Friday, August 13, 2010

First Family Vacation

We had never been a vacation before with just our family, even before Charleigh, but definitely hadn't attempted it with all 5 of us (and only the 5 of us).  So we set off on an adventure to Dallas, TX.  We originally thought we'd only try one night on our first adventure, but then at the last minute, we changed our minds and packed up and headed out Friday to stay 2 nights.

The car drive all-in-all wasn't terrible.  But I really truly think Creighton alone asked, "Are we there yet?" over 500 times. If you add Jackson's we were setting records!  I drove the last part and was conveniently hit with tsunami downpours from heaven, not knowing where we were going, kids very tired of being in the car and letting us know that...needless to say, I was a bit frazzled by the time we ACTUALLY got to our hotel.  (we turned around about 6 times before we found the right road) :(

But once we got there, it was good. The kids explored every inch of the hotel room.  We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express and I was very impressed. Our room was huge and very nice.  Anyway, then we went to the pool and of course that was a big hit. It was so hot it was kinda like taking a big chlorine bath (even at 7 pm) but oh well.  Then we went to eat dinner at Pei Wei (a Berg favorite).  The meal was YUMMY and everybody ate ALL of their food.  That was a success!

We went back to start the bedtime routine.  Charleigh was incredibly cranky because she hadn't napped well in the car. So I thought (stupidly) that she'd be sound asleep fast.  Wrong-o-bongo.  The girl cried every 45 minutes.  The longest she actually slept was about an hour and half period from 2-3:30. The big kids took a little while to settle down, but otherwise slept fine. I got the blessing [read: sarcasm] of sleeping with RaeRae and Jackson was with Jeff.  When Rae sleeps with you, it's more like she sleeps on you. It's like there is a magnetic force field drawing her every sinew to yours. It's ridiculous! So, with Charleigh's cries (next to me in the pack and play) and her on top of me, I was quite a bit tired the next day. It's amazing the big kids' ability to sleep through ANYTHING!

New day, big plans. 

We went to a place called Going Bonkers and it was great. I highly recommend it. It's only $5 for the whole day for kids and only $1 for adults.  You can't beat the price.  It's a way fun place too.  All indoor and A/C!!!!
This is how Charleigh and I spent the whole time we were there :) (once I got the kid to fall asleep...I LOVE MOBY wraps)
This is how Jeff spent his :) He is such a good daddy! EVERYONE has enjoyed him being home for several days!
We had to DRAG the kids out of that place. There was a Chick-fil-A calling our names :)
We went there and had an amazing lunch! Seriously, there is NO better chicken sandwich on the planet.  Jackson wasn't very happy that he didn't get a Oreo shake, but other than that a complete success. We went back to the hotel for naps and it took a while but everyone (minus daddy) actually slept! Yay!  We went swimming again and then went to a restaurant called Vinnie's.  The kids weren't very good and didn't eat as well and it was more expensive than we anticipated it all being.  But it was good food. We went back and got showered up and headed to bed. I got to sleep with Rae Rae again, but after she fell asleep I moved her into bed with Jackson so I could cuddle with my husband :)  Charleigh only cried out once and went right back to sleep, so it was a much more peaceful sleep for all!

We ate breakfast (they had a cool pancake maker the kids loved) and then got dressed and went to visit The Village Church and it was such a great experience. We loved every part of it.  They are getting it done and doing it right, well as much as I could tell.  I really enjoyed the message by Matt Chandler on prayer (Col 4:2-4). We came back to the hotel and packed up quickly and ate our leftovers from the night before (so it made the cost worth it since it fed us two meals :))  We got on the road shortly after and headed home.
It was much better drive for me this time, and Jeff had the torrential downpours on the last leg this time, with cranky kids, but at least he knew where he was going :) 

All in all it was a great family time we MIGHT be more adventuresome! :)
And next time we'll be sure to take more pictures for sure!

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