Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Time Moves By WAY TOO FAST

excuse the ugly mess that pushed him for 2 hours upside down...I was emotional.  But welcome to the world Jackson
Still one of my favs to this day
He looks a little sleep deprived himself like I was :)
They said "he'll not be going to kindergarten using a binky" and he's not! :)
Still would not talk at 2, but signed EVERYTHING!  Now, he's brillant
2 year old birthday party
Love this look :)
Can't get enough of this smile!
Happy 5th Birthday here :)
Most recent pic from this weekend...is not so sweet?! Just ignore resident moody :)

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Becky said...

That first picture . . . seems like yesterday, doesn't it. It still does for me with James, who is 15 1/2!!! There's nothing like the first few moments with your first born. The first few moments with each child is amazing, but there is something about the first born, the first moment of being a mommy (outside of the womb!!!) I'm glad he had a great day and that you did, too. Sarah will be headed off in a week and a half, but I think I will do fine with it . . . I hope I'm not taken off guard by some creeping up emotions that I am not expecting. Have a good second day tomorrow!!!