miss them. And I really hate pumping...


Not going to spend much time here today, but wanted to write a few things:

1. The kids are with my in laws this weekend! :) They are happy, I am happy. The world is going smoothly today.

2. Jackson didn't have an accident yesterday once. Not even in the car in which he only had his underwear on and it was a 3 hour drive.

3. Jackson slept in underwear and woke up dry. And hasn't had an accident all day. Praise be to God!

4. Beth Moore was this weekend (which is why the kids are in Enid).

5. The Living Free Conference (Beth) was amazing. God showed me lots of really neat things and I am still trying to tumble through all of them. I will post more (hopefully) on this all later.

6. There were people at my house till 2:30a and I went to bed at 3. I am EXHAUSTED...but I can go nap...