Thursday, August 26, 2010


This has been an insanely crazy week. Jeff hasn't been feeling well.  He spent his birthday and the next day couped up in the house and if you know him, at all, you know that it was bad for him to have done that.  So anyway, we are all glad Daddy is feeling a little better these days.

Charleigh is teething terribly and has a little cough and a lot of snot to go with it.  Poor baby is completely miserable! I feel so sorry for her, but all she wants is to be held and even then she still cries.  There isn't enough Motrin in the world to keep the pain away it seems.

Jackson had a really great day at school today, which was nice, because just yesterday he didn't.  It's strange really.  He has has two of his very best days on Thursdays.  That shocks me because Wednesday nights we are out later than every other night and it pushes bedtime late and so I assumed both times that he'd have harder days.  Wondering if there is correlation there!?

Creighton is absolutely doing great in school and loves it. She doesn't ever want to leave. She's with her best pal Marly and also with Mrs. Morgan, who was Jackson's teacher last year.  She's in heaven.

I got to spend most of the day today with JUST Creighton and that was so good. I rarely get to do that anymore.  We ran errands, we went to the Pet Store, which she used to call the Puppet Shop, now its the Puppy Shop :)  This alone should let this child know how much I love her. I can't stand pets of any kind and every time I go there I have to "hold" a puppy with her in the little room and EVERY time we do, the silly things pee and poop...literally EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.  I can't stand it!  But I do it for her, because she LOVES it.  Then we went to visit baby Evan and Kara again at the hospital and she loved that (and so did I).  I'd hold a newborn any day :)  Then we went to the library and that was fun. She met a new friend that will be in PreK next year at Ranch Heights.  They played *loudly* but well together for quite some time.  We came home, ate lunch with Daddy and Charleigh and then the two of us cuddled and took a nap together.  I really enjoyed my time with her!  She is a really great kid, especially when she's one-on-one! :)

I am one exhausted mom, wife and being.  Goodnight!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Birthday!

I love you Baby. Happy 31~you're old. :)

We had a small party (which I forgot to invite anyone too, hence the small) for him today after church. I got him a cake from Ann's Bakery in Tulsa and they did a fabulous job! I asked her to do a Yellow Jeep Wrangler and it looked incredible. :)

All parents were there and Chris Doe :) So fun.


I realize I am a week late in getting this to post, but here I am, I call it a success, nonetheless :)

Jeff and I celebrated our anniversary, the big #7!, a little earlier this month.  We dropped the kids off in Enid, and without looking back, drove straight to OKC.  It was a fantastic time away from life, much much needed time together, time to relax, rest and celebrate. 

Jeff's mom helped us out with an Anniversary Celebration Extravaganza package. It seriously was SWAAA-EEEEEEEET! And we also got a gift card to Olive Garden from Jeff's Dad and Debbie. I found a really great deal on Priceline (name your own price) for a Bricktown 3 1/2 or 4 star hotel.  Once we had all of that settled then we began making plans, much of which included lots of down time. 

We first started with a meal ( $2 gift certificate for $25 off) at Nancy's 57th Street Lighthouse.  It was super yummy, but strange atmosphere for sure. The coupon made it worth it for sure.  For a steak (Jeff) and coconut shrimp (me) dinner, we ended up only paying $14 I think.  (I am all about saving money, getting good deals, and making a buck last!)  We then went to our hotel to check in. It was the Sheraton downtown/Bricktown area.  It was a super nice hotel, just minutes away from all the hoopla, although our actual room wasn't top notch, I felt like we got a "steal" on the deal (only $69/night) so it made up for it. *If you like SUPER soft beds, this is the place for you*

So we got all our stuff settled in and then walked around Bricktown. There was a baseball going on, plus a Reggaefest of some sort going on. It was loud and crowded but I love people watching, so it was great.  Jeff and I have wanted to try one of those yogurt places for months and never had, but there is one in Btown and so we went in there and I surprisingly didn't care for ANY of the flavors (yes, I tasted MOST of them), except Cheesecake. Never would have thought of that! Anyway, I LOADED it with Butterfingers, Oreo, skittles, strawberries, & gummy bears. Since I don't like my food touching and that certainly CANNOT all go together I separated it all out within the bowl so it didn't touch.  Needless to say, by the time I even got to the table with my 'masterpiece' Jeff had devoured his :)  This was Friday

We got up the next day and Jeff let me sleep in, he's so good to me! We got up and did the lazy thing for a long time.  I think we finally got up and went down to Bricktown late afternoon. We ate at the best BBQ place in my opinion (Earls) and then went to see Salt (with Angelina Jolie) with a gift card. I liked it! Then we got our car and drove over to Penn Square Mall and hung out there for a while and then went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner & dessert! I was so full it hurt afterwards! (We had  gift card there and even had some leftover for next time)!!! YEAH.

