Friday, August 1, 2008


Today, merely by accident, Jackson was forced to wear "big boy underwear" because I only had ONE diaper. It was his size, but Creighton needed it. So, big boy underwear and LOTS and LOTS of trips to PUBLIC restrooms it was!

He did superb! Here is the long version:

We were at the Family Life Center when he said he wanted to pee on the potty. So he went pee in the potty. Yes! Then I went to change him into a new diaper so we could leave (and Creighton had a poopy). Well in the diaper bag there was only one diaper. So, she got the diaper and he got the underwear. After I got her all changed I asked him to go again. He went again.

Went to the car, got to the library. Tried, no luck. Tried again 10 minutes later, only a little dribble. But still dry pants! Then we were reading and coloring and he said "Mommy I have to poop in my underwear" so we ran...literally the bathroom where he sat down and pooped on the potty for the first time ever for me. He has done it at school and then once when he was too little to know what he was doing. So we were all very excited. Then he peed again.

So we got to go to Mazzio's to celebrate. During lunch we went once with nothing. Then afterwards he went with success. Still dry pants. Yeah!!!! The sticker chart is working well. He gets a little sticker every time he pees and 10 little stickers equal a big sticker. Then he gets 2 big stickers if he poops. For every 3 big stickers he gets a treat. He is anxiously awaiting his prize from his grammy for going poop on the potty though!

I don't want to get overly excited....but I am pretty excited. I have wanted him to be ready to do this. I have to help him quite a bit still, but it isn't too bad. The only thing is what to do with Creighton while I am helping him. Thankfully Jeff was with us today because we certainly spent quite a bit of time in the restroom. But for our first day in pants, that is fine.

I know I am crazy to think it might be on the road to success all the time, but a girl can dream huh!?

He is sleeping now and I pulled a pull up on over his underwear, much to his disliking! He was very proud of himself!!!


Maria said...

It's amazing what they can do when THEY are ready! :)

Kipplyn said...

Great Job Jackson! He can be on the road to success! George was doing great, then we took him on a long road trip to PA. We made him wear pull ups and pee in them in the car so that we didn't have to stop every 30 min. I wouldn't recommend that. It caused for major steps backwards! Just keep taking him and praising him! Hopefully it will stick! :-)

Marci said...

Sounds like he is doing better than Cooper. Cooper sneaks outside on the front porch every time he needs to poop. Then comes in and says, "I poop in my pants".
I am considering putting a potty out there. How white trashy would that look - - -a potty on the porch.

Nise(Denise) said...

That is great! I used little hot wheel cars when Chandler pooped and it worked life a charm. He is very reward driven. Have fun!