Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I am very tired of winter here. I am not a winter person at all to begin with, but this is like Minnesota weather or something crazy. Our roads aren't too bad, but they aren't great by any means. I slid all over the place in the Trailblazer, but the Intrepid seemed to do fine. It snowed roughly all day today and they say on and off snow till Sunday. That is crazy. Enough snow already! I don't have a clue how much accumulated (that is a weird word) but quite a bit..nothing like November or anything, but probably a good 3 or so inches.

Jeff has to write all day tomorrow, which is a total bummer. I am sad because we can't really do anything because its so cold....thankfully we have the slide and the wii...they seem to occupy Jackson's attention the most lately...he also is fascinated with stickers...when Terrie was in town she bought him a bunch, so that will keep us busy too.

We had church tonight even though the roads were bad enough that most others cancelled. It was nice though. We had about 20 kids come and so it was small and cozy. We did it a little differently since it was so small...and it was good I liked it. Jeff was bummed about it I think because his talk didn't go exactly the way he maybe had wanted it to because all day he figured it'd be cancelled and then they were going to just play games because he didn't think too many would show up, but then when 20 came he figured he'd do a he hadn't prepared as well as he'd like to have. Oh well...for the kids that were there, it was fine. I think they had fun and that's what they'll remember the most anyway.

Both of my kids were somewhat fussy for the nursery tonight which bums me out, but atleast they are fine now. Jackson is so funny. He was running around like a crazy man tonight once we got home. He cracks me up.

Anyway, they are both down and I am almsot finished pumping so I am headed to bed.

I am thankful for my house that was cleaned today by a sweet lady named Luz. It was gift (4 hours of cleaning) from my hostesses at my baby shower for Creighton...I will tell you what...I am thinking more and more how great of a gift that is! She didn't get quite as much done in 4 hours as I was hoping, but the areas she did are pretty that is nice. I got to play with Creighton alot today because I wasn't concerned with cleaning...that was nice...I am thankful for that too.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bible Study

I love Beth Moore Bible studies because they are just great. She is passionate about what she teaches and that excites me. WE are doing Daniel right now (just started today) and it is like 12 weeks or so I think. I am really hoping that Iam able to stay up to date with the homework and videos...that is my goal atleast.
I was late this morning, but I don't think I missed but only a few minutes. It seriously just isn't possible for me to get there at 9. If my kids were more normal (and believe me I am glad they aren't in this area) and woke up at like 7:30 or whatever, then it'd be more feasible, but I can't bring myself to wake Jackson up before he gets up on his own. His sleep time is way too valuable to me. Then of course, the days when I am in a hurry he takes his sweet time to eat breakfast and get ready, but oh well. I was ready and if I could have left my kids at home, I would hvae been on time...that is a start. I hate it that they are showing the videos first becasue that means I miss parts....which I don't like. I wish they had the small group thing first but oh well. I invited my friend A to come adn I think she is goign ot come next week. So that is good.

I don't really have any fun new or exciting news to blog about today...this one is rather boring I guess.
I am thankful for the bible prayer request attached to that is that I woul dfind time to do the homework...

Monday, January 29, 2007

FEET and bad pictures

Okay so my friend Maria had an awesome picture of Kevin and Amari's feet taken by her stepmom and I LOVED it and so I tried to do it with Jackson adn JEff and that failed miserably, so I tried it with Creighton and my feet, and again, FAILURE...but I thought Maria would get a kick out of looking at my useless attempt at photography like her mom. Oh well. It was a fun family memory I guess. I love baby feet...and I love even more footprints in the sand adn stuff like that....I think it is cute that you can see Creighton's tiny hiney in the picture of our has flowers on it:)

P and Jackson

I didn't post yesterday because I wasn't feeling well and my kids were crazy and fussy all day and I was wiped out. Jackson has been a maniac lately. My in-laws left sunday morning and I had my parents come up (because they wanted to see the kids too) because I wasn't feeling well enough to be able to handle them when they were like they were...they were a handful for all of us the entire time. Jeff had a youth event for parents last night and I went ot help out and be there to support him and they had kid care there that was nice. Jackson was kinda naughty there too they said...I think he was very spoiled over the weekend, he's not feeling great, and he was very tired...all excuses yes, but valid ones I suppose.

Today at school he bit P again....this time they said he bit his Jackson's defense, I'd probably bite down if someone stuck their finger in my mouth too....they keep telling us we need to work on the biting at home...but he doesn't bite anyone but I don't knwo what to do. They (the teachers) think P is just an angel...but surely he's doing something to egg Jackson on or frustrate him or something....I don't know. Besides biting P, he has been naughty shoving, throwing and hitting with toys. He doesn't really do it much with just me and Creighton at home, but I guess with other kids he does, because he did tonight when Emma and Aidan were here. Poor Aidan too...I ran into her and she bumped her head and it immediately turned blue and swollen because she kit the corner of the door frame right on one of her blood vessles I think. The kids were funny and they were loud too. THey all liked playing on Jackson's new climber/slide. It was too cute. I was glad to have girl company/conversation.

Tomorrow I have bible study really early too...not excited about the early part, but really excited about the bible study/fellowship time (and not too bad to be away from kids for an hour and a half too).

Well, I have a huge headache adn I am very tired because Creighton has a stuffy nose so she hasn't been sleeping well and I have had a sore throat and my ears are hurting too now...I hope I am not gettinga sinus infection (the doc said they weren't contagious---she better be right). I hope Jackson is feeling bettter soon and maybe he'll return to normal....and hopefully sweet.

I forgot to post a "thankful for" the last time I posted so I'll post two today:
I am thankful for my friend Kara who let me borrow all her maternity clothes, and I finally got my closet cleaned out and returned them to her tonight (and I am thankful for my friend Kara for lots of other reasons too)
And, I am thankful for my husband who has been a huge help to me today in getting the house picked up!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

recovered post from earlier/todays ramblings

Jeff recovered part of my post from earlier...we thought he had shut it down but he found this...but then after I thought he'd lost it, I started to retype it all...then in the middle of that, I lost it for went psycho on me or something and was all I figured it wasnt' meant to be posted for some reason...but here is what I had written:

Yesterday Jeff's parents came in to town. That's been nice to have them here and to have some extra help. We didn't do much yesterday day...although I did go visit my friend S who finally had her baby. He is precious. He is a big boy and he has HUGE hands and ridiculously big, he will be a tall boy for sure! Mom was doing well although she was mad at the hospital staff for treating her like poop which at Jane Phillips here in bville happens quite a bit! I hate the hospital here, even though they did somewhat redeem themselves when I had Creighton...