Sunday we got up and RUSHED out of the hotel to make it to Crossing Comm. Church on time. I tell Jeff often how lucky he is that he married someone that can get showered and dressed in 15 minutes for church. That was good to see a different church and the way they do things.  After church we went up to Olive Garden (gift card!) for lunch and then walked around at Quail Springs Mall. I was given a JCPenney card earlier in the month and I spent it there! That was AWESOME. I got so many good deals and I love my new clothes!  Afterwards we were able to go see my sweet friends from high school Molly & Blake and there sweet and precious 4! Their newest is only 2 months old and just as precious as can be. It was my first time to meet her! We had early dinner/snack (even though we couldn't have possibly been hungry) at Panera Bread (gift card!) where we also bought bagels for our hotel breakfast the next two mornings!

Afterwards we came back to Btown and went back to the movies (gift card again) to see Inception.  Jeff LOVES this movie. I, on the other hand, can't stand when movies don't end up the way "they are suppose to." (that being in a picture perfect ending with all strings tied up in perfect knot).  Anyway, it was well done and I appreciate the film, but certainly not enamored by it as most others.  Then we got the wild kick to go drive around and find a dollar theater, so we did.  We went to see Iron Man 2 which was worth the 1.50 each it cost us, but not much more than that.  :)

Monday I was realizing that it was my last full day of childless vacation and so we lived it up :)  We slept in! We went over to a place called Pole Position which I HIGHLY recommend if you have a love of go-carts, like I did. (I don't have the same love affair with them now, because I am certain I will never be able to ride a normal go cart again without feeling I am in a Flintstones car because of how slow they will feel after flying around corners at 35 mph.). Oh, and this was also nice because it might be the last time I ever get to do it because of how expensive it is to race.  So we were thankful we had a certificate that entitled us to 3 races each for FREE :)  Afterwards we ate (with a $25 off again) at a place called 1492 Latin Cuisine. It was exceptionally good and a nice atmosphere.  We went to visit my brother and his wife, and see their cute little house for the first time afterwards. It was nice to spend time with them!

Tuesday we got a late checkout for 1 and lolly gagged around as long as possible before leaving.  Then we headed back to get the kids, which was so fun to see them after 4 days.  We headed straight back to Bartlesville from Enid, thus ending an amazing fun, food and relaxing-filled vacation.

So, thanks honey so much for the great vacation, for the amazing 7 years of marriage and for choosing me to be your bride. My answer would be a resounding YES again all over. I love you so very much! Oh yeah, and as I am typing this, you just turned 31, so happy birthday to my amazing man of 7 years as well! :) I love you with all that is within me.  I can't wait to spend the next 50+ years of my life, or whatever God grants me, with YOU!

**we didn't take ONE picture :(

Friday, August 20, 2010

Update on Pre-K

Jackson is doing a lot better. He hasn't hesitated to go back and after the meeting with his teacher, I feel much better.  I got a list of all the kids in his class so we would know their first names and also a copy of their daily schedule so I can ask more specific questions from his day.  We talked about a friend "match" for him and that same day they were fast friends, only so much so, that he and Austin never stopped talking, which was a win for friends and a lose for having to get onto them all day. I'll take it though. :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pre-K Day 6

The newness is gone. He was asking this morning when he didn't have to go to school anymore. I said in the summer time, to which he replied, "IT IS SUMMER!"  Ahhh. I don't like this.  He got in quite a bit of trouble yesterday.  I hate that. I hate it for him, for his teacher, for his experience, for everything.  He is acting out.  One little boy "X" in his class must be a real troublemaker because it is the ONLY boy (or girl) that Jackson knows his name in the whole class. There are 23 kids and 2 teachers! :( Anyway, X got sent home yesterday from school for his poor behavior.  I am worried that might be why Jackson is acting up so he can come home.  It makes sense from his standpoint.

He just says no one will play with him. I don't know how they "all know each other" except for him, but I feel so sorry for him. I love him. I am biased. I think he is super cool! But I know he can be rough and he doesn't always know boundaries, especially personal space...but really, he is awesome. He just needs a friend. He says Colton plays with him but that is all and since they aren't in the same class, it's rare.

