Monday, August 11, 2008

The Retreat!

Our Ladies Retreat was awesome! Here are all the ladies that were there:

Backrow: Kim, Lydia, Dana, Kara, Emily H., Melissa. Front Row: Courtney, Emily M., Vicki, Sharla, Angel, Kathryn.

A group of 5 of went down early to get groceries, check in, and enjoy a few more hours of the retreat! It was awesome. We talked and played a few games and ate all the cookies before the other group got there, as well as, ordered pizza & went to get the groceries.
Once everyone else got there, we did an introduction game, ate pizza, did nails, toes, facials, and lots of fun things. Here are some of the girls soaking their feet in the tub for pedis.
And you can see some of them have on nose strips... :) (sorry girls)
We played several more games and had lots more conversation as well as watching some of the Opening Ceremony for the 2008 Olympics (way fun) before hitting the hay. There were 3 beds (with 6 girls) and then 5 downstairs in the living room and Angel braved it outside in the hanging bed under the stars (by choice).
The next morning we all relaxed and talked some more and ate breakfast and then took pictures!
Lydia and Dana had to head back early but the rest of us went to Los Cabos! It was fantastic. I loved it! I was SO full that we considered it lunch and dinner and went on our merry way!

The last group pic (minus the 2 that left early) at Los Cabos! From here most people left to go back home. However, Kathryn, Angel, Melissa, Sharla, and I went shopping and had lots of fun and found some sweet deals at Dillards! We made it back home around 8:30.
This was such a thing and I hope to do it a lot more often...can't wait till next time already!


Dalene said...

How fun is that??? There is nothing more refreshing than time alone with our friends! I'm glad you got away....WITH your cell phone.

Angel said...

it was such a blast! we gotta go again, soon

Aubrey said...

Okay, so I'm really bummed that I missed out! Definitely need to plan another one soon so I can go this time. Looks like you all had a great time!

Lu said...

Looks like a blast! I wanna go on a girls getaway!