Anyway, but last night Jeff and I went to see Brian Reagan (our Christmas present that got iced out but rescheduled for last night). It was great. He was hillarious and the comedian before him was pretty funny too! I was glad that it was all new material...because we've seen/heard 2 of his dvds/cds he has out and I was afraid it'd be mostly the same stuff we'd heard but the first hour and ten minutes were all new and so funny. It would have been even better had my stomach not hurt. We were late leaving bville because of a million reasons and therefore we didn't have time to go to a good dinner. Our choices (because they were right by the theater) were Spaghetti Warehouse (which I can't stand) and Mexicali which JEff didn't want...but we tried to get into Mexicali anyway and the wait was too we went to SW. It was ridiculously small portions for way too expensive and I had cramps and other stuff in which I missed about 10 minutes of his show because of...I have never had a good experience at SW. But other than that the night was great. WE came home and Jackson was asleep adn I fed Creighton and she didn't want to go to bed right away but she was smiley so that was okay. I got her down about midnight and I hit the hay. She didn't wake up till 7 and Terrie fed her anyway...and then I didn't get up till 8:30 when I heard Jackson adn I was in desperate need to pump....and I pumped 12+ ounces...that's a lot of milk! Anyway, Creighton went to sleep after Terrie fed her at 7 and slept till I woke her up at 10:45....she slept so much. :)

Here is today's news:
Jackson was kinda a bear all day though because he woke up way earlier than normal at like 7 and then didn't take very long naps today. OH well...Today we went to eat at Outlaws (seems to be my parents and Phily/Terrie's favorite in bville nowadays). It was good again...I like it. I always get the chicken though because I can't eat too much else now...but I think I am adding a little bit of dairy and other things in randomly and she doesn't seem a whole lot more fussy than normal...I think its just the "colic" that hurts her at night no matter what I eat. I dont' want to get carried away yet with eating just anything, but I am slowly going to incorporate more and more unless she loses it in the next few days or soemthing.
Not much else really...just a nice walmart trip to get a bunch of things...that was was crowded though. I am tired...hitting the hay

Thursday, January 25, 2007


This is Jackson's new climber/slide thing that he loves...and the green tongue is due to the popscicle he ate after he busted his lip open...:)

That is Creighton chilling in her brother's Thomas the Train couch and her bumbo. She looks like she's waving in the first one...I like it...she is getting so big!
Okay, so tonight we decided we'd go to Bueno to eat adn I was excited because Jackson typically eats really well there and I can actually eat there without upsetting Creighton too much and Jeff will eat about its perfect! Well, we show up at like 7:57 and the doors are locked...well I was thinking that some kid must have been playing and locked them or something so I knock on the door to one of the customers sitting and eating at the bar adn he ignores me and finally I knock again and he looks at me funny and points to the counter and they look at us and ignore us too...finally he walks over and one young boy employee walk over and unlock it and I ask if they are closed and he answers No, but the manager was just mad because we have been really busy tonight so she locked it...(i still don't know who "she" is). All the employees look pissed and grumpy but he says its fine. I ask if they were so busy why there were only like 3 groups (2-3 people each) in the restaurant..and he said its the slowest they'd be in 4 hours...I was SO mad....I couldn't believe they locked the door 2 hours before closing and ignored us and were totally rude and ....ugh...I was furious....I really wanted to eat there and I drug my 2 kids out of the car into the cold and they were we walked out. We ate at Arby's instead and it was cheap and good and Jackson ate well there it worked out but I was REALLLy mad....but Jackson did really well and Creighton slept the last half and smiled and cooed the entire first that was nice. Jeff and I had good conversation and we all ate for under 10$. And while we were eating one of our couple friends we know from Kamp (and one of them was in our wedding) called us and told us they are moving to tulsa...I am so excited!!!!!!!
I am thankful for Jackson's laughter!


Well for three nights in a row Jackson slept till exactly 8:30 and Creighton till 6:30 (and then she went back to sleep with me in our bed). That was nice...better yet though, Jax slept till 9:20 this morning...must have been a sleepy boy. That was nice. Jeff had his dentist appt. today and then came home and is now working on school...thankfully he is reading today (for now) so I could have the computer. Both kids are taking naps right now which is nice. I had a hot shower all to myself and even had time to shave....that was wonderful!
Terrie(Jeff's mom) --which it is her birthday today, she's only 29! (i need the bonus pts)--sent Jackson a slide/climbing tower in the mail (via walmart :O) and HE LOVES IT. He climbs all over it and slides is great for him. I wanted one so bad because the kid LOVES to climb more than anything else and we can't go outside much right there in the middle of the living room sits this huge thing...but it s worth it by all keeps him occupied. He's only fallen a half a dozen times already which is pretty good for him...I swear he needs a permanent helmet.
We go to the dr. today for his ear re-check...not at all excited about that one because he screams so loud and hard that he breaks all the capillaries in his face when she cleans out his ears...because he has so much wax she can't see his eardrum otherwise. Thankfully with Creighton so far she hsan't had to do that...
Well, I am off for now.
I am thankful today for the slide that keeps Jackson busy for a while!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Postpartum Depression

Jackson had a much better day today at school which is nice. The teacher said he was nice and didn't bite anyone...I only wish she knew that he is usually always nice and never bites anyone but this one kid named P(my mom said it must be P's fault because Jackson is too sweet to do it for nothing...I am starting to agree...but maybe not...I don't want to be "that" parent....although I suppose it is okay for grandparents to feel that way no matter what....but I must keep reality in perspective).
At school when I was picking him up today I saw one of my friends there and she just broke down crying because she is struggling so much with postpartum depression. I havent' commented on here about that at all, but I really really was having a hard time too. My OB put me on a small dose of anti-depressant and it has made the world of difference in our home...believe me we were ALL effected by it. I figured I should blog about it and let others know because I felt very alone in it at the time and I felt it was silly or that I was psycho to need pills to help me be "normal" but I wasn't alone there are lots of other women out there that are struggling in silence and you shouldn't. Get help if you need it. talk to someone, and if you need pills, take them for a few months and it will be fine. Anyway, I just figured that I shouldn't "hide" it because it isn't anythign I should be ashamed about. It seemed to help my friend to hear and so I figured maybe someone else reading this might need it today or someday in the future...sorry for the soapbox!
Anyway, last night was fun seeing Deja was at the dollar theater but on Tuesdays its only 50 cents...and so we both saw a movie for one dollar! How great is that!!! And the best part is, the movie was awesome.
I had a dentist appt. this morning and nothing was wrong with my teeth for like the first time in my life :) so that is great news.
Jeff isn't feeling well today and tonight is the 2007 Kickoff for Nikao (the youth program he runs at Grace) and so pray for him tonight...he can't just come home..he has to be there and he has a million things he has to do...among one of them....being excited and chipper when he totally feels like poop! Then tomorrow he has to do homework for Masters all day....ugh for him.
I have had a good dya though. I met with one of my seniors from last year (now a freshman at obu) for lunch and then we got the opportunity to just chat for like an hour about her semester and about was good. Times have changed since I was in school...but yet they are the same was weird. Growing up is hard sometimes and life lessons stink at times especially when you are hard headed like she and i and have to learn the hard way. She'll be fine....and if you are reading this, know that I believe in you and you are awesome.

