Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Potty Training Day 5

I was so excited that Jackson made it ALL day yesterday without one accident. Then today, he did so great. Woke up dry again from both sleep and nap. He did great at Kara's house this morning and even pooped in the potty!

Then this afternoon, I was busy getting ready and was about to leave (which he knew) and he peed. Ugh! Then Jeff was home with him tonight and was busy with Creighton and said he had an accident again.

Jeff put him in a diaper. I was mad at myself for not telling him not to do this even if he had an accident. So when I got home Jackson was saying "I a baby, nod a big boyee" Um...halt! No, NO, NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO! How did this happen? I tried to convince him we needed to change back to our big boy underwear, but he was insisting he was a baby and wanted to wear his diapers. He wanted to "be a baby like RaeRae." Well, quick thinking...

I got out his chart and remembered we hadn't put on our stickers from earlier and told him that with all the new stickers that it had finally equalled a prize. But I told him only big boys got prizes and that babies couldn't go potty on the big potty and therefore couldn't get prizes for doing so. We added all the stickers (I fudged a little bit on how many he was actually suppose to get). Then I asked him if he wanted the prize. He said no, he wanted to be a baby still. I said calmly "okay, that is fine. Let me know when you want to be a big boy again and we'll get your big boy underwear and a prize." Within minutes he changed his mind.

We got his prize ( a new car) and he was very excited. We tried to go potty with no luck. Then 10 minutes later he said he needed to go. So he went. Then we tried right before bed with nothing. Then about 15 minutes later, he came out and told me he needed to go. Although I think it was a stall tactic, he did produce a little. I praised him and now he is asleep.

I am hoping he does well through the night and tomorrow. He is with Jeff all day tomorrow because I am at camp. Actually he is with Jeff all weekend roughly till Sunday morning. Should be very interesting. I really hope all works out well and he decides he wants to remain the big boy that he had proven to be so quickly. Just when I was getting a little "cocky" about how easy he was to "train". Serves me right!

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jeff said...

Isn't my wife amazing!! Even when she has a silly husband like me, that comes in and screws things up...

Great job tonight honey!! And the only reason the rest of this week will be "interesting" is because me and my kiddeos are going to have ALOT of fun!! :)

Good luck at your camp this make us all proud!!