I want desperately for this to be a great experience! i have a meeting tomorrow at 8:30 (hopefully) to discuss how we can better prepare him and equip him for the classroom and to make friends, and of course, good choices! :)

Funny Girl

Yesterday Creighton was in my drawers in the bathroom and pulled out my new toothpaste. It was Arm and Hammer brand.  I have never gotten that brand before so it was all new to her.  She looked at it as I was brushing my teeth with deep curiosity.  Then asked what it was.  I told her it was toothpaste. She told me it wasn't. I said, "yes it is, I just put it on my toothbrush and I am using it right now!"  She said, "do you put it on your arm pit?"  I just laughed. She saw the picture of the A&H brand and just assumed it was suppose to go on your arm pit. Funny kids

Friday, August 13, 2010

First Family Vacation

We had never been a vacation before with just our family, even before Charleigh, but definitely hadn't attempted it with all 5 of us (and only the 5 of us).  So we set off on an adventure to Dallas, TX.  We originally thought we'd only try one night on our first adventure, but then at the last minute, we changed our minds and packed up and headed out Friday to stay 2 nights.

The car drive all-in-all wasn't terrible.  But I really truly think Creighton alone asked, "Are we there yet?" over 500 times. If you add Jackson's we were setting records!  I drove the last part and was conveniently hit with tsunami downpours from heaven, not knowing where we were going, kids very tired of being in the car and letting us know that...needless to say, I was a bit frazzled by the time we ACTUALLY got to our hotel.  (we turned around about 6 times before we found the right road) :(

But once we got there, it was good. The kids explored every inch of the hotel room.  We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express and I was very impressed. Our room was huge and very nice.  Anyway, then we went to the pool and of course that was a big hit. It was so hot it was kinda like taking a big chlorine bath (even at 7 pm) but oh well.  Then we went to eat dinner at Pei Wei (a Berg favorite).  The meal was YUMMY and everybody ate ALL of their food.  That was a success!

We went back to start the bedtime routine.  Charleigh was incredibly cranky because she hadn't napped well in the car. So I thought (stupidly) that she'd be sound asleep fast.  Wrong-o-bongo.  The girl cried every 45 minutes.  The longest she actually slept was about an hour and half period from 2-3:30. The big kids took a little while to settle down, but otherwise slept fine. I got the blessing [read: sarcasm] of sleeping with RaeRae and Jackson was with Jeff.  When Rae sleeps with you, it's more like she sleeps on you. It's like there is a magnetic force field drawing her every sinew to yours. It's ridiculous! So, with Charleigh's cries (next to me in the pack and play) and her on top of me, I was quite a bit tired the next day. It's amazing the big kids' ability to sleep through ANYTHING!

New day, big plans. 

We went to a place called Going Bonkers and it was great. I highly recommend it. It's only $5 for the whole day for kids and only $1 for adults.  You can't beat the price.  It's a way fun place too.  All indoor and A/C!!!!
This is how Charleigh and I spent the whole time we were there :) (once I got the kid to fall asleep...I LOVE MOBY wraps)
This is how Jeff spent his :) He is such a good daddy! EVERYONE has enjoyed him being home for several days!
We had to DRAG the kids out of that place. There was a Chick-fil-A calling our names :)
We went there and had an amazing lunch! Seriously, there is NO better chicken sandwich on the planet.  Jackson wasn't very happy that he didn't get a Oreo shake, but other than that a complete success. We went back to the hotel for naps and it took a while but everyone (minus daddy) actually slept! Yay!  We went swimming again and then went to a restaurant called Vinnie's.  The kids weren't very good and didn't eat as well and it was more expensive than we anticipated it all being.  But it was good food. We went back and got showered up and headed to bed. I got to sleep with Rae Rae again, but after she fell asleep I moved her into bed with Jackson so I could cuddle with my husband :)  Charleigh only cried out once and went right back to sleep, so it was a much more peaceful sleep for all!

We ate breakfast (they had a cool pancake maker the kids loved) and then got dressed and went to visit The Village Church and it was such a great experience. We loved every part of it.  They are getting it done and doing it right, well as much as I could tell.  I really enjoyed the message by Matt Chandler on prayer (Col 4:2-4). We came back to the hotel and packed up quickly and ate our leftovers from the night before (so it made the cost worth it since it fed us two meals :))  We got on the road shortly after and headed home.
It was much better drive for me this time, and Jeff had the torrential downpours on the last leg this time, with cranky kids, but at least he knew where he was going :) 

All in all it was a great family time we MIGHT be more adventuresome! :)
And next time we'll be sure to take more pictures for sure!