Have a good day
Iam thankful for the sunshine today!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Deja Vu

I am really tired right now and I don't really feel like typing even though I have much to say....we just got home. But Jeff and I got a sweet date night out of the whole ordeal today...we went to dinner just the two of us and then we saw Deja Vu...with one of my most favorite actors in the world...DENZEL was great and he was great in it!

I am thankful for my dad today who bought us 4 new tires for the Trailblazer...thanks DAD!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Much to say

Well I have lots of little sections to this post:

Jackson's Day at school
*He bit P (whoever P is I don't know, but it is the kid that he always bites when he does bite)...
*He pooped in his pants and somehow got it everywhere even in his socks, so they put him in his emergency clothing to which he somehow got that all wet so they had to put him in a new outfit that wasn't his. (oh yes, and the pants I did send....WAY TOO SMALL--12 months)
*he only slept for 45 minutes (to which i am sure the teachers were really disappointed)
*somehow and I dont know how, he got a hold of a bottle of rubbing alcohol and dumped it in his eyes...
* oh yes, and the comment on his little note they sent home said he ate well, but he made a huge mess....

Roast with Carrots, ONions, and Potatoes
I made dinner and it was so good. I was so very proud of myself as I have never made it before and I did all on my own and "from scratch" (kinda). Either way, it wasn't burned and it tasted wonderful!

Okay, so the cutest moment of all time was this evening. My sweet son was playing peek-a-boo with Creighton. First he was doing it to himself, then ever so sweetly and gently he put his hands up over her eyes and did it for like 5 was SO cute. I loved it. I only wish I had a camera but I didn't want ot ruin the moment for anything.

Sweet Play Time
Jackson and I played for a long time tonight in his room. Jeff was gone at small group and itw as just the kids and I at home...I was really nervous about this because Jackson woke up from his afternoon nap a bear and was a pain at dinner, but he was so good for me all evening....I was glad. We read lots of books, played with animals, colored and played with stickers, then he wanted to play with the kitchen/food stuff and he was so cute with it...really using his imagination with it all. He was really sweet and I loved it. Then he wanted Creighton's binky and I figured it was time for bed for him and he said his prayers and went right down....

The Heater
So, we have been putting Creighton's blankets over her heater before bed so they'll be warm and I did this but I forgot about heater burned up and smelt really bad and now its broken forever...I always screw things up....dang heater cost 60$ and we just got it like 1 month ago.

My friend Hannah blogged today informing me that she had a miscarriage and I am so sad for her. I don't know what to say in situations like these, and I don't have a clue how I'd feel or what I'd want from friends in it either. I called her, but it about broke my heart to hear the sadness in her voice. Hannah, I love you and I am praying for you. I don't know why this happned to you guys. I hope that you are doing as well as you can be for now. Please call if you need anything...I am so sad for her Joel and Jonah.

I am thankful for my peekaboo moment that will last a lifetimein my memory


Seriously...I am blessed....I think the Lord knew that I really needed rest last night and today. I was tired today even though I got sleep last night...and so, after I fed Creighton and did a few things around the house, I took a shower and blow dried my hair and then I fed her a little bit more in my bed and then I rolled her over on her belly next to me and I scooted over and fell asleep too...we both slept from like 11:30-1 soundly...then I laid there till like 1:45 and then got up adn did laundry and more chores....she stayed asleep till 2:45 and I fed her again and she ate really well and then Jackson and Jeff came home from school. I won't ruin the post by telling you about Jackson's day at school...but just know its been a really great day! :)

Insaneness to bliss

My oh my....
Okay so last night was fairly crazy for me and I thought I might literally lose it a few different times. My parents brought us back from Owasso with like 4 minutes to spare to be at our small group event(and Creighton SCREAMED almost the entire 40minute drive)...but we weren't too late at all and several people were later than we that is always good:) It went okay. Creighton was a little bit fussy but not too bad and Jackson wasn't a pain so that was nice too. We ate adn had a small shower fo rmy friend Sheryl who seriously should have already had her 4 days ago she was dialated to a 3...but still no baby. Anyway, so we rushed out of there to be back at our house by 7:30 when our next small group starts (at our house). One of the kids beat us home and was the first in our house and it was a WRECK with clothes everywhere and suitcases from Owasso just literally thrown on the kitchen floor (because of our quick turnaround) that was horrible....then I quick changed Creighton's diaper and left her on the changing pad and ran in to get Jackson a bath as she screamed her little head him out of the bath and picked her up and tried to get diaper/pjs on him as then he began screaming and she never stopped....all while Jeff is trying to get the car unstuck from the ice/snow in the driveway (he finally got it up into the garage). Meanwhile, the rest of the clan of kids showed up and I am a basketcase. Jackson and Creighton took turns crying/fussing throughout small group. I finally got her to sleep and put her in her swing and took him into his room and we read some books and then said our prayers and I put him down....she was awake and fussy by the time I came back out. But it was a little before 9 and we were praying and wrapping up small group...I thought was a good thing...but then Jeff said they could play the wii...and at 9:30 they were all still there playing and I thought I might kill my husband...I was so drained and exhausted mentally and physcially by that point....I just wanted to go to bed. Creighton was still awake and beginning to get really mad that I wasnt' feeding her, which I couldn't do with all those young boys (and girls) around....finally they left and Jeff and I picked up adn folded about 9 loads of laundrya nd put them away and I fed her and she finally fell asleep after about 40minutes of trying to get her to eat...she was super gassy but after 2 diaper changes and lots of burping and poots she eventually nodded off on the boob....I put her down and laid down myself. Jeff was watching something on the tv....and then like 20 minutes later she cried out...I was so sad, but JEff went in and put her binki back in and she slept.....GET THIS>..she slept till 9:45 this morning....yes, you heard me....11:30 (last binky insert) till 9:45....I thought either I had died and gone to heaven or she had one....I am not kidding....I went to check on her like 5 times because I was worried she wasn't breathing...but she was peacefully sleeping. Jackson woke up at 8:45 he slept for 12 hours!!....I got him up, fed him breakfast, made his lunch, packed his bags, helped Jeff out the door, and they went to school/work....and I HAD to pump a little off the top because I thought I might bust...the breasts needed their own zip code this morning....but then she slept through that whole madness of the morning....and just got up and I fed her and now I am finishing is amazing....oh man....a really great start to today! I guess you don't have to guess what I am thankful for today....all of it!

