Monday, August 23, 2010


I realize I am a week late in getting this to post, but here I am, I call it a success, nonetheless :)

Jeff and I celebrated our anniversary, the big #7!, a little earlier this month.  We dropped the kids off in Enid, and without looking back, drove straight to OKC.  It was a fantastic time away from life, much much needed time together, time to relax, rest and celebrate. 

Jeff's mom helped us out with an Anniversary Celebration Extravaganza package. It seriously was SWAAA-EEEEEEEET! And we also got a gift card to Olive Garden from Jeff's Dad and Debbie. I found a really great deal on Priceline (name your own price) for a Bricktown 3 1/2 or 4 star hotel.  Once we had all of that settled then we began making plans, much of which included lots of down time. 

We first started with a meal ( $2 gift certificate for $25 off) at Nancy's 57th Street Lighthouse.  It was super yummy, but strange atmosphere for sure. The coupon made it worth it for sure.  For a steak (Jeff) and coconut shrimp (me) dinner, we ended up only paying $14 I think.  (I am all about saving money, getting good deals, and making a buck last!)  We then went to our hotel to check in. It was the Sheraton downtown/Bricktown area.  It was a super nice hotel, just minutes away from all the hoopla, although our actual room wasn't top notch, I felt like we got a "steal" on the deal (only $69/night) so it made up for it. *If you like SUPER soft beds, this is the place for you*

So we got all our stuff settled in and then walked around Bricktown. There was a baseball going on, plus a Reggaefest of some sort going on. It was loud and crowded but I love people watching, so it was great.  Jeff and I have wanted to try one of those yogurt places for months and never had, but there is one in Btown and so we went in there and I surprisingly didn't care for ANY of the flavors (yes, I tasted MOST of them), except Cheesecake. Never would have thought of that! Anyway, I LOADED it with Butterfingers, Oreo, skittles, strawberries, & gummy bears. Since I don't like my food touching and that certainly CANNOT all go together I separated it all out within the bowl so it didn't touch.  Needless to say, by the time I even got to the table with my 'masterpiece' Jeff had devoured his :)  This was Friday

We got up the next day and Jeff let me sleep in, he's so good to me! We got up and did the lazy thing for a long time.  I think we finally got up and went down to Bricktown late afternoon. We ate at the best BBQ place in my opinion (Earls) and then went to see Salt (with Angelina Jolie) with a gift card. I liked it! Then we got our car and drove over to Penn Square Mall and hung out there for a while and then went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner & dessert! I was so full it hurt afterwards! (We had  gift card there and even had some leftover for next time)!!! YEAH.

Sunday we got up and RUSHED out of the hotel to make it to Crossing Comm. Church on time. I tell Jeff often how lucky he is that he married someone that can get showered and dressed in 15 minutes for church. That was good to see a different church and the way they do things.  After church we went up to Olive Garden (gift card!) for lunch and then walked around at Quail Springs Mall. I was given a JCPenney card earlier in the month and I spent it there! That was AWESOME. I got so many good deals and I love my new clothes!  Afterwards we were able to go see my sweet friends from high school Molly & Blake and there sweet and precious 4! Their newest is only 2 months old and just as precious as can be. It was my first time to meet her! We had early dinner/snack (even though we couldn't have possibly been hungry) at Panera Bread (gift card!) where we also bought bagels for our hotel breakfast the next two mornings!

Afterwards we came back to Btown and went back to the movies (gift card again) to see Inception.  Jeff LOVES this movie. I, on the other hand, can't stand when movies don't end up the way "they are suppose to." (that being in a picture perfect ending with all strings tied up in perfect knot).  Anyway, it was well done and I appreciate the film, but certainly not enamored by it as most others.  Then we got the wild kick to go drive around and find a dollar theater, so we did.  We went to see Iron Man 2 which was worth the 1.50 each it cost us, but not much more than that.  :)

Monday I was realizing that it was my last full day of childless vacation and so we lived it up :)  We slept in! We went over to a place called Pole Position which I HIGHLY recommend if you have a love of go-carts, like I did. (I don't have the same love affair with them now, because I am certain I will never be able to ride a normal go cart again without feeling I am in a Flintstones car because of how slow they will feel after flying around corners at 35 mph.). Oh, and this was also nice because it might be the last time I ever get to do it because of how expensive it is to race.  So we were thankful we had a certificate that entitled us to 3 races each for FREE :)  Afterwards we ate (with a $25 off again) at a place called 1492 Latin Cuisine. It was exceptionally good and a nice atmosphere.  We went to visit my brother and his wife, and see their cute little house for the first time afterwards. It was nice to spend time with them!

Tuesday we got a late checkout for 1 and lolly gagged around as long as possible before leaving.  Then we headed back to get the kids, which was so fun to see them after 4 days.  We headed straight back to Bartlesville from Enid, thus ending an amazing fun, food and relaxing-filled vacation.

So, thanks honey so much for the great vacation, for the amazing 7 years of marriage and for choosing me to be your bride. My answer would be a resounding YES again all over. I love you so very much! Oh yeah, and as I am typing this, you just turned 31, so happy birthday to my amazing man of 7 years as well! :) I love you with all that is within me.  I can't wait to spend the next 50+ years of my life, or whatever God grants me, with YOU!

**we didn't take ONE picture :(

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