Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jeff's Birthday!

Jeff turned 29 on Saturday...
(this picture was from when I surprised him on Wed. night at Nikao with a cake and 29 candles)

Oh yeah and I made his favorite cake (Dear Abby) this week too!

It has been one crazy weekend! We were suppose to leave on Thursday to go to Enid for Jeff's birthday weekend. But we changed plans last minute and decided to go next weekend when we had more time to hang out and everyone there would be less busy...

So I was still trying to make sure Jeff had a fantastic birthday (I really stink at that) on Saturday! I ran the 5K that morning and came home to a house that has never, in its life under our ownership, been so messy and gross. That is when Jeff decided that what would be fun would be to invite LOTS of people over to our house and have a cookout with kids and families from 5-9 and then from 10-1 invite singles, young adults and some youth over to celebrate again.

Wow. Do I love this man or what?

My body was telling me I needed to lie down and rest, but I didn't. I worked my tail off to clean the house, pick up the house, mow the yard, clean up the sun room and the backyard, play with and entertain and discipline the kids, go to Wal-mart to buy food for a gazillion people all in 5 hours (after running what for me, may as well have been, a full marathon), while he rested and was out of commission because of a migraine that suddenly attacked him. :) I wasn't the most pleasant person in the world during that time (he could tell you that). But by the time 5 rolled around, I was in good spirits, everything was done (for the most part) and we had a REALLY GREAT TIME!

There were about 12 kids and about as many adults here in the first wave of people and then after they left we got the kids down and then the next group of about 18-20 people came. By the time the last group got here, I was pretty much spent...but still was excited that Jeff felt loved and had a really fun birthday (well at least the part from 5p-1a).

Happy Birthday Honey! You aren't officially old till next year, so enjoy it for one more year. :) I love you so much. Sorry for being a bear for a few hours...but at least I am a go-getter, huh?! Happy 29th my love!


Vickie said...

you are a very, very, very good wife!!!

jeff said...

Don't let her fool you... She did NOT mow the yard!! She did try and I stopped her (so she still gets points)...

I still love you honey!!

P.S. I didn't complain when you suddenly got 'pregnant' and I had to work around the house!! :)