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Well last night was fun. We had a good dinner and then my parents and Jeff and I played games like we used to (and we haven't done in a LONG time). Jackson was up for part of it and we tried to get him to watch Lady and the Tramp with some popcorn and goldfish. This occupied him for a short amount of time...longer than I expected though. Then he had a HORRID diaper was we took a bath and he went to bed shortly afterward. Creighton was up with us for awhile, but she wasn't too bad. She ate a ton...via bottle--and because of that she slept till almost 8 this morning...Jackson slept soundly till 8:30 too! It was great. I didn't go to bed till after 1 because we were playing games...but it was really fun and I got like 6.5 or 7 hours of straight was really nice, but I am already really tired again. I got up and pumped and helped Jackson this morning for a little bit and then I went to lay back down because my stomach was hurting and when I woke up again at 10:30 I was really tired...maybe I should have stayed up. OH well. Jeff went to church today so we didn't have to take a vacation's probably a good thing too...he was able to hang out with some guys hopefully for a little bit before we come back home. We will make it back in time for small group.
Yesterday Jeff and I took a bath in the big 6 footer was fun and nice to have him to myself which is a rarity . Hope that wasn't TMI...but I thought I'd share what I was thankful for and that was it! Have a great day

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Last night we had Aidan's birthday party which was Jackson's first birthday party to be a guest for. It was fun...a little crazy because there were lots of little ones and all under 3, but fun and exciting nonetheless. Jackson thankfully didn't quite "get" the whole idea of the party so he thought was just there to play like always...he didn't care about her presents which was nice (I was a bit worried). They had made dinner and I ate some...therefore I cheated big time. I had cheese dip and cheese in my chili! 3 Things I wasn't suppose to have...but Creighton is doing fine because we have bottles!
We came to my parents last night which is SO great. They love to play with Jackson and hold Creighton and my mom got up with her last night so I didn't have to...even though Jeff woke me up so I ended up being up during her feeding anyway, but I just pumped (9 ounces) and went back to bed. It was nice, cos then I slept till 10. That was way great. Then I pumped 10 ounces! Too bad its all milk she can't have for awhile because it is full of dairy. I figure by the end of today it'll be fine to feed her again but I am enjoying a little break. I love being here at my parents. It is comfortable! Most of all too, its nice to have lots of help. Then, later today my parents have a huge (6ft) tub that I plan on soaking in for some time!!!!
We have just been watching movies and relaxing all day and we dont' have any plans. The snow we got (are getting) isnt as bad as they had expected I don't think so that is good. I think we are planning on skipping church tomorrow though anyway :) Jeff cancelled all is stuff anyway.

THis week bible study on Tuesday starts and I am excited about it...just a little worried I won't be able to keep up with the homework. but oh'll give me another reason to get out on tuesdays.
My friend S is probably having her baby today so that is exciting....:)
Well, I have to go for now...

Thankful yesterday for safety in driving her last night for the sweet laughter (a new milestone) of my sweet baby Creighton!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

not much new

We got out today and went over to my friend Kara's and that was exciting for Jackson to get out of the house and play with other people...he wasn't too naughty which was nice. Thursdays are not much fun because it is Jeff's day to work on his Masters and so I have to keep the kids "quiet" and busy. So, it stinks pretty much but the end will be worth it...I think :) It is costing an arm and a leg to get it...but he is finished completely in May. YEAH. He got all As and one B for the fall. He is taking a christmas/january class right now and it is over in a few weeks and then he has like 3 or so more classes for the spring.

I have a huge headache! OUCH. I took some tylenol but it isn't helping yet...

My parents were missing the kids so they drove up and took us out to dinner tonight at Outlaws it was yummy and so good to see them. I was sad that they couldn't come over to the house and play with the kids afterwards though (because the roads were getting pretty dang slick). They made it home okay so that is good news. We almost slid backwards down our driveway in drive and almost did the same thing coming up the hill to our house....they cancelled schools they got 9 days off in the middle of January after just having been off for 3+ weeks for christmas break. CRAZY! Our church decided that we are having church service at 10:45 sunday no matter what.

I am in a horrible mood because Creighton wouldn't go to sleep for me this evening...well...rather she would up until the second I put her in her frustrating. But finally I gave up and told Jeff to go in there and I guess she went to sleep for him...and then he like made a big deal about it like I needed to thank him for putting her down when I do it EVERY NIGHT and never get thanked....ugh ugh ugh.....

I am thankful for my Superior-ly comfortable bed that I can't wait to crawl into! (Superiorly is a new word...enjoy it)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

happy birthday friends

rest of the day was kinda crazy as creighton was fairly fussy most all day long and dind't want to nap ever. bummer!

i wanted to wish all the friends of mine happy birthday today! Jenelle, Erin, Amber, Robyn, Rachel....all of you were today!

i forgot to say specifically that i was thankful for my night out last night. today though we just returned from walmart and we bought a new trashcan and i am thankful for that right now because our old one broke and it was gross anyway.

have a great night...jeff is exhausted and i am keeping him up...gotta go

Ladies Nite Out/Lock-in

I wanted to post last night (when I got home from a fabulous ladies night out) while I was pumping, but mid-pump Creighton woke up so I had to stop so I could go feed her. I pumped 6.5 ounces and then was still able to feed her a full feeding. It was nice. I could tell when we were out eating/talking though that I was filling up cos they hurt so I knew I had to be pretty full. :) Sorry for talking so much about pumping.

Anyway, 6 of us went to McAlisters and it was FABBBBULOUS! I had such a great time. It is so refreshing and renewing especially after a LONG week of being trapped inside with little ones. It was nice to hear about life, kids, no kids, politics, science, how great Redeemer Covenant mother's day out is, history, how stupid Courtney Berg really is....OUIJA (weegee) enough said! I had a huge potato covered with carrots and roast beef and gravy (but to be honest I was still hungry but I survived). And I knew I'd need it so I got a huge SWEET ICED TEA that was delicious in every way! There is just something about sweet tea that energizes the body in a different way than just the caffeine. Anyway, it was great to laugh and think and talk and eat and just be out of the house. I loved every minute of it.

