Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Random Photo Stop V

These pictures are in reverse order, but oh random anyway.

We have spent a TON of time the past few weeks in our pool on the deck. The kids love it, I love it. It is awesome. I loved this perfect little smile on my little, mostly-potty-trained, man.

This is what Creighton looked like when I came back outside from putting something away last night. She was a mess, but at the same time looked really really cute and TOUGH! :)
Here she is all cute as a bug in her new pj's!

One day last week when it was blazing hot we decided to put water on the tramp, and ice and Jeff was underneath it with the water hose. They had SOOOO much fun. We did this for almost an hour!

Just liked the determination on his face! :)

My littlest messiest girl on earth!
We have done a LOT of playing in the mud this summer...a lot! They love it and I don't mind. It's creative play that keeps them very entertained and busy for quite some time. Yeah.

We bought 2 new swings for our play set. The old ones were very very old and these are nice and new. The yellow one holds up to 350 pounds! They love them. We got rid of one of the baby swings and have one still up. Oh and I LOVE these UV ray protecting shirts/swimsuits...they are fantastic and that is all my kids wear everyday we go outside.
Here is our new patio! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It is soft, it's not hot, it's padded and it's cute. No more splinters or bumped heads. And we finally got our patio table and chairs too! We spend a lot of time out here and I love it!

They did a little (lot) more work to the fort. They added another window to get some air flow. They added the mid-bar on the balcony so they can't get through and fall as easy. They added another side to the stairs, and then of course got Jackson a "Jackson's Fort" sign and hung them up there! It is So hot that the kids will play up there for a little bit and have to come down because of the heat. I think they'll really like playing up there in the fall and maybe even the winter too! We need to paint it and run electricity up to it so the light will work and maybe we could put a little blower/fan up there to circulate more air.

The other night I went somewhere and when I came back home this is what I found. Jeff was passed out and so was Creighton! IT was so cute. Apparently Jackson was nestled under Jeff's arm watching the movie, but when he heard the garage door he came running to meet me! I loved this! It was like 8p and so she slept all night after I put her in her bed! ;)

Do they come more ornery than this? :) I love this kid!

I love these dimples! And her smile! She is one happy little girl...(most of the time)
They have found a new "hiding spot" and while they get there they destroy my closet. Not fun...well, it is for them...


Jennifer & Anthony said...

I love all of the great pics. It looks like they are having lots of fun this summer!

Lu said...

Looks like a blast! BTW, I love the patio idea! We have the same pool... its great that we can all fit!