Gramma Caroline gave us 3 caterpillars.  Two of them escaped the "home" they were put in and I found one on the washing machine after about 24 hours and I found the other one about 48 hours later under the table in the kitchen. I have an eye for moving objects :) (thankfully)
I didn't get good pics of them as caterpillars, but here you can kind of see the one cocoon on the branch behind the butterfly and then the shell of the butterfly on the ground.  (The first to cocoon and transform was the one under the table in the kitchen). I wasn't sure if he would make it, but he did and was gorgeous!
I didn't get pics of the other two but they did, also, turn into beautiful butterflies. It's just amazing the process. How cool is God?!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Apparently he is already starting to be the class clown.  This is a little note from his teacher! :)

Jackson was so funny today... I mentioned my husband and someone said who is that. I replied his name is Jeff. Jackson said, "Hey, my dad's name is Jeff." He looks at me and smiles and says, "Are you married to my dad?" And then just busts up laughing. He thought he was quite the jokester!!"

First Day

I took this picture last night before I went to bed.  I just wanted to capture them when they look like peaceful and quiet :)  Last night before he'll be in school for the next 14 + hopefully at least 4 after that.
Went ahead and took hers too, just because I found it amusing!
Our morning didn't quite go as I had planned, but it was okay.  My alarm didn't go off, but thankfully Jeff's did a little later.  Then he was nervous I think and sat on the pot for 20 minutes.  So we were really rushed and he hardly ate one bite of his breakfast.  We all walked together to school.  The girls were in the stroller and Jackson was walking, but since were running really late, we put him up on the stroller and wheeled all three in record time! :) He was not late to class!  He did exceptionally well and went right in and got busy with the table assignment (playing with shapes).  No tears from anyone.  All smiles.  (even me)
After we got home, I was pretty sure after about 20 minutes I was going to hurt Creighton and then thankfully she turned a leaf and was amazing the rest of the morning and afternoon.  She liked being the "boss" and just playing. She played independently very well while Charleigh slept and even helped do some chores.  Jeff kept me VERY busy by suggesting I clean out every cabinet in the kitchen, which I did.  We had fun with the girls, they were cats today (actually Creighton at one point was also a dog, with pink paint).
At 3:34 we left our house to pick him up from school.  (yes, we were running late). But it didn't matter, the pick up line was backed up to New Mexico.  So I finagled my way into a spot and took off sprinting to his school and found him and MANY students and parents and teachers. It turns out we were hit by another parent in a white van in the process of them trying to park.  Exciting! :( (They have got to figure out a better exiting system).  He was happy to see me, but said he had a great day, but that he got in trouble on the playground (his teacher told me too).  But other than that he did great.  He couldn't remember any of the kids' names, but I guess that will come. I just want him to feel connected socially, but I might come to regret wanting that for him, since once he is, if he is anything like his Daddy, he'll be the class clown!

After school our whole family and Colton's whole family (minus one) went to Braum's.  Apparently that was half of Bartlesville's plans for the first day of school too.  It was a little crazy, but a lot of fun and again, I just can't say enough about how sweet their relationship is.  It was like peeling apart kids from Disney or something getting them to say goodbye to go home. 

I thought Jax would be very tired after such a long day, but I really didn't see too much evidence of that until 8pm sharp.  He lost it. It was awful.  He told me I was the worst mom ever, which stung a little, but I knew he was just tired.  He later, thankfully, apologized and told me he loved me, unprovoked.  He was asleep as soon as I walked out the door.

Good day.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Time Moves By WAY TOO FAST

excuse the ugly mess that pushed him for 2 hours upside down...I was emotional.  But welcome to the world Jackson
Still one of my favs to this day
He looks a little sleep deprived himself like I was :)
They said "he'll not be going to kindergarten using a binky" and he's not! :)
Still would not talk at 2, but signed EVERYTHING!  Now, he's brillant
2 year old birthday party
Love this look :)
Can't get enough of this smile!
Happy 5th Birthday here :)
Most recent pic from this not so sweet?! Just ignore resident moody :)

First Principal Experience

It's certainly not a requirement or probably even normal for a Pre-K kid to meet the principal on the night of Open House, but since we have a prior relationship with him (His son was one of Jeff's core group for 4 years), we went in to say hello.

This is what happened:

Jeff and I are greeted by Principal Mueller at the door and Jackson just hops past us, sits in the chair in front of the desk and proceeds to PROP HIS FEET UP ON HIS DESK!


That's like ridiculously funny and yet NOT AT ALL at the same time.  Thankfully Jeff saw it before Mr. Mueller and let him know that was not at all okay and I think he had them down before Mr. Mueller saw them up there.