The even better part was I was dreading going home because we were having a lot of sophomores over to have a sleepover (co-ed) and therefore that requires me to be up and awake and "playful" and none of those things I wanted to be from 10p-10a...but it was actually fun....and Jeff had the kids both down when I got home a little after 10 (although Creighton woke up it wasn't too bad getting her back to sleep). The hard part was done because I didn't want to have to be all of those things with being a mom at the same time, but since he did all the parenting part (and had the youth there from 7-10) without me while I was gone (and I was being refueled while I was gone) it was not bad. (I must say I was quite impressed by him)

We played Scattergories which I dominated! I love that game and no one ever wants to play it with me. Then we played Balderdash, which again I dominated! That might not be sucha good though because that means I am a good liar or bs-er, one.... Oh well, I love winning...I am way too competitive I know...but I love it:). Then of course they played the wii and did some crazy other silly things.

I had fun and I got to go to bed at 3 and I pulled Creighton in with me so I didn't have to wake everyone up to nurse her and such and we both slept fairly well. I was really tired. But unfortunately Jackson woke up at 6 and Jeff couldn't get him to go to sleep so he had to come get me and it took awhile so I don't know what his deal was...then I went to nurse her and we both went back to sleep from 7-10. So I got like 6 hours in total just interrupted for about an hour in the middle.

This morning Jeff had gotten up with Jackson a few times between 7 and 9, but finally got up up at 9 with him and started making breakfast for everybody...pancakes and eggs and all. He is quite amazing :) Jackson had breakfast and was in good spirits when I got out of my room from waking up and feeding Creighton. The two girls had left and so it was all only boys left and they played the wii and helped clean up and then they left about 12. Jeff then did most of the rest of the cleaning by himself...I tried to help between getting Jax down for a nap adn nursing Creighton and pumping. Again, he is such a great husband....Now, with pretty much no sleep he had to go into work for meetings and such--poor guy.

I just look outside and it is snowing like mad! I didn't think we were suppose to get anymore weather right now....I hope it doesn't make the roads too much worse. They didn't have school today and now they might not have school tomorrow either. They haven't been to school all week...crazy.

I also found out that a lot more people are reading my blog than I imagined or thought...which is scary (what have I written?!? ;)) but really makes writing even more fun! Hi Darci, Erin, Amy, Hannah, Maria, Kara....those are the ones I know of....who else reads this...leave comments...comments are fun!

Jackson just woke up..gotta run...will return

Monday, January 15, 2007

Cabin Fever

It's crazy cold here and you could definitely say we all have a large amount of cabin fever. Today we built forts, castles, towers, and did all sorts of things we don't normally do to keep ourselves occupied for a little while. Jackson is so off schedule as far as eating...we all are I guess. I think I have eaten my weight in junk food over the last few days and so has Jax. We just end up snacking all day long...and therefore he (nor I really) have eaten a decent/good meal in days...that's awful I know...but oh well. Maybe tomorrow.
Tonight we went on a crazy rampage and made all sorts of things in the kitchen...the most of all a huge mess. But Jeff made shrimp and Crab Legs and peas and I made chicken and lemon bars and hush puppies (in the fryer that we got for a wedding gift that we have only used once before tonight). We probably made something else, but I can't remember. We just got the kitchen cleaned up for the most part anyway.
We went outside for a little bit today and it is crazy the ice! IT is so hard it looks like snow but it doesn't budge when you stand on it. It is several inches thick for sure and the temperature tonight is only suppose to get down to TWO DEGREES! Hello...that's freakin' cold ya know?! This TEXAN cannot handle those kind of degrees...I need double digits for sure and prefer them to be much much higher double digits.

I was giving Creighton a shower today because I was cold and she needed cleaned so I killed two birds with one stone. I think she likes her baths better but she didn't cry. They get so slippery n the shower though...It felt like my hip popped out of socket and i almost dropped her because I almost collapsed over with the pain! It was scary...thankfully Jeff was right there and he grabbed her from me till I could stand back up...the pain went away about as quickly as it came and it was fine but it was really weird.

I love Creighton's wrinkles...she is so fun. I am thankful for her today (and always of course). This is a semi-new picture of her all decked out in a "girlie" outfit. One of the few in her lifetime thus far...maybe the only one. She has tights on, a skirt, a very pink shirt and the CUTEST boots in the whole world!


The church offices are closed today so I get to have help again today because Jackson of course doesn't have school today because schools are closed (and its MLK Day). Jeff slept out on the blow up mattress to stay up with Creighton...once she fell asleep about 1 or so she didn't wake up til 7:30 this morning...that is great!

Jackson and I played this morning so Jeff could sleep in..but after I fed Creighton at 730 she didn't want to go back to sleep in her bed and so she was in our bed :) so JEff didn't sleep too well he said cos he was worried about her the whole time.

Hopefully the roads and such will clear up soon and the freezing weather will warm...I am not a huge fan of winter!

I am thankful for sleep

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Thought we were going to lose power today but we didn't...yeah! It is beginning to get a little old being trapped in the house though. Jackson was a wild man today I think because he didn't feel well yesterday and because he is bored to death...we all are. It's weird...because I don't really get to leave the house all the time anyway, but there is something about nothing having the option that makes it so much worse! Weird, huh?

Our friends J & T came over tonight because they walked (they live one street over)...that was nice.

I took a hot hot shower today and that was fabulous...and I got a nap (a short one but one nonetheless).

Creighton will fall asleep in seconds on my shoulder but she is refusing to stay asleep in her bed I type she just started screaming again....that kid!

I'll finish pumping and then go to get her for the 4th or 5th time already tonight. I am so very tired. I just wish she'd sleep....Jackson gets more sleep than her for sure...that can't be right.

I am thankful for the fact that I am like 95% finished with my christmas cards adn will be mailing them Tuesday when the mail starts running again.

Saturday, January 13, 2007


I am thankful for sweatpants and lazy days...

Thankfully (atleast so far) the storm hasn't hit Bville too bad. The roads of course are terrible, but atleast we have power and it hasn't been crazy like last time. We just sat around in the house today and you can tell too...its a mess! Jackson has been running a fever all day and has either been really cranky or just wanting to cuddle. Creighton has been fussy mostly all day which stinks...because I only have one lap and they both want to be in it....for some reason much of the day, neither of them wanted Daddy-only mommy would do and where that is nice at times, it got old when you set one down to get the other one, only for that one to start crying as soon as I wasn't holding him/her....oh the life of a mommy....isn't it wonderful? :)

The wedding still went on today, but thankfully Jeff didn't have to drive, they came to get him. He was gone for a long time considering the wedding cermony only lasted 15 minutes....but oh well.

I became a pro today in golf on the wii...that was fun

I am thankful for power

Friday, January 12, 2007

two today

Well, good news is they rescheduled Brian Regan for Friday the 26th so our tickets aren't wasted! Yeah...Jeff currently has something scheduled, but I told him he has to cancel it. We are going! I thought he was more excited about it than I was until he acted like he might not cancel his plans...oh well. But that makes for bad news in that...the weather is bad...atleast its not seeming as bad as it was in November yet though. I was thankful that Jeff got to come home early and hang out all day and that tomorrow we get to do the same :) There is a couple getting married at the church tomorrow adn he is suppose to be there but I am thinking they'll end up cancelling it...if they don't he will have to walk because our cars don't do so well on ice.

