Monday, August 18, 2008


My boy is just becoming hilarious to me these days. He knows how to say just about everything but some sounds he just can't make, and some things he says crack me up.

The other day we were playing in a cave/tunnel we had made and having a blast. It is like 10:30 in the morning and out of nowhere he says, "i haf a dewul, howa bowt we mate tookies" with the cutest expression of all time. He was so proud of himself. Apparently I make too many "deals" with him. :)

The boy LOVES praise and words of encouragement. He got himself completely dressed all by himself for the first time last Sunday and he was so proud of himself. He told me about 5 minutes before that I looked "pwetty" and then asked Creighton, "Rae, I wook han-sum?" It was precious!!! Then yesterday he asked Creighton if she "wyked my hare tut?" I am a little worried about his vainness (is that a word) because the kid is CONSTANTLY looking in the mirror and making faces or just staring at himself.

He loves to sing right now...a lot. He sings all kinds of songs and they are all really funny. Because usually he can't keep up with knowing ALL of the words some get left out or mispronounced. He loves playing guitar hero and one of the songs is Slow Ride. He sings it "low ride, takid e-bee" (slow ride take it easy). There are lots but I can't think of any more right now.

Anyway, he is just growing up so fast. Today he was so helpful with Creighton. He wanted to hold her this morning when she got up. Then he helped me change her diaper. Then got me her shoes. He was talking so sweetly to her. He made sure she had everything and was well taken care of on her first day of school. He is such a very sweet big brother.

We went and they both did amazing. No tears, just kisses and hugs, and waves good-bye! It was sweet. Creighton is in Miss Nadine's class and that is Jackson's favorite teacher ever. He was very sad last night when we were talking about it...but today he did fantastic! They grow up so fast (after the first year)


April said...

He is so cute! What a sweet big brother...he wants his sister to have a good first day! You are very blessed!

rachel white said...

how sweet!! i love those precious stories! and i love your new page setup - cute!

so, tell me about the new sharpie pens...i had no idea there was something new on the market. i need to get out more! : )

how far apart (in age) are your kids?

Marci said...

What a precious big brother!! I always wished I had a big brother to look out for me. My girls will not get to experience that either.

Dalene said...

My kids also make a lot of "deals" with me. Mr. Man told me today, "I'll do it under one condition." I assumed this was because their father is a Used Car Salesman.... SERIOUSLY. He bribes, negotiates, makes deals, gives alternatives, looks at things from every angle. The kids have learned well.

Your boy is a cutie pie!