I sure hope to goodness that is not a precursor to our experience :)

Confessions of a PreK Mother

I wanted to blog last night when my emotions were much more raw, but I suppose it was a good thing that it wouldn't let me for some reason.  This is sure to be a whole lot of rambling...but I would like to remember that when my baby boy started Pre-K I was a complete wreck.

Last night I was so distraught and nervous I couldn't do ANY thing. Yet, I was doing everything not to sit still and think...or I might crumble.  I even got out the kids' coloring book and colored two pictures of Clifford the Big Red Dog.  What?!!? I think Jeff was nervous then :)

But really it's so scary letting your baby go for almost 7 hours a day.  I have NEVER EVER understood how a mom could home school until yesterday.  The thought of him leaving me for so long, everyday, I almost buckled.  And I still might, but I am determined to give it a shot first. 

He's so little to me and I want him to stay little forever, but, alas, I know I can't.  He is so excited.  This won't be nearly as hard for him as it will be for me.  I just remember when he wasn't sleeping through the nights at 10 months and I thought that would never end, and now he sleeps like an angel and is starting school.  Shouldn't there have been some type of a time gap between these two phases in life? :) I know you all told me, "This too shall pass" and it did...all too fast looking back.

I can honestly say I have felt just about every emotion under the sun these last few days.  Worry, fear, nerves galore swish through my head and stomach on a regular basis. I feel like I haven't prepared him for what the 'world' will really be like.  We've sheltered him in a lot of ways. He's still so innocent and pure. 

I run just about every scenario good and bad through my mind rapidly without much control...and thus I am not sleeping at all right now.  That's not good...

But tomorrow is the big day.  He's so excited. We met his teacher, Mrs. Ellis, today and she's very sweet and I have prayed my little heart out for her and for Jackson.  I know the Lord knew that I needed to hear that she is a believer.  That has eased a lot of my worry.  I love that He answered that prayer for me.  I think that is why my emotions are not nearly as raw as yesterday. 

There are a ton of neat new toys and books and all sorts of things under the sun in his room and the Pre-K area in the new wing of Ranch Heights. 

Jackson and Colton are not in the same class but their rooms are adjoined by a bathroom.  So hopefully they'll see each other enough.  They were pricelessly cute tonight when they saw each other at Open House.  Jackson hasn't seen Colton in about 2 weeks I think and so he ran to him and hugged him and I just LOVE their sweet friendship.  I know that they will each make new friends this year, but I know their little friendship will remain strong.  This is also another comforting thing for me.

I want so many things for Jackson. I can't believe he is going to school full time now, but I can't wait to see what the Lord will do in and through him along the way. 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kids Say The Darndest Things...

I have tried to compile a list of funny/random/missayings that my kids say and I have a small list but I know there are so many more that I have forgotten or neglected to put to paper.

So in no particular order, here are some really great things that have come out of their mouths...
Jackson (J)
Creighton (C)

Words they just pronouce wrong
fernilla*=vanilla (J)
aminal=animal (C)
fermember*=remember (J)
fersketti*=spaghetti (J)
drawers=chores (J)
taco pwueno=Taco Bueno (J)
abra fradabra*=abracadabra (J)
frazonya*=lasagna (J)
scapes=skates (C)
*J has a problem with being lazy with his words, specifically usually the first syllable, and so they all begin with FER, FUR or FRA (he's said many things with this as the first syllable, but those above he says that way all the time now) I am working on it now though

Words/Phrases they mixup
"Passline" (C) she asks for the passline instead of the password (like if jackson wants in the clubhouse)

"quesadilla" (C) she was wanting the DVD case for her movie and she got confused and asked for the quesadilla

"seatbelt" (J) for the longest time he would want to wear a 'seatbelt' referring to his belt that holds up his jeans

 (C) she gets the root word right but has the wrong tense. she does this a lot: can you 'hot' this up (heat);
you made me 'blood' (bleed); etc

privasees (C) similar to above, but we've talked about not letting others see our private parts when we are changing, she says, "hurry mom, or they will see my privasees!" :)

(J) "seat belt tight" Jackson refers to things that are cool (or the new slang for that is tight) as seat belt tight! He also says "that's OFF THE HOOK" a lot too ....just funny

(C) was asking for the hair dryer but called it the "clothes thing" I am assuming she was meaning the just the word 'dryer' and got the clothes dryer and hair dryer words confused....but that one took me awhile to figure out.

(J) mixes up the phrase..."that's the best I've ever had" with "that's the best I NEVER had" i often hear "Mom, you're the best Mom I never had" I've learned to take it as the biggest compliment instead of how it might sound to passerbys :)

Like I said there are probably a million more, but I figured I may as well get those down before I forget :)