Jackson wanted to play the Wii ALL day long and we did a ton! I am actually good at golfing on the wii...I like it. I could actually go "golfing" with my dad now and not dread every second of it. What a great invention!

I am very tired as Jackson was up early and Creighton woke up every 3 hours last night. She was pretty fussy this evening but right now she is down and hopefully for a little while.

Jeff got these new books about secrets (Postsecret) and it is so....good is the word i wanted to type but not really the word that makes the sentence make sense (or get the point across). I read the entire 270+ pages today all about what other peoples' secrets are. It was weird but good. There is another called My secret and I am partially through it too. Don't think I am like a speed reader...its all just postcards..short and to the point. But it is peoples lives and deep hurts and emotions....raw, real, real should check it out

I am thankful for the opportunity to get to spend time with my husband today and also for his amazing help around the house....a double again...maybe I will try to do 2 a day now :)

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Jeff and I were (are) suppose to go to see Brian Regan live this weekend and I am so bummed that it might get cancelled, but even more bummed if it doesn't get cancelled and we can't get there due to weather! They are saying this is suppose to be the worst ice storm OK has ever seen...yikes! We went to Walmart THREE times today getting everything we might "need" in case of power outages like they are predicting. Having no power would stink no matter what...but with two babies...not my idea of fun...

Anyway, today was good. I ran lots of errands. I took Jackson to the doctor..he has a double ear infection! No fun for him...50$ worth of prescriptions later...they better work. Anyway, he was such a sweet guy most all day....I had a lot of fun with him today. It is so crazy how I see him change in so many little ways EVERY single day. He is growing up and that is so awesome, exciting, sad, intriguing, scary, and every other emotion I can think of. He is amazing. He is so smart and so detail oriented and he is just like his daddy so much it is frightening at times. I love him so much and he makes my heart smile like I never thought anyone could. (He also makes me mad as all get out sometimes too though, not to let you think otherwise for a second). I just felt like being sentimental for a moment.

Creighton did better again tonight...she wailed her heart out but only for about 30 minutes at a time about 3 different least she came up for air a little bit and let our ears of those times I wasn't home and she was with that is always nice :)

I am thankful for Jackson's laughter and Creighton's smiles and coos. I will double up today because I am in a good mood...albeit very tired.

I still am working on getting those Christmas cards out....for those of you I know read this, I didn't put a letter in it ...just a pic....they should get out soon....maybe...its really hard to steal the time away to do them in the day ....and I am way too tired come nightfall

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

massages are amazing for the soul

All in all today was not a bad day! I got an incredible massage by Samantha...I mean it was so great I can't even explain. She is so gifted at what she does...I could go on and on and on about her so I will stop there...but seriously it was amazing. Even better was the fact that she was running late and so I got a discount because of it....but what she didn't know was I was laying down with NO kids in a dark quiet room...I should have paid her! :)

Jackson had a good day at school today so that is always nice. Creighton was an angel baby all day and as I am typing she is sleeping and IN HER BED :). For the last few nights she wakes up either during the post or right as I maybe tonight will be different and she'll stay asleep....she kinda already went through her really fussy stuff already and it didn't last nearly as long as normal...from about 9:40-11 tonight...getting shorter (if it is over that is).

We went to church for Church dinner which was cooking and mess at my house :) Then I put both of them in church nursery while I worked in Jeff's office on Christmas cards and addresses...yes, I still haven't mailed a one...but I am closer....all the closer. One day, hopefully before February rolls around I will get them friend Kara says I should give up...but I won't....maybe cos they are so late, people will actually keep them up or something since most everyone has already put Christmas away :)....we'll be the special lucky ones that get to stay out all year on the frig or something

I decided that most of my posts are negative or at least my "glass is half empty" personality seems to shine through, so for my sake and whoever is reading this' delight...i figure i'd end each post with something i was thankful for
today i am thankful for hot water that i got to take a shower in (it was so heavenly) and obviously as stated above i am very thankful for samantha lin massages...but i felt that'd be cheating...especially since it was my first thankful post :)
have a goodnight all!

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

better today

I began this post a long time ago this morning...but I never got back to it so I had to start over. It was agood day but a very long day. Thankfully it was much less hectic and traumatic than yesterday. Jeff had a long day at work and that transfers to me having a long day with no help...but like I said, it was actually okay I am just tired. Creighton woke up last night as I "published" the I just figured she could sleep with us and she did great...JEff and I didn't get a whole lot of sleep but more than I thought I would get so whatever....she didn't scream and so that was good. Jackson was fine all night...Jeff checked on him a few times and he slept all the way til 9....3 days in a row without a bottle too! That is good....we are trying to get him off completely by the end of this month and he is doing great at it all by himself. :)

He hit his head today though like 50 times...and it seemed to always be right where the fall was...he seriously needs a helmet on 24/7. that would be funny! :)

i have a massage tomorrow---it was a christmas gift from my mother-in-law and i am oh so very needing it adn so so very excited about it....if you don't know--Samantha Lin is the greatest masseuse in the world!

Jackson has school tomorrow and Jeff is taking Creighton for me during the long awaited for hour that I crave!

We had our friends Mike and Kara and their girls over for dinner tonight and it was fun but a little crazy with 4 kids, was nice having all 8 of us in the kitchen albeit a little crowded around our little table. it was eventful for sure as we played wii for a little while after eating....

well one of the babies are crying...gotta go

Monday, January 8, 2007

traumatic day

Today wasn't the best of days for anyone in my household...on the lesser end of crazy...I had some returns to make at the mall and I only had Creighton so I was planning to bring the stroller so I didn't have to carry her all over the mall. Well I struggled for like 10 minutes just to get the dang thing in our very large (but incredibly small opening) know those things are huge (and yes, this was only the single stroller not the limo double!). SO I finally jam it in...get to the mall, start to try to pull it out...only to break the wheel off in the process trying to get it out...and I mean its done for...broken broken broken....probably not fixable without a new part all together from Graco....ugh! SO i was really mad, but I got my stuff done and it was fine--but she is so heavy in that thing!....

