Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kids Say The Darndest Things...

I have tried to compile a list of funny/random/missayings that my kids say and I have a small list but I know there are so many more that I have forgotten or neglected to put to paper.

So in no particular order, here are some really great things that have come out of their mouths...
Jackson (J)
Creighton (C)

Words they just pronouce wrong
fernilla*=vanilla (J)
aminal=animal (C)
fermember*=remember (J)
fersketti*=spaghetti (J)
drawers=chores (J)
taco pwueno=Taco Bueno (J)
abra fradabra*=abracadabra (J)
frazonya*=lasagna (J)
scapes=skates (C)
*J has a problem with being lazy with his words, specifically usually the first syllable, and so they all begin with FER, FUR or FRA (he's said many things with this as the first syllable, but those above he says that way all the time now) I am working on it now though

Words/Phrases they mixup
"Passline" (C) she asks for the passline instead of the password (like if jackson wants in the clubhouse)

"quesadilla" (C) she was wanting the DVD case for her movie and she got confused and asked for the quesadilla

"seatbelt" (J) for the longest time he would want to wear a 'seatbelt' referring to his belt that holds up his jeans

 (C) she gets the root word right but has the wrong tense. she does this a lot: can you 'hot' this up (heat);
you made me 'blood' (bleed); etc

privasees (C) similar to above, but we've talked about not letting others see our private parts when we are changing, she says, "hurry mom, or they will see my privasees!" :)

(J) "seat belt tight" Jackson refers to things that are cool (or the new slang for that is tight) as seat belt tight! He also says "that's OFF THE HOOK" a lot too ....just funny

(C) was asking for the hair dryer but called it the "clothes thing" I am assuming she was meaning the just the word 'dryer' and got the clothes dryer and hair dryer words confused....but that one took me awhile to figure out.

(J) mixes up the phrase..."that's the best I've ever had" with "that's the best I NEVER had"...so i often hear "Mom, you're the best Mom I never had" I've learned to take it as the biggest compliment instead of how it might sound to passerbys :)

Like I said there are probably a million more, but I figured I may as well get those down before I forget :)


Becky said...

Cute!!! And, yes, you should get them down while you can still remember!!! I think I should carry a notebook with me, so I can write things down as they come back to me. I have such a terrible memory now!!! Where did you go on vacation? I added writing to my post since you looked at it. No, Johnny didn't get to come. It was a bummer!!! He had to be a grown up and work!!!

Anonymous said...

lovely pictures

Hannah said...

So cute!! I'm proud of you for writing these things down. I can't remember anything.