The next part of our day was off to the Dr....which was traumatic for Creighton because she had like 5 vaccinations to get and she screamed her little head off and it was awful..but prior to that I was told that ONCE child has know what I think of that?! BULL ...all that means is that she (and noone else) doesn't have a clue what is wrong with my child. UGH!!!! All that she could tell me is that she'd grow out of it...which I do know to be true because Jax did...but why did God have to "bless" me with 2 colicky babies...this stage of life is (was) my most favorite in the world....I LOVE babies...and I always have....but its so hard for me to enjoy this stage with my own kids because they aren't like most babies that just smile and coo and play or cuddle...they wail at the top of their lungs and nothing can help them. I think that is the most miserable place to be as a mom...helpless.

Anyway, for Jeff and Jackson's day...
at school Jackson pulled someone on top of him and busted open his lip...which might be the least of his bad day. Then Jeff picked him up from school and took him to Lowe's where first smashed his hand in between two carts and screamed....then a few minutes later Jeff got him calmed and put him in the back of the cart (stupid mistakeon his part...but I still lovehim)....he walks around the corner and Jackson climbs and falls 3 feet or so head first onto the cement floor and Jeff watches as he tries desperately to get to him as they are both freaking out by this point. Jeff thinks he's cracked his skull or potentially could be paralyzed and is trying to keep Jackson's neck straight....oh my I am so glad I wasn't there..but had I been...I probably wouldn't avhe let him put him in the back either. ANyway, doc says we just have to watchhim all day and he can't sleep (he isn't paralyzed and no fractures),...but he might (probably) have a not only does he not get his nap, but we have to wake him up every 2 hours tonight to make sure he is okay. poor guy. JEff of course feels terrible and is broken hearted Jax got hurt on his watch. Then tonight, Jackson was looking out the window and the blinds came back and hit him in the face and made a huge deep red scratch from his inner ear to his chin! Could his day get worse.....

I finally got him down at 9 though...soits time to go check on him. creighton is currently sleeping :)
i am tired...she had a bad night last night.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

My mom

So apparently even after having two children, I haven't figured it out quite like my mom. Last night, much to my surprise, Creighton didn't scream her head off and Jackson slept in a bed not a crib (and all night). My mom said Creighton woke up at 3:30 and ate and went right back to sleep till 8:30 or so. She said Jackson got up at 7:15 but didn't crawl out of bed but waited till my mom came in and got him....and he took 2 naps there too....


So tonight my mom brought them back (she watched them during our small group this evening for me) and she had Creighton in her pj's and she fed her a bottle here in front of me and rocked her and she was a little fussy but nothing like normal but then they needed to leave so she told me just to rock her for a little bit until she was sound asleep and then go lay her down (as she did last night). I rocked her and rocked and she did fall I go lay her down....and she wiggled around a little bit but stayed asleep and then by the time I got this post up to start to write, she was already wailing! Is it me? Why? I even made sure we gave her a bottle tonight instead of nursing her just in case I had something in my milk still from the other day. She either hates me or this house....and it makes me angry.

WE have a dr. appt tomorrow and I am excited for it to see what all the doc has to say about her this time...maybe she'll have some miracle cure--yeah right! Oh well. This too shall pass....I can already hear it now from all the "older" moms.

I am really tired...I hope I can fall asleep fast tonight and sleep well until she wakes up....which prayerfully will be much later than now...this is a fun pic of them from New Years Day!

Dinner and Sleep

My mom kept the kids so Jeff and I could go on a much needed date last night! It was great. We had great food and conversation and then we came back home and went to bed and it was fabulous to sleep again. I woke up at 5:45 to pump but really only because Jeff was up already writing a talk (he couldn't sleep and the Lord was just giving it to him so he got up to write it all down)....then we talked for a few minutes and it was back to sleep for me till just a few minutes ago. But now we have to rush to get to church on time...but without kids--that's actually possible! :)

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Crazy things

Many crazy things have happened in the last week and for some reason every time I sit down to post, something else happens and I get distracted and never get around to doing I will try to rememeber and post them all right now as I FINALLY got both kids down for a nap...we've been trying now for an hour.

Two nights in a row while we were in Enid Creighton slept like 7 1/2 hours which was so amazing...then for some reason now that we are in our own home, she has suddenly forgotten how to sleep....she is taking forever to go to sleep at night at in she screams bloody murder like her brother did for hours on end with NOTHING to satisfy her...then once she falls asleep she only is sleeping for 2.5-3.5 hours at a time....until finally around the time she wakes up again at 6 or 7ish...i bring her to bed with me and then of course, she'll sleep fine until like 10 or 11. She is a nut! We can't figure out what is wrong with her at night. Jeff thinks she just doesn't like being away from us...but I don't know how she knows the difference so young,....I think either 1) she has colic (just not as bad as Jackson) 2) she hates her bed or her room one or 3) something I am eating in the day bothers her and hurts her tummy and I don't know what else to take out of my diet!

Jackson has had 3 amazing nights, however! He is sleeping till almost 10 for 3 or 4 days in a row and it is a beautiful thing! Somehow by the grace of God he sleeps through her crying...and I don't know how because it is ear piercing to me. Jeff actually said that last night she went ballistic for a long time and finally he did wake up but Jeff just held him for a few minutes and he fell back asleep.

Another funny Jackson story: a few nights ago we were eating dinner and Jackson got in trouble for throwing food and so he had to sit in his crib (lights on door open) till we were finished eating. So like 10 minutes go by and Jeff and I are finishing up and still sitting at the table talking and in walks Jackson binky in mouth totally nonchalantly and just walks right by us and to the other side of the kitchen. Jeff and I died was so funny. He thankfully hasn't tried it again--but he hasn't been in his crib for punishment since then either. Which is another blessing.....he and I have had lots of fun together the last few days. He is back to normal some! He is taking good naps...still 2 a day...which at this point I like. HE is finally eating again....he didn't eat but one full meal the entire holiday week we were gone because so many snacks were constantly given to him...ugh! But I haven't given him many if any snacks at all and he is eating great! YEah! Also, we are back to no blanky and no binky during the day and the first 2 days were rough, but now he is great with it,..he only gets it in his crib at nap/bed time and he's done superb with it. :) Happy mom!

Yesterday he swang on the big swing all by himself for the first time....we've tried before in the past and he wouldn't hold on and would always fall off...he loved it this time! He is growing up so big! His Dr. appt (which is a long saga story in itself) he weighed 27.5 pounds....he is a THICK boy...and so heavy to carry!

I was thinking about my eating thing though and the Lord kinda showed me a fun analogy with sin. I made enchilada casserole *which is SO SO good* and I wasn't going to eat it because it has lots of things in there I am not suppose to eat...but then the last minute I was I am going to eat it...I want it really bad and it will taste so I did it. I tried to pump most of the day yesterday and give her other pumped milk but a few times I had to nurse good as the food so wasn't worth it in the end when she'd scream her crazy head off for hours (although now Jeff says she does it every night no matter what--but that defeats the analogy, so ignore that for now :)). kinda like smells good, tastes good, feels good...whatever it does it seems so great at the time...but then when you have to deal with the consequences it stinks...and they always last longer than the flavor of one meal....anyway....i like it when he reveals little things like that to me....

Well, Jackson is back up and crying....I guess he just didn't want to sleep this morning! Oh least I got a post in. Have a good day

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Christmas letter

Well, I am not sure why but I typed up a Christmas letter to send out with our Christmas cards this year...I am still working on getting them out :) but in my defense I just got the cards back on the 1st. So, partially its not all my fault. But just for the fun of it I thought I'd post it here too. Enjoy. Oh yes, by the way, please send me your addresses as I am updating in the process of getting them out too....send to please. Maria...I don't have yours and Kevins at all. That's all for now....

Hi everyone!
Well this is my first mass letter with a Christmas card…and yes, I know it’s late but I have a good excuse—our cards just came in!

Jeff and I are still in Bartlesville, OK and truly enjoying ourselves. We have found it not to be a bad place. We bought a home last February and I LOVE it…it is very cozy and it is a great house for Jeff’s youth to be at because of its setup. Jeff is still at Grace Community Church as the youth director and is enjoying it greatly. He does such a great job here with these youth! He is a great Daddy to both Jackson and Creighton too. He, recently, got a new bike and bike carrier and has loved riding and also taking Jackson in the carrier—which Jackson just LOVES. I am staying at home and enjoying it (at least most daysJ). I hope to start back up and play some volleyball soon. Someday in the future I might consider going back part-time or something, but we are blessed that I am able to stay home and not work!

Jackson is now 18 months old and is as sweet and ornery as ever. He is hilarious and is growing everyday. He isn’t interested in talking much at this point, but we’ve learned to communicate with him regardless. His motor skills are great as he loves to play Nintendo with dad, shoot hoops on his new basketball goal, stack and build blocks, and everything else under the sun. His favorite thing is climbing or playing “destructo-boy as I call him. He is lots of fun though. He absolutely adores his little sister and loves to hold her and kiss her. He can’t wait till she is big enough to play though.

I wanted to formally announce the arrival of our precious baby girl Creighton Teal Berg! She joined us November 3, 2006 at 3 in the afternoon weighing in at 7 pounds and 6 ounces and 20 inches long. She has dark hair and is just angelically beautiful! She is the perfect addition to complete our family…yes, we are finished. As I write today, she is 2 months old exactly. She has just started rolling over and is smiling all the time. She talks about as much as Jackson with her cooing! She is starting to sleep for me at night which is nice. She is an angel baby for the most part, except she has some tummy problems we hope she grows out of soon for the sanity sake of us all.

We have had a good year and hope you have also. I hope all is well in your families and that this New Year brings great joy and peace your way. We apologize for not keeping in better touch with some of you…but please keep us in your thoughts and prayers—as you are in ours! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


The Bergs
Jeff, Courtney, Jackson and Creighton

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Back to reality

Well, holidays are over and so now its time to get back into the swing of life extra grandmas/papaws to help. Today wasn't too bad though. It was great to sleep in my bed and to be in my own nice! The kids did okay, not spectacular sleeping, but not terrible by any means. The house is such a wreck though because we got in so late last night and just dumped it all over. Ihave been trying to clean up and pick up all day and it still looks terrible. But that is okay...because tomorrow Jackson goes to school...that is the one thing I was looking very much forward to with getting back to routine again:)
My good friend Kara came over today and brought Aidan and Emma Kate--her two very sweet girls. Jackson was a crazy man and kept beating up on them...I am so sorry Kara! But it is always so great to spend time with friends!
We went to eat tonight at Garfields--mine was good but definitely not worth the money...thankfully we had 5$ it was just 2.99 really. Then it was worth it :) Jackson actually ate food--of course, since we didn't buy him his own meal but decided we'd give him some off our plates...but had we bought him his own know he wouldn't have touched it...oh well.
Then we went to Walmart because we were out of just about everything and we ALL went...I was expecting a nightmare...but it worked out very smoothly actually and I only forgot one thing...water...which I can do without or go tomorrow for that one thing. It was a fairly inexpensive trip too...only 60$ and we had a giftcard for all of it!
Jeff and I were trying to steal a moment together tonight (for the first time in a while) because we got Jax down early and Creighton had fallen asleep too. As I was getting ready for bed she started crying and so the screaming continues even after I fed her and burped her and everything! Its so frustrating. But I finally told Jeff to take her so I could pump and get finished getting ready for bed and hopefully she'll knock herself out here pretty soon.

Monday, January 1, 2007

The end of 2006

Well, I have been (and still currently am) in Enid and havne't had access to a computer till just now and we are about to leave but I thought I'd get on and check my email and post....I have way too much to say and yet nothing really at all.

I am so very very ready to be at home. It has been a nice time here but I am very ready for life to return to "normal" whatever that is...jackson is a mess and is completely off schedule and has horrid horrid eating habits and it just might kill me but I am determined to get him back to normal as quickly as possible.

Creighton had 2 really good nights while we were here which was great and the all day yesterday and last night she was super duper fussy and you know what I think the culprit is? Peanut butter cookies...they don't have dairy...but man, that is all I ate that could have hurt her and seriously she doesn't do peanut butter well at all...She would just scream and scream and scream her little head off with nothing to make her calm until she was just too worn out to cry any more and then she'd wake up like an hour later and cry all over was so upsetting to watch....more so to be able to nothing for her. She has been a bit better today and I will be sure to take my one fun food I had left out of my diet...bye bye peanut butter! UGH!

We had Christmas with Terrie and Philip (Jeff's mom and stepdad) on Saturday and that was good. We all got some nice things and Jeff was as spoiled as ever :)

Today we had Christmas with John and Debbie (Jeff's dad and stepmom) and it was great. I got a hefty giftcard to gap which I am super excited to use as soon as I lose a bit more of my baby weight. And we got an awesome digital camera picture printer and a digital camera photo frame...its neat! We got a ton of great things and lots of games that apparently Jeff wanted (cos I have no idea what any of them are:)) Anyway, they always give us money every year which is so so so so so so so so so nice! It will help tremendously paying off all these dang hospital bills that keep arriving!

jeff and his dad went to the dallas v. lions game on Sunday in Dallas and that was fun for them. they were on tv too! I was sitting at lunch and said" I wonder if we'll see them on tv" and no lie, like 5 seconds later...bam...there they are on national television and Debbie tivo'd it so we rewound and saw it clearly! It was so awesome. They had a great time and we have some great pictures of their day.

Well, I will post later...maybe some pics too! Hope everyone had a good new year's eve